350,000 Illegals Get WHAT From Biden?!

Illegal Immigrants

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – To the outrage of millions of law-abiding Americans, Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has extended a deportation amnesty for 350,000 illegal aliens from four countries.

Mayorkas’ renewal of the so-called “Temporary Protected Status (TPS)” means the illegals will have another 18 months in the US without getting deported.

The renewed deportation amnesty benefits people from three Central American countries – El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and from Nepal in Asia, The Washington Times reports.

Despite the extension, Mayorkas didn’t reopen the amnesty for new applications. Thus, while immigration advocates welcomed the renewal, many said it was insufficient.

They called for “redesignating” the eligible countries to allow hundreds of thousands of other illegal immigrants to apply for deportation amnesty.

Among the discontents was Democrat US Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, who accused Mayorkas of caving to “political fear.”

“Unless President Biden does the right thing, millions of people will remain in limbo — terrified to return home to countries that are not safe and unable to work or contribute to the American communities they now call home,” Castro argued.

The Temporary Protected Status is supposed to benefit countries experiencing war, natural disaster aftermath, or “other turmoil” and are thus judged unsafe.

The TPS is therefore supposed to last only during unsafe conditions.

“Yet the program has become anything but temporary for some,” the report points out.

Thus, 85,000 citizens of Nicaragua and Honduras have been covered by a TPS status in the US since Hurricane Mitch struck in 1998.

Another 250,000 migrants from El Salvador have enjoyed protection from deportation in the US since a 2001 earthquake. Some 22 years later, Mayorkas has judged the country still hasn’t recovered sufficiently to take back its citizens.

Even though the Trump administration tried to terminate TPS for long-listed nations, its attempt was blocked by courts.

Thus, with his act on Tuesday, Mayorkas officially revoked the Trump administration’s decisions.

Immigration activists insist that conditions in Central America warrant a new window of TPS.

“It is unsafe and unwise to send back those who have fled instability and violence more recently [after the 1990s] and are left out of today’s announcement,” said “America’s Voice” director Vanessa Cardenas.