ALERT: Massive Cyberattack Underway – State of Emergency Declared

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, a state of emergency was declared by Israel as it announced that it is undergoing a massive cyberattack that has incapacitated numerous vital websites.

As reported by National Review based on several resources:

“Israeli government websites crashed on Tuesday following an alleged cyber attack, multiple outlets reported.

“Several government websites were inaccessible including sites for the Ministries of Health, Interior, and the Foreign Ministry. The sites crashed due to a cyber attack, sources told Channel 11 News and Haaretz.

“Israeli’s National Cyber Directorate declared a state of emergency while the attack is being investigated, Haaretz reported. The strike was the largest cyber attack ever carried out against Israel, a senior defense official claimed to Haaretz.” [emphasis added]

This is a breaking news report.