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Americans to Trump: Fight On!

President Trump had a straightforward message to his 88.6 million Twitter followers: “Rigged election. Fight on!” he tweeted some 48 hours ago, drawing much media commentary, censorship from Twitter, and 46,700 retweets from his fans,” according to the conservative Washington Times.

Many people agree with that sentiment. A majority of Americans are still looking for Mr. Trump to fight on and drain the proverbial Washington swamp…A substantial poll from McLaughlin & Associates released Monday asked this question: “Should President Trump continue to fight to change Washington?”

“Even at this late date, the majority of Americans are still looking for that change. The poll found that 52% of the respondents overall answered “yes.” That included 90% of those who voted for Mr. Trump, along with 87% who support House Republicans, 83% of Republicans, and 82% of conservatives

There was also noteworthy approval among men, Whites and those over 55 (59% approval), rural residents (57%), suburban residents and Southerners (both 54%) and Hispanics (53%).”

For more on this story, go to the Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you want President Trump to continue to fight the election results?



  1. Jay McIntyre says:

    Continue the fight!! There is no question there was significant election fraud.
    There needs to be an official legal vote recount! What happens in an election if any vote can be counted, over any time period? Why have rules if they are
    not legal rules? Why have ballots if they are not legal ballots? In this election, the outcome difference is very significant! Mr. Biden did not have a campaign. They knew he was going to “win” so he didn’t need to campaign. Lets do this right! Lets make it right! Let’s count the legal ballots! Fight On!

  2. Sonja says:

    YES President Trump should continue to fight on!! He is the rightful President!! With what I have read and the interviews I have watched from various news sources other than the main stream news sources, the evidence of fraud is out there if one wants to find it. Google and the left leaning Tech companies are controlling what the American people are allowed to see, thus I believe this is domestic terrorist interference in our elections. The more information I read about Joe Biden and his connections to Hunter’s business dealings and dealings while VP under Obama,his lying, his gaffs,his angry outbursts and attacks on people during campaigning show me he is not qualified to be president!!! President Trump is our rightful President. Fight on!!! It his right under the Constitution!!! Every Republican and conservative needs to support him!! Our country depends upon it. If not, we are heading down the same road as Nazi Germany, East Germany, and Russia!! God Bless America and God Bless President Trump

  3. gary arrington says:

    Trump should declare martial law have another election in person only paper ballots only he would win big

    • Nelie says:

      Yes!! Pelosi’s agenda on ballots, especially pasteboard ballot boxes in churches, districts offices, schools, library, attorney office, Chamber of commerce, no security and they were found in a dumpster, not opened.
      God Bless America

  4. M L McGee says:

    President Trump,
    The Lord is with you. I believe you are the President that turned a bunch of American CITIZENS, back on God’s track. Unfortunately though, I believe Satan and his co-harts had instilled his way into the ‘so called’ leaders of the other party and they just followed along as they have for many years and put this Republic on a direction that unless the Believing citizens stand up and be counted it will not survive. Thank you for your dedication to God and the pople of this Nation. God Bless.

  5. Sheryl says:

    President Trump..keep fighting! Biden will never be our president!!

    • catherine snyder says:

      We believe in President Trump and will never accept Mr. Biden due to his dishonesty and lieing. Him and his family are nothing but criminals and will try to live off the money saved by the citizens of this country. He
      is not an honest person and doesn’t deserve to be president of this country.

      • Leona Pomroy says:

        The Biden Crime Family must be brought to Justice and they must Pay for their Crimes.
        President Trump, please continue to Drain the Swamp & FILL our Justice System with Vetted Honesty & Justice. Thank you our Greatest President!

  6. Kenneth H. Frazier says:

    I’m in my eighty’s now, but when I was a kid a guy by the name of Clifford E Charlesworth was my baseball coach at the boy’s club in Jackson, Ms. Clifford went on to graduate from Mississippi college in Clinton, Ms. Be sure to look him up on the net as my friend was the chief flight director on the Apollo 11 moon flight. Be sure to look him on on the net. Clifford sometimes visits me upstairs in my loft as a spirit and we talk about old times. Too bad the down and dirty Demo’s let the foreigners take over our space program.

    • Nellie says:

      Keep praying
      Obama Biden, Clintons allowed China to buy us out. They will continue if we don’t keep Biden Harris out of office
      God Bless America

  7. Kenneth H. Frazier says:

    Heck fire, there’s plenty of fight left in Our president and in the thousands of voters cheated our of their votes by the DemoRATS. I’m a young 83 year young patriot. In my youth my parents were proud members of the Democratic party when it stood for good over evil. It’s makes me mad as H**L that this Socialist- Communist party even include the word Democratic in their party name. My parents believed in Truth,justice and the American way. This socialist- Commie party believes in destroying this great nation Are you with me when I say. IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!

