46% of Parents Believe THIS About School Mask Mandates

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – It shouldn’t take a poll or scholarly analysis to determine what most parents know: school mask mandates came with peril as far as the social development of schoolkids.

Still, it never hurts to have undeniable facts and data to back up that piece of commonsense.

As Newsmax reports in “46% of Parents Believe School Mask Mandates Hurt Students’ Social Skills“:

Nearly half of parents believe school mask mandates hurt their children’s social learning and interactions, a new poll found.

“Results in the Politico-Harvard survey showed that 46% of parents with children in grades K-12 where schools required masks during the past year said students’ social learning and interactions were hurt by the mandate.

“A total of 41% said masks hurt “the general schooling experience” and 39% said they hurt students’ “mental and emotional health.” [emphasis added]

And at least one professor has a warning for Democrats:

“Robert Blendon, a professor of health policy and political analysis, emeritus, at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said Democrats should take note of the survey results as they approach the midterms.” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion? Do you agree or disagree with the 46% of parents who believe school mask mandates hurt the social skills of students? Why or why not? Please email your thoughts and opinions to [email protected]. Thank you, and have a great weekend.