60 Minutes In Big Trouble

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Explosive allegations of sexual harassment have rocked extreme-left CBS’ “60 Minutes,” as former producer Alexandra Poolos filed a lawsuit against CBS and its parent company Paramount, claiming rampant misogyny within the organization.

Among the highly shocking allegations is the claim that leftist Lesley Stahl once asked a female job applicant whether she would be willing to “use her body to secure stories.”

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court, also accuses Alexandra Poolos’s former supervisor, producer Shachar Bar-On, of repeatedly subjecting her to emotional abuse and sexual harassment over several years. The complaint states that Bar-On made derogatory comments about women’s physical appearance, including Lesley Stahl, and mocked her face and body, referring to her as “disgusting.”

One particularly disturbing allegation is that Bar-On watched pornography on his work computer and expressed anxiety when Lesley Stahl asked to use his laptop at the airport, fearing that he hadn’t closed the explicit content window. Additionally, Bar-On allegedly referred to Stahl using a highly derogatory term.

The complaint also reveals that Bar-On once made inappropriate comments about actress Natalie Portman, commented on Poolos’s body and weight, encouraged her to maintain a certain weight, and made inappropriate remarks about her appearance. In 2016, Bar-On allegedly told Poolos that she needed to make significant changes if she decided to have a baby, including quitting her job at “60 Minutes.”

The lawsuit highlights an environment that appeared to tolerate, if not endorse, such behavior, as it alleges that senior producers like Bill Owens and Lesley Stahl were aware of Bar-On’s conduct and even expressed knowledge of his mood disorder.

Alexandra Poolos contends that CBS retaliated against her, even after her firing in February of the previous year, following her intent to pursue legal claims against the company. The network allegedly solicited negative information about her from colleagues within and outside the company in an effort to undermine her reputation.

The lawsuit also mentions the $30.5 million settlement between CBS and former CEO Leslie Moonves over the network’s alleged cover-up of multiple sexual assault allegations against him.

CBS has yet to provide an official comment on the pending litigation. The lawsuit underscores the pervasive problem of sexual harassment in the workplace and the importance of addressing it to create safer and more equitable working environments.