    • Richard Rivas says:

      I completely agree with you Kenneth. I’m a 59 year young patriot as well and by the sounds of it you’ve got lots of FIGHT left in you. God bless you and together, we will make sure the DemoRATS will not destroy this country of ours.
      FIGHT ON!!!

    • Leona Pomroy says:

      Yes Yes Yes!

  8. Corri says:

    The majority were White and Hispanic SOUTHERNERS. That speaks for itself. Slave owners and immigrants who don’t really understand our constitution.

  9. Harry Scarlett says:

    Keep up the Fight dont let the Commie’s Win.I gave 6 years of my life for freedom not to lose it to a bunch of Commie’s.God Bless America.

  10. Americafirst says:

    Even if we do see Trump retain the presidency for the next four years, the fight will not be over. There is still a threat of a 2024 election that if we don’t continue to fight, that 2024 election will go to evil democrats. If Trump wins the 2020 election after all, there are evil people still out there that will cause much trouble, like the Hellywood elite that hate Trump. They are just one example of evil people. With their money, they can cause a lot of destruction to society. One thing we can all do is to boycott. Stop going to movies, ball games, universities, at least for a while until we get them put in their place. Don’t even watch movies and games on TV because the ratings pick up what channel you are watching. Do your part by hurting their businesses until all the anti Americans are arrested and arrests are now in the works which is being done by the military and those arrested are being tried by military tribunal-not the American Courts. It is going to take some time for all of this to end in fruition, so hold onto your hats and dig in to continue your fight for freedom otherwise you will definitely lose all of your freedom. Be the Patriot you claim to be.

  11. Joyce says:

    Continue to fight for us and Americans everywhere prayers to win

  12. I for one will not let lying, cheating people run we the people’s country and Nancy polosi, chuckle, shift, Nadler,Clinton’s ,Biden’s r all getting paid by the communist China hell yeah they want to cheat to not to expose that they r all r involved in making money for themselves while they say they care about Americans !!!! Remember it’s all about them Polosi as dug her grave she’s done !! Time for a caring new speaker not a hater one !!! One for we the people ! And of course they will cheat in Georgia !!! Too !!! They did everywhere else !! Dominion needs and proven to be programmed to rig elections !!! Needs all votes rechecked and where and what does we the people’s constitution state plain and simple ! I can’t make this any plainer !! But they change it to suit what the democratic’s want and they need to find out who is threatening the people and arrest them but know one has a set of nuts to do it !!!!!! Thus in the end civil war ???? Another one ??????????

  13. Elaine Strickland says:

    Yes keep on fighting for our rights

  14. Sherry L. Cullison says:

    Request/require/demand forensic audits. That seems to be the only evidence the judges want or will accept. Give them what they want. Indisputable proof!

  15. Cathy says:

    These millionaires and billionaires who bought this election and obviously pd . Judges ,antifa ,blm. Need to remember capitalism is how they became rich and hard working people working for them or buying from them is how they got there. Trump needs fight on ,this evil plot needs to be overturned . America is home of the free and the brave ,not the rich and corrupt . We the peolpe pay these sorry politicians to represent us . And all we’ve gotten this year is lying ,cheating and stealing of the election .the demonic rats didnt win . Cheating isnt victory .They are so jealous of all the achievements Trump has done in 4 yrs . They couldn’t do in 40 .Gos Bless America and all who believe in Justice . Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP AND MIKE PENCE

  16. Doris says:

    I pray President Trump will continue doing everything in his power to continue fighting for us and America. I believe he won and do not accept the crooked results. President Trump is the best President we had in my lifetime.

    • Dolores says:

      He should still be referred as President Trump.he deserves respect! I notice how the Media refereds to him as Mr.Trump and before the moron Biden was referred as President elect. What a crock of BS.
      President Trump will always be my President and should be recognize as one of Our Greatest President because he cares about America and he was deal a bad hand by those democrats. I just pray our Country can survive Harris and Biden
      One thing that gives me some peace is that President Trump can stay safe now.Dont trust those evil democrats.

    • Dolores says:

      Totally agree. Something needs to be done.

  17. Absolutely,President Trump,should continue his fight and especially uncovering the Biden’s for the crooks they are,and how Americans were lied to!

  18. Wayne Norton sr. says:

    yes you can,t let the dems. get away whit this they have to be stoped

  19. Betty Bryans says:

    And fight pres Trump should. He is fighting for the american people more than himself. He has given hope to americans for the first time in decades. All america knows 99% of politicans are dirty, dishonest thieves. Pres Trump is different. He neither needs nor wants americans to make him rich by their evil deeds. We will fight with him at every opportunity !!!!!!!

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