American Race Fans Chant F**k Biden – Reclaiming America

American Race Fans Chant F**k Biden

( – There was a time not all that long ago when politics didn’t bring out the worst in Americans. Elected officials in Washington could verbally joust on the floor of the House of Representatives or the Senate and still sit together in the church pew or at their children’s sports games in friendship and with camaraderie. And that spirit of American cohesiveness filtered down to states and localities across the country. Politics was considered a noble calling, and political debate could be heated but remain civil.

Those days now seem long gone, maybe gone forever. And, just as elected officials now seem incapable of acting respectfully toward each other, the same is now true of many Americans across the United States. Read any online newspaper comment section, blog, Facebook, or Twitter, and the vulgarity of many Americans is on full display. Instead of communicating like civilized, polite citizens, many Americans relish displaying how far in the gutter they’ve devolved.

In just the latest example, during the interview of the race winner following a NASCAR race in Alabama, some fans began chanting “F**k Joe Biden.” Biden wasn’t even at the race track. But, the fans know that race winner interviews are nationally televised, and they took that as an opportunity to display their vulgar and obscene opinion of President Joe Biden. Of course, when a BLM protester chants the same view of former President Donald Trump, those fans scream bloody murder about the BLM protester.

The question now heard among many older Americans who pine for the days when Americans conducted politics like civil human beings – not like barnyard animals – is whether the USA will ever return to treating our neighbor, no matter their politics, as we’d like to be treated ourselves.

It seems that for far too many Americans, the Golden Rule they were taught in church and by their parents has long since been forgotten.

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