Arrested – Husband’s Drink POISONED!

( – In a potentially deadly turn of events, Laclede County deputies arrested a woman accused of poisoning her husband’s Mountain Dew drink with Roundup, a herbicide that kills and prevents many types of tough weeds and grasses.

While 47-year-old Michelle Y. Peters now faces charges of first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action, the judge has denied her bail.

“Um, wow! That’s all I could say,” remarked Jackie Sproat, who owns a gaming shop next to the spa run by Peters just outside of Lebanon.

“I just recently found out that she was working next door to me but that doesn’t make a difference. I was just really surprised,” she said.

Shortly after deputies arrested Peters, investigators alleged she added Roundup to her husband’s Mountain Dew multiple times during May and June. They also claimed she spiked his drink with an insecticide.

Laclede County Sheriff David Millsap commented, “It is a different type of domestic assault.”

Moreover, authorities reported that the husband began to suspect something was amiss with his drink after feeling unwell as he provided surveillance footage to the authorities, showing Peters tampering with the Mountain Dew in the garage refrigerator.

He told officials that he was the only one in the home who drank the Mountain Dew stored there.

Sheriff Millsap also noted that while uncommon, domestic violence against men does occur. “In domestic situations, we know that 85 percent of domestic assault victims are females, not males. But it’s usually underreported when it comes to males,” he remarked.

Sproat acknowledged the situation, saying, “I have a lot of male friends who have been in domestic abuse situations. It’s really important to let them know that it’s okay to seek help. It’s not the best thing to be the tough guy all the time.”

Sheriff Millsap mentioned that Peters eventually admitted to poisoning her husband’s drink, saying she was angry because he did not appreciate the 50th birthday party she threw for him.

Despite Peters’ audacity of a plea of not guilty, her husband survived.

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