ALERT: ‘Do Not Travel’ Warning

( – An American mother and her daughter have been kidnapped in Haiti, leading the US State Department to issue a “do not travel” warning immediately.

The advisory also ordered all nonemergency US personnel in the Caribbean nation known for its poverty and lawlessness to leave over increasing security concerns.

The abduction of Alix Dorsainvil from New Hampshire and her daughter occurred last Thursday and was announced on Saturday by El Roi Haiti, the nonprofit for which she worked as a nurse.

Dorsainvil is the wife of Sandro Dorsainvil, the director of the organization’s program in Haiti, which operates a school and a ministry in the capital, Port au Prince.

According to the statement, the mother and daughter were snatched from the nonprofit’s campus.

“Alix is a deeply compassionate and loving person who considers Haiti her home and the Haitian people her friends and family,” said El Roi president and co-founder Jason Brown, cited by The Washington Times.

“Alix has worked tirelessly as our school and community nurse to bring relief to those who are suffering as she loves and serves the people of Haiti in the name of Jesus,” he added.

In its statement, the US State Department confirmed it was “aware of reports of the kidnapping of two US citizens in Haiti.”

“We are in regular contact with Haitian authorities and will continue to work with them and our US government interagency partners,” the State Department said.

Earlier, in its travel advisory issued on the day when Dorsainvil was abducted, the department cautioned that in Haiti, “kidnapping is widespread, and victims regularly include US citizens.”

It added there had been cases of Americans physically armed while in captivity during subsequent ransom negotiations.

Last month, the National Human Rights Defense Network warned about a spike in murders and abductions in Haiti, while the UN Security Council was convened over Haiti’s worsening situation.

Dorsainvil, a native of Middleton, New Hampshire, attended Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts, which has a program for nursing education in Haiti. “It doesn’t surprise me that Alix chose to get involved in this type of service work. She was amazing. She was passionate, she was compassionate,” commented Regis College president Toni Hays.