Article Deleted Because It Included Too Many Quotes From Whites!?!

Vassar College

( – From the “You Have Got To Be Kidding Me File” comes another report that makes millions of Americans wonder what is going on with universities in the United States of America.

Incredibly, a major college yanked an article published in the school’s newspaper because it contained too many quotes from White students.

We kid you not.

The College Fix reports:

“The Vassar College student newspaper deleted a news article because the reporter covering the story included too many quotes from white students.

“In a March 23 column, the paper’s editors apologized for the original story, which ran in mid-February.

“‘In prioritizing urgency over thoroughness, we made misguided and insensitive oversights with whom we were representing in the article and failed to provide in-depth reporting of the issue at large,’ wrote The Miscellany News’ editors.

“‘The majority of our quotations came from white students and therefore we reduced the positions of students of color to a singular, tokenized perspective. After this was brought to our attention, the paper decided to remove the article online in an attempt to prevent further harm among the communities we misrepresented.”

As The College Fix also notes, the editors never did explain what harm was caused by the article. That certainly calls into question the entire premise of the piece being yanked.

Granted, Vassar is a notoriously liberal college. But does this make any sense?

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