66% of Small Business Owners Blame Biden

Joe Biden

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – On the same day the news broke that inflation in the United States of America is accelerating and hitting levels not seen in almost two generations, comes a survey that shows 66 percent of small business owners – the heart and soul of the American economic engine – blame Biden for accelerating inflation.

As every working-class American knows, inflation is outpacing increases in wages, and most Americans are therefore falling behind economically just as they’re trying to dig their way out of the economic harm they suffered from government-mandated pandemic restrictions and closures.

No one is feeling the economic pain more than small business owners.

As the Washington Times notes in Survey: 66% of small business owners say Biden is accelerating inflation:

“America’s small business owners grew slightly more optimistic about the economy in January, but two-thirds worried that President Biden’s policies are accelerating inflation, a new poll shows.

“Pollsters John McLaughlin and Scott Rasmussen reported Wednesday that their Small Business Intelligence Quotient rose by 1 point, from 55 out of 100 in December to 56 in January. That’s the third-lowest rating since the monthly survey of business owners started in May.

“And 66% of owners said the Biden administration’s Build Back Better agenda will make things worse if it resurfaces.” [emphasis added]


“…60% of respondents said Biden tax increases will hurt their business, 68% said the president is not doing enough to combat inflation and 67% said he is not doing enough to help supply chain problems.” [emphasis added]

From a political perspective, it’s not hard to predict that Americans who are hurting economically – especially the tens of millions of small business owners – will transfer that pain to Democrats running at all levels of government this November.