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A ‘Secretary of Racial Justice’?

Does America need a “Secretary of Racial Justice”? Will Joe Biden appoint one? Incredible to some, but that issue is being pushed in radical-left political circles.


A group of faculty members and criminal justice reform advocates affiliated with Columbia University want President Joe Biden to appoint a “Secretary of Racial Justice” within his first 100 days in office,” according to The College Fix. [emphasis added]

The appointee would ensure that all federal policies promote racial equality, according to the proposed priorities list.

“‘This position would be responsible for coordinating actions across the administration to correct the impact of racial disparities,’ members of the Square One Project wrote in a news release

“However, one black Columbia professor expressed skepticism of the idea. [emphasis added]

“‘I’m not sure I quite understand the secretary of racial justice, though — I wonder about the overlap with the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department,’ English Professor John McWhorter told The College Fix via email. McWhorter said ‘it would be great to look into the intersection of poverty and criminal justice, as this is at the nexus of much of what beleaguers the black community today.’

McWhorter also worried that the particular definition of “racial justice” that his Columbia colleagues are advocating for could be misguided.”

For more on this story, go to The College Fix.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Should Biden appoint a “Secretary of Racial Justice”? Why or why not?



  1. Robert Wood says:

    Just by making everything about race , Biden and the democrats ignorance is causing racism to be set back 50 years, no equality, only being replaced with more racial prejudice between the races, they don’t seem to be able to tell one person from the next and want to screw over everyone that doesn’t agree with them regardless of their race. Antifa, supposed anti-fascists that are fascists themselves, BLM supposed to be for black lives that destroys black lives, all for and controlled by the democrats, that is supposed to be for the common man but is only for the wealthy bureaucrats and politicians.

  2. Don says:

    Racial This!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ivdad says:

    Racial Justice, ensuring white males get screwed over at every turn.

  4. Daniel Stewart says:

    The goal of MLK was racial EQUALITY. His goal was not to replace white oppressors with black oppressors. I believe the right way is equal opportunity for everyone. Hiring black people because they’re black is no more right than hiring white people because they’re white. How about hire the person best qualified for the job, no matter what color he or she is.
    By the way Antifa and Black Lives Matter are no friends of the African American community. They are Socialist groups and the only people they are interested in helping are themselves. BLM advocates reparations for slavery. If there are any former slaves alive today then by all means, give them reparations. If not, then work your ass off until you pull yourself up out of poverty and create a new, better life for yourself. That’s the American way, no matter what color you are. God bless America(ns).

  5. vinnie says:

    It’s going to be a Monumental Task to find a person to head up the Committee that hasn’t been or thought to be a racist in some form or other ! How will that person be “Vetted”(A favorite pastime of the Donkey People) Our Country is so “Polarized” it will be almost impossible to find a Neutral individual that can be counted on to be fair and impartial and like the Supreme Court, more than one person will probably be needed to judge the whole shebang ! question is , Do we really need another CZAR ?

  6. Phillippi says:

    Are you crazy or something with this stupid idea-maybe just IMPEACH 46 would make a lot more sense.

    • Mary says:

      Impeach Nancy Pelosi. She is so vicious, hateful and senile. She is guilty of dereliction of duty in her NT doing her job on 1/6/2021! IT is Pelosi’s JOB to secure the US Capital when Congress or committee is in session. Guess she did not think the Capital needed security on 1/6/2021, event hough FBI warned her.

  7. ronnie yellowhair says:

    education and assimilation into the mainsteam american society based on capitalism is the whole point of racial justice and if immigrants or recent arrivals to americas shores and the american peoples born here for many generations play by the rules by going to school, studying hard,go to school everyday,don’t miss a day and stay out of trouble,don’t hang around with the losers standing at the corner,eat right and don’t drink and smoke,take care of your health,don’t listen and follow strangers or friends that aren’t your friends,and listen to your parents whom are the only ones that care about their childrens wellbeing.and don’t believe and follow people that you know nothing about because all people of any racial group can achieve the american dream but young and old have to know that,stop worrying about what somebody said about you,you must be always confident and strong inside of you,study everyday because its cool to learn and don’t waste time,life is too short,were all worth something,then learn a trade,we need builders and shakers,be a leader of integrity and honor and faith in yourself.the founding fathers thought these ideals for the human beings that will be america.all americas values and the will to live it is by our strength and determination. we can solve all the problems of life in these united states by getting an education and then everything we hope for will be had.american society makes mistakes and civilization has heard it all and always making adjustments to redress some of the enormous ignorance of the human beings instinct to judge and insult and its only because people can be just stupid but in the end the constitution of the founding fathers wrote that the human beings no matter where they came from will have to work together and join in to make it work and in the end,to strive to overcome our weaknesses and character issues as human beings because fighting with eachother will just destroy everything we’ve accomplished for our children.our human history,from every corner of this world came from wars and hate,abuse and victimization,evil and corruption,jealousy and tyranny,bloodshed and hypocrisy,lying and murderous greed that brings us all together again to do the same acts again and again,thats why the english left old medieval europe to start a new better world of health,education,business and goodwill to all whom will become these united states,to thrive and spread a salvation to those whom will join us to build and build human relationships to further understand one another and build trust and communication in the english language so that education will be the hallmark in the end to solve all the ills of western democracies then racial injustice will be an issue no more.

