ALERT: Supreme Court Rules for Trump

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, Chief Justice John Roberts of the United States Supreme Court granted former President Donald J. Trumps request that the court temporarily stop the United States Congress from obtaining years of his tax returns.

Under a previous order by a lower federal court, a congressional committee was to receive the tax records this week.

National Review describes what just happened, as follows:

Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday temporarily blocked a lower court order that would have required the release of former president Donald Trump’s tax returns to a Democrat-led House committee.

Roberts’s order comes just days before the House Ways and Means Committee was set to obtain Trump’s tax records from the IRS. The committee is rushing to obtain the records while Democrats still have control of the House; Republicans are likely to win back control in next week’s midterm elections.” [emphasis added]

Trump’s legal position is described as follows:

“Trump’s lawyers are arguing that the committee’s rationale for obtaining the records — that it needs the information to review how the IRS conducts audits on presidents — is invalid. They argue that the Biden administration’s decision to release the records was an act of retaliation in violation of Trump’s First Amendment rights.” [emphasis added]

In a somewhat bizarre set of circumstances noted by more than one observer, Trump is trying to keep private the tax records he repeatedly promised he would release to the American people starting as far back as 2015 when he first announced he was running for office.


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