5 Dead Including Children; Mass Evacuation Ordered

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – HAPPENING NOW: In the wake of a horrific accident, five people are dead, including two children, and hundreds were evacuated due to poisonous gas.

The accident happened near Teutopolis, Illinois, and authorities are still on the scene.

The latest update from the Effingham Daily News includes the following:

“Five people were overcome by anhydrous ammonia and died – including two children under 12 and an adult from the same Teutopolis residence – after a semitruck carrying the toxic substance overturned on Route 40 Friday night, Effingham County Coroner Kim Rhodes confirmed on Saturday.

“Five others were airlifted to hospitals, including the driver of the anhydrous ammonia truck, who was transported to Springfield Memorial Hospital, Rhodes said.

“A semitruck driver from Ohio and the Missouri driver of another vehicle were the other fatalities, Rhodes said.

“Authorities continued to blockade the area on Saturday, saying residents were not likely to be allowed to return to Teutopolis until at least Sunday.”

Reportedly, the truck is still leaking.