    • Mary says:

      It is MORE of an issue since Pelosi has been Speaker. Democrats need RACE as their PAWN.The RACISTS she hires get RICH off RACISM> THAT is what has been going on since FDR.When they get 20 million more ILLEGAL aliens across border, those pawns will not matter. DEMS have pushed dissension with Black and Muslim Americans and THEY is their PAWNS. The BLM and other Black Americans who have no way out of poverty or inner city hostages will STAY broke when Dems get their idiot illegals voting. Dems will continue fomenting Racism because that IS their Football, Baseball, Basketball,

  8. bruce says:

    Just what this nation doesn’t need, another bureaucrat. If we got rid of all the made-up jobs and committees the democrats have infused us with we might be able to balance the budget. If you look hard all this dead wood laying around is related to some congressperson or senator.

    • Mary says:

      …or POTUS. They all use racism and illegal aliens as pawns. It is like a chess game to them. THAT is how they get their kicks, Besides killing people.

  9. Stephane says:

    everything is too racist! This usurper is worthless. And his people are worse even.
    There cannot be anything more than COMMON SENSE.
    Evidently, the left has NONE.
    And most leftists are just about more racist than ANY Conservatives.
    Conservatives are only concerned with people. Race, color, are not what we look into. We are concerned with: the job the person does, how proficient, how sturdy, how easily it is performed. Besides that, do your own thing, obey the laws, be friendly, and all will be fine. Conservatives help each other, do not force others to agree with them, unlike those leftists.

  10. Don says:

    Really……. The only secretary we need is one to get this bunch out! I am racist to anti Americans. No matter what skin color! It’s sad that they now run the country. All of you that voted for Joe and commie should be ashamed of yourselves.

  11. Bill Tierbbb says:

    Just what we need more red tape with a committee. Then we’ll need investigations. And guess what, nothing will ever be done. This fear development must STOP. Adult American people are solving this problem but ALL must participate. No politics will solve this type of problem. Just everybody stand up to their responsibilities. I for one am sick of these discussions.

  12. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Just another way of saying Whites need not apply. It’s going to show favortism to one group over another, that’s racist.

  13. We have to stop this focus on race. When I went to Europe, the People of the many nations there asked me, “why does your nation not just call yourself Americans?”
    I believe they are so right. I, as many other Americans, now carry so many ethnic and racial groups within our DNA that I can only justify being a proud American.
    Why was VP Harris describe by 3 persons within her one body????
    She was the 1st woman VP. The first black American VP _and the first Asian American VP.
    Perhaps , if we identifies ourselves as proud Americans in one nation under God, we would look to working as Americans not White, black,Hispanic, Asian, Irish, Italian, Polish…let go of the past and look to the future!
    Build a nation together today for our grandchildren of tomorrow!

    • Garland says:

      Joe Biden
      Was Black when young until Cornpop beat the black out of him.
      Joe was using a skin color.to fit in with the Hood.
      And he bleached his leg hair. WTF is he doing Acting to be President.

  14. Monell Servis says:

    Too much emphasis on color is happening. It will only
    divide us as a nation. We have evolved to where race
    doesn’t matter fir college or anything else. I look at the character of a person. Biden will make it worse as dud
    President Obama. People, all people, make choices and
    are responsible for them. Let’s look at other important
    issues such as illegal immigration and the economy.

  15. Rhina says:

    I am tired of the skin color nonsense grow the fuck up. So much hate please leave America you hate us so much. We don’t need it we need to be allowed to live our lives in peace. Biden puppet not elected by us the people get some balls and arrest these people. Just the mask nonsense is totally a red flag to me. Its Weak and we the people aren’t this dumb – enough stop talking and arrest them we don’t need third world negative crap. Build the Wall NO TO ILLEGAL ALIENS NO FREE RIDE OUR TAX DOLLARS been wasted on them for what they don’t even care to learn English nor be kind to us who pay for their crap. When will gov do what we the people want! Enough is enough! God Bless America

  16. Robert W says:

    Oh hell no, we “do not need” a Secretary for Racial Justice. We just need to shut ANTIFA/BLM down, for they are causing more problems within the black community than there ever was before!!!!!

  17. Robert Schultz says:

    Like everything else the commiecrats are doing, this is just one more slap in the face to patriots of all colors.
    Commie-la is a pander soreass rex. She will change accents, tell total lies, and then stab her own people in the back, just for a vote.
    They said Trump was an egomaniac. This tramp has a head bigger than nevada.
    Potatoes for brains biden is too out of it to even put 4 coherant words together. He is a washed up racist pedocrat who lost how many presidential runs?
    Had to pilfer votes to purloin this one.
    This is a truly sad day for our country

  18. Rodney Tucker says:

    Hell no! Maybe if everyone would just shut up and quit stirring the pot alot of this started with Obama and it just takes a bunch of stupid people to keep it going, everyone gets hurt feelings if you don’t kiss their hand.

