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Antifa: ‘F**k Thanksgiving’

While most Americans were preparing for or enjoying their Thanksgiving meal, Antifa and PIPL criminals were destroying statues of historical importance all across the United States.

As reported by ZeroHedge, “Vandals targeted statues of President William McKinley in Chicago, a veterans monument in Portland, an Abraham Lincoln statue in Spokane, Wash., and two statues in Minneapolis: one of George Washington and another celebrating pioneers.

“A group organizing under the Pan-Indigenous People’s Liberation (PIPL) network took credit for the vandalism, which they said was part of a “national decolonial day of action.”…

“In Portland, the Antifa group Youth Liberation Front called for “a decentralized, anti-colonial day of action on Thanksgiving eve,” with the message, “F**k Thanksgiving, F**k Black Friday!”

The following tweets contain photographs of the damage caused by the PIPL and Antifa criminals.

Please share your thoughts about the destruction of American statues by groups like PIPL and Antifa in the comment section on this page.



  1. Daytona Lee says:

    This is the same kind of crap that Isis did!

  2. Rigo V Navarro says:

    enough of this shit stop talking about it and once in for all end it. all of them need to be put down. they have spit on our home for to long.

  3. Steve says:

    Evidently they really want a war damaging historical statues and especially a veterans monument is grounds to shoot to kill.

  4. JD Williams says:

    Looks to me as a lot of spoiled brats that need a serious attitude adjustment. Send them all to a third world country and let them try this kind of crap their. We know how that will turn out.

  5. Steven Van Ness says:

    Life is too good for these morons. Execution sounds about right.

  6. Cg says:

    They’re all spineless shitbags!

  7. I thought you went to jail if you Sabotaged the statues and paid a big fine. This just doesn’t feel like America

  8. Mary says:

    Yes it is so sad to allow the idiots to do the things they are doing. They are crazy and need to be stopped. stopped.This is America not their private territory. They are destroying things people wirked their whole lives for. It has to stop. Call in snipper to take them out. Something. They are CRAZY

  9. Jeff says:

    It’s obvious that BLM & ANTIFA are nothing more than domestic terrorists. They dont care about people. Only the violent acts that they perpetrate on our society & our historic monuments.they are criminals hiding behind a democratic agenda paid for by big money, Facebook, Twitter,soros ect. Aided by some in our government, FBI, CIA ECT.

  10. MICHAEL says:

    The sick thing is, if a person defends themselves against these animals its that person who gets arrested not these criminals. This whole thing is backwards. These animals need to be shoot dead and let their little mommy’s come claim the body.

  11. Sharon says:

    How sad it is that we the Americans are letting these nitwits cause this much damage, threaten people and disrespect America!!! One day I look for Americans to take up arms and start standing up for what is right. I’m a 70 yr old woman and I would be there defending this nation that men and women have given their lives for. My father fought in WW II in France and he would be so ashamed of what is going on. We, the American people, have to show these haters that we won’t take it any longer since the people we put in office do NOTHING including Washington, governors, etc.

    • Stanley Janoski says:

      NO!! Your Democrats are letting them walk all over our country and do this because it fits their agenda to destroy the US and remake it COMMUNIST/ to their ideas and control!! They all need to be rounded up and deported to an island or a 3rd world commie controlled country to see what it is really like!! Or just shoot them and get it over with.

  12. MICHAEL says:

    I just don’t get it. Why aren’t these Domestic Terrorists getting arrested and charged? Now I know some will say that the Police are being told to stand down and all that crap but let me ask, can a Mayor or Governor tell the Police not to respond to robberies, traffic violation or shootings? The Law is the Law and NO ONE person can tell the Police what laws too enforce and what laws to ignore.

    • Patriot says:

      I agree with Michael, these terrorists should be arrested charged with destroying the statues and when convicted should be put to work and made to pay for replacing the statues.

  13. Steve Johnson says:

    Cowardly terrorist groups love to follow the same tactics used by ISIS and communist groups. Arrest them for terrorism and lock ’em up for 25 years for each offense.

    • Joe says:

      Again…don’t waste taxpayer dollars locking them up, giving them 3 free meals a day, medical, etc. EXECUTE THEM. Trust me, once that word is out, it’ll STOP

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