Antifa Strikes on Easter Morning – Reclaiming America

Antifa Strikes on Easter Morning

With so much attention being paid to the growing illegal immigration crisis on the southern border, it shouldn’t get lost in the news that Antifa is still causing trouble.


Dozens of people gathered outside of a Portland law enforcement union building, lit a fire, and vandalized the building early Sunday morning,” according to the Washington Examiner. [emphasis added]

Around 40 demonstrators placed sticks and twigs near the Portland Police Association headquarters and set it ablaze, authorities said. The structure was tagged with the phrases “Land Back,” “F— 12,” and “ACAB,” which stands for “all cops are b——-,” footage taken throughout the unruly night revealed. [emphasis added]

Officers from three different divisions arrived at the scene, and the local fire department was called to extinguish the flames. Police said some of the demonstrators were “periodically blocking vehicle traffic” during the unrest.

Video posted to Twitter (see below) appeared to show the blaze raging with the phrase “Nazis Work” in the backdrop.” [emphasis added]

For more on this report, please go to the Washington Examiner.

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