Another Uvalde Bombshell: Command Detained Cop Who Wanted to Help

Uvalde, Texas School Shooting

( – A brand-new shocking revelation has emerged from the investigation of the police failure to stop last month’s bloody school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, as it has become clear that a state police officer, who is a slain teacher’s husband, rushed in to stop the shooter but was himself caught and taken away by the otherwise inactive local police.

A total of 21 people – including 19 children and two teachers – perished on May 24 in the town of Uvalde, Texas, when 18-year-old local Salvador Ramos went on a shooting spree inside the Robb Elementary School, with local police failing to intervene in time to stop him.

Ramos was eventually shot dead by off-duty Border Police officers who intervened to stop the harrowing carnage.

Speaking before a committee of the Texas state Senate, Col. Steven McCraw, head of the state’s Department of Public Safety, revealed the so far unknown detail that Ruben Ruiz, a school district police officer, attempted to rush inside the school to tackle the shooter but he was stopped by the local police, who immediately snatched his gun and took him away from the scene.

Ruiz is the husband of Eva Mireles, one of the two Robb Elementary teachers murdered by shooter Salvador Ramos.

According to McCraw’s testimony, Ruiz got a phone call from his wife, who told him that she had been wounded and was going to die.

“We’ve got an officer, Officer Ruiz, whose wife called in and said she’d been shot and she was dying,” the Texas DPS Director revealed.

“He tried to move forward in the hallway. He was detained, and they took his gun away from him and escorted him off the scene,” McCraw elaborated.

He didn’t specify the names of the officers who detained their colleague instead of potentially supporting him in trying to stop the shooter.

In his testimony, McCraw described as an “abject failure” the response of the Uvalde police to the Robb Elementary School shooting.

He blasted the local police saying they “decided to place the lives of officers before the lives of children” and insisted Ramos could have been stopped three minutes after he arrived at the school, but the on-scene commander’s indecisiveness prevented that.