Arrest in Threat to Kill Election Officials


( – Breaking Now: In what is the first criminal arrest and prosecution brought by the recently formed Election Threats Task Force within the United States Department of Justice, a man has been taken into custody and charged with posting online threats to kill election officials.

According to CNBC:

“A Texas man was arrested Friday for allegedly posting a threat to kill a Georgia election official and other officials just days after then-President Donald Trump pressured Georgia’s secretary of state to “find” votes that could reverse his loss to President Joe Biden.

“The case against 54-year-old Chad Stark of Leander, Texas, is the first criminal prosecution filed by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Election Threats Task Force, which was formed last June on the heels of widespread baseless claims by Trump and his allies of election fraud.

“Stark is accused of posting a message on Craigslist on Jan. 5, 2021, with the subject: ‘Georgia Patriots it’s time to kill [Official A] the Chinese agent – $10,000.’” [emphasis added]


“U.S. Attorney Kurt Erskine of the Northern District of Georgia, in a statement on Stark’s arrest, said, ‘The intimidation of those in charge of carrying out free and fair elections in this country is against the law and cannot go unchecked.’” [emphasis added]

Stark’s detailed message, which we will not repeat here, called for the murder of numerous state and federal election officials.

Here at Reclaiming America, we agree with U.S. Attorney Kurt Erskine. There is no place for threats of violence or any violence against election workers in the United States of America.

This lunacy of going online and threatening people who are, after all, our fellow neighbors just trying to do a difficult job – usually as volunteers – should never be tolerated in a great republic like ours.

If Stark did as is alleged and is convicted by a jury of his peers, he should rot in prison.