ALERT: Huge Bust by Border Patrol


( -US Customs and Border Protection agents at the Southern Border have caught a massive shipment of fentanyl containing enough deadly illegal narcotics to kill 42 million people.

The latest major drug bust occurred last week in the state of Arizona, in the Tucson sector of the US – Mexican border, CBP announced in a release, as cited by Newsmax.

The seized fentanyl shipment contained 340 packages of pills with a combined total weight of 187 pounds and an estimated worth of $4.3 million.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) later determined that a single drug shipment contained enough fentanyl to kill almost 42.5 million people, or close to 13% of the entire population of the United States.

The new substantial fentanyl bust comes after, in July alone, border agents captured more than 2,000 pounds of fentanyl coming in from Mexico, an amount sufficient to kill 470 million people or 1.5 times the population of the US.

The narcotics shipment was found after CBP officials questioned the female driver of the car carrying it and noticed that she was acting anxiously.

Border agents stopped her white Chevy Equinox for inspection and saw several duffel bags inside.

The CBP said the woman driving the vehicle was “noticeably nervous as she was questioned.” Another woman was also in the car, and both were American citizens.

Upon searching the car, the border agents discovered three bags filled with packages wrapped in black tape and coated in axle grease.

The driver of the vehicle trafficking the huge fentanyl shipment was transferred for prosecution to the Sheriff’s Office of Maricopa County in Phoenix, Arizona.

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone lauded the border agents’ efforts to prevent narcotics smuggling into the US by keeping drugs off the streets.

“I am grateful for the incredible work by Border Patrol agents to keep drugs off our streets. Their efforts will save lives and promote safety,” Penzone declared.

Another drug trafficking bust from last week, in which thousands of fentanyl pills were found in a man’s crutches, was announced on Twitter by Michael Humphries, Director of the Nogales Port of Entry, Arizona.

“CBP Officers at the Nogales POE discovered approx 14,000 fentanyl pills hidden in crutches being used by a pedestrian. During inspection, a CBP Officer found the crutches to be excessively heavy. K9 and X-Ray examination confirmed suspicions,” Humphries tweeted.