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96% of College Faculty Donate to Democrats

What does it say about America and traditional American values when 96 percent of college faculty members donate to Democrats?


Over 96 percent of Arizona public university faculty members that have given to federal candidates in the past two years have donated to Democrats, according to an analysis by The College Fix.

Faculty members at Arizona’s three largest public universities gave $1,325,709 to Democratic federal candidates during the current election cycle, while Republican candidates only collected $54,364, according to Federal Elections Commission data of donors who listed their employer.

Of those contributions, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden collected $198,947, while Republican Donald Trump raised only $13,907, or just over six percent of the total given to the remaining major presidential candidates

At Arizona State, Democratic federal candidates have raised $601,206 (or 94.3 percent of the total) from faculty members, while Democrats have raised $614,484 (97.2 percent) from faculty members at the U of A.

At the same time, Joe Biden has raised $95,296 from Arizona State faculty and $84,778 from U of A faculty, or 92.6 percent and 93.7 percent, respectively.”

For more of this report, go to The College Fix.


While the analysis by The College Fix focused on Arizona schools, other studies show the same is true across the United States.

What does it say about the diversity of professors that college and university students are exposed to when 96 percent of faculty members donate to Democrats?

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  1. Jack Wilson says:

    Very simple solution to this problem. First I wish to let you know where and when I came from. I am 90+ years old. I was born when Americans where AMERICANS. If someone said something derogatory about our GREAT country they would be presented with a Knuckle Sandwich +If they Bitched about it no one saw a Damned thing.(what a shame) EVERYBODY worked their asses off raising their families. REAL American education was top of the list……Kids didn’t give ANY ADULT any back talk or grief of any kind. If and adult told you to jump you had two (2) questions you could ask, how high and when can I come down ? RESPECT, RESPECT….. Your turn was coming, hang on. you wanted something work for it. In my day it was doing chores. Don’t Bitch. Our parents, Grand parents, Great Grandparents etc. etc. lived through it and where Great people for it. Only passing on LOVE AND Respect. No one has any of that today. IT’s GIMMEE, GIMMEE, GIMMEE on and on. Wake up folks your running out of self respect and time. Cap”n jack GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HER REAL AMERICANS.

  2. Bill says:

    it appears that the educators live in a dream world unexposed to the reality of the real world. Appears that students are exposed to bias opinions and not to opposing views.

  3. Robert R. Ballester says:

    One of my questions is, “how does this profit the professors?” How high up does this go?

  4. Robert R. Ballester says:

    One of my questions is, what do the professors profit from this? How high up does it go?

  5. Jim says:

    Sounds like Socialism is being taught at a lot of Universities.

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