21,000 Illegals Crossed One Section of Border in Just 12 Days

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – A Texas official has disclosed that the relatively short sector of the US Southern Border in the Rio Grande Valley has seen almost 21,000 illegal immigrants from a single source country – Venezuela – over only 12 days.

The development indicates a surge in the influx of illegal immigrants from Venezuela, an impoverished oil-rich Latin American nation run by a Socialist dictatorship.

According to a spokesman of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the surge in Venezuelan illegals’ numbers is comparable to the spike in the influx of migrants from Haiti in 2021, Breitbart Texas reports.

Back then, almost 20,000 illegal aliens from Haiti crossed the US-Mexican border through the Del Rio Sector over 17 days, the report reminds.

DPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez said US Border Patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector collaborated with DPS troopers and soldiers from the Texas Military Department.

They detained 20,865 Venezuelan nationals in 12 days ending Friday, April 27.

Most aliens crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico close to Brownsville, Texas.

“The current surge of Venezuelan migrants appears to have no end in sight,” the report notes regarding the nationals of the South American country with a population of 28 million.

“In what has become a daily occurrence in this South Texas border city, large groups of migrants continued to cross the border into Brownsville on Saturday,” Breitbart Texas reports further.

Many illegal immigrants are arriving and surrendering to law enforcement at an abandoned golf course outside the town, now the site of a makeshift camp for dealing with the influx.

Local authorities are working on expanding the camp and recently brought heavy equipment to clear overgrown bushes, with additional work on paving dilapidated roads around the former golf course.

Ambulances and other emergency vehicles have been set on-site “in preparation for what could be a significant humanitarian crisis if the volume of large groups of migrants continues crossing into the area.”

Olivarez stressed the resemblances with the Haitian migrant crisis of 2021. Back then, the surge led the Border Patrol agents of the Del Rio Sector to contain the illegal immigrants in a makeshift camp beneath the Del Rio International Bridge.

Most of the illegal Haitians were then released inside the United States despite promises by President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, that they would be deported.

The report notes that the arrival of Venezuelan migrants has already overwhelmed the capacity of Border Patrol resources in the area, and aliens can be seen at Brownsville’s bus station awaiting buses to leave for the US interior.

“We are mobilizing additional State Troopers and National Guard to Brownsville to deter illegal entries between the ports of entry,” Olivarez said, adding that razor-wire barriers would be deployed.

“The goal is to redirect those who are crossing the Rio Grande to the port of entry. There are thousands waiting to cross,” the DPS spokesman added.