  19. lefty says:

    Give reparations to the descendants of the northern whites that liberated the slaves,not this crap,ditto regards the Indians-they lost,let them get over it[and yes they kept slaves].If you want to hold an organization up for reparations,go after the Roman Catholic Church.The Pope is a marxist south american.Let him and his church take all the illegals and blacks. Put those folks all in the vatican.While we’re at it,deport all those Somalis and the leftist churches that imported them.

  20. Gary Fernett says:

    Yet another way to continue to keep this nation divided…our government needs to get it’s hands out of our pockets and do the job we elected them to do or we will find other people who are willing too..today are economy is in worst shape then it ever has been in my life time…race relations are worst then in the 60’s because of Biden’s new world order policies and I think it’s the democrats plan to divide this nation so they can in act Marshall law. They want us to have a civil war!!! Total power without checks and balances is a dictatorship and this country will not stand for that kind of leadership for very long…hopeful we our as one people stand up to these communist in our country and take back our freedoms and country.
    God bless America!!

  21. Ginger says:

    We can not keep making more committees where we already have Civil Rights committees & constitutions that are used by all US citizens & non citizens. We can not have 2 countries just because we have poor & medium & wealthy people. The Rep that wants to sue Trump under The KKK Act is still living in the past. There is no solution to all poor situations or medium income situations. There are programs for the poor & is used, the medium can’t use it so all the money the government had put out there ( Billions) for the poor was probably misused by their Leadership, maybe that should be questioned. Democrats need to be audited on their states money and could possibly find out that they have their friends & family the money like Waters & Pelosi & Schiff & Cuomo ( they don’t care about the poor or homeless) oh I’m sorry they might put ports potties out so the homeless won’t poop & pee on the sidewalk & in stores. Biden is dividing our country more & more, excuse me ( his cabinet members) he can’t tell you what he is signing, things just handed to him & he signs it.

  22. Steve says:

    Tap the brakes; there isn’t one thing that has come from Biden that closely resembles being concerned for “social justice”! The Democrats only concern is a continued power grab.

    • Mary says:

      Ditto! Racism is their sport! People like football, baseball, basketball, other sports. Democommunists prefer RACISM! They are OBSESSED with RACISM. Unfortunately, there are SO many that follow them. The RACISTS get rich with RACISM. too bad the children will be the receivers of the violence and destitution. Too many parents do not CARE about the CHILDREN. The Children are INNOCENT until the parents and demoncrats get their communist claws in them. Schools have to be taken over and used for LEARNNG about life skills; NOT HATE and VIOLENCE! PArents let the schools take over raising their kids into communism! PARENTS: THAT will be your legacy! Letting your child die or be USED as a pawn by Democommunists.

  23. Charles Gazdik says:

    We dont need an idiot like that next thing they will want is a diaper inspector. Those dumb blacks need to get their heads out

  24. Cathie says:

    Yes we do. These above comments have no clue what Black folks go thru on a day to day basis, let alone at election time. Blacks have been oppressed enough.

    • Cg says:

      Bull shit grow up you mellenium moron

    • Paul m says:

      You suppress your own self

    • Chester says:

      In his address in Washington DC MLK stated: “I have a dream that my children will be accepted not by the color of their skin but by the content of their heart”
      Therein lies the problem. Before condemning someone else’s house, clean up your own.

    • Don says:

      Well the last time I checked you spend most of your time burning down buildings, destroying people’s property, defacing historical statues and property, looting, stealing, whining and complaining, creating division. MLK is turning over in his grave. Do black people know who he was?????????????

    • Mike says:

      Please tell me you were just trying to stir people up and dont really believe what you posted,because it kinda looks like your just trying to start trouble, i could be wrong,it could be your just an idiot.

  25. Vernon Burnett says:

    No we do not need a Secretary of Racial Justice or reparations. They already have more rights than we do and have been getting reparations for years.

    • Jamie says:

      I agree with you!

      • Sic&Tired says:

        “Secretary of Racial Justice”. ????? – – Hell No.!! – – And What, Bend and Bow More to a RACE that is Already getting More Rights that other Ethnic Groups. B.S. to That.!!! As Vernon Stated above – Well Stated, Sir.!!!

      • Sic&Tired says:

        “Secretary of Racial Justice”. ????? – – H _ _L No.!! – – And What, Bend and Bow More to a RACE that is Already getting More Rights that other Ethnic Groups. B.S. to That.!!! As Vernon Stated above – Well Stated, Sir.!!!

  26. Michael Lamb says:

    Hell NO

  27. Robert says:

    Stupid is as stupid does–Forrest Gump!

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