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A ‘Secretary of Racial Justice’?

Does America need a “Secretary of Racial Justice”? Will Joe Biden appoint one? Incredible to some, but that issue is being pushed in radical-left political circles.


A group of faculty members and criminal justice reform advocates affiliated with Columbia University want President Joe Biden to appoint a “Secretary of Racial Justice” within his first 100 days in office,” according to The College Fix. [emphasis added]

The appointee would ensure that all federal policies promote racial equality, according to the proposed priorities list.

“‘This position would be responsible for coordinating actions across the administration to correct the impact of racial disparities,’ members of the Square One Project wrote in a news release

“However, one black Columbia professor expressed skepticism of the idea. [emphasis added]

“‘I’m not sure I quite understand the secretary of racial justice, though — I wonder about the overlap with the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department,’ English Professor John McWhorter told The College Fix via email. McWhorter said ‘it would be great to look into the intersection of poverty and criminal justice, as this is at the nexus of much of what beleaguers the black community today.’

McWhorter also worried that the particular definition of “racial justice” that his Columbia colleagues are advocating for could be misguided.”

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Please share your opinion in the comment section. Should Biden appoint a “Secretary of Racial Justice”? Why or why not?