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Astounding COVID-19 Political Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy is jaw-dropping. While elected officials across the country are demanding and ordering tighter and tighter COVID-19 restrictions – including stay-at-home orders and travel bans – those same politicians and the lobbyists who line their pockets are jetting off to a Hawaiian junket on the island of Maui.

As reported by Politico, “The pandemic may have “canceled” 2020, but it did not derail an annual gathering of lobbyists and lawmakers on the shores of Maui that brought people from across the country to a luxury resort this week…

“The event comes amid a worrisome surge in infections across the country and new travel restrictions on the West Coast, and as many schools and businesses remain closed.

“It also follows revelations by the San Francisco Chronicle that Gov. Gavin Newsom attended a 12-person birthday party at an exclusive Napa Valley restaurant, the French Laundry.

“’Fair to say that the timing isn’t great,’ said Jack Pitney, a politics professor at Claremont McKenna College. ‘Anybody organizing an in-person event should think carefully about the optics, particularly in California, where the governor has just sent most of the state into purple. There’s a chance this will not be received well by the general public.'”

As Adam Housley posted on Twitter, “Where’s the outrage in the national media?”

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  1. Breaker 19 says:

    This COVID-19 is getting to be almost as big a fraud as the election was.The case stats are inaccurate, the death stats are inaccurate, the tests may be, I have seen no studies done to determine if they are accurate or not. I have seen cases where people tested positive one day, negative the next day, positive the next and negative again the next day. Would this have happened if the tests were accurate? I doubt it. Want a spike in cases, simple, do a spike in tests. The more tests, the more cases you will have. Stop when you reach the number you want. These are worse than the polls, where you can manipulate the outcome to get the results you want. Democrats and the media are jumping for joy. This is exactly what they want. Right now, they have control of the people and don’t want it to end. They have people so scared by the bogus stats that they will try to do anything the politicians tell them to do. The politicians know if the people finally learn the truth and are no longer afraid, they will lose the control they now have.They don’t care if it ruins this country or kills the American people as long as they don’t lose the control they now have. This needs to end, NOW.

  2. Nellie says:

    Trump 2020
    Clean up vpting fraud
    That’s the only way Obama Biden got in office.
    Biden owes Obama big time for all the money Joe and Hunter received from China and Ukraine. Obama made out on those deals too. Obama’s deal woth Iran.
    We don’t need another person like Harris in office. Follow the money.
    Biden Harris Obama Clintons Soros Pelosi and Newsom.
    Noce thing, Obama’s back in news, promoting his book right when our country is investigation voting fraud. Obama’s agenda not work, he is causing more people to follow Trump’s agenda. Obama will cause the Democrats to lose big time.
    Keep investigation going.
    God Bless Trump

  3. Luigi says:

    When are the people of this Great Nation. Going to wake up and see, what these hypothetical leaders are doing. And hold them accountable

  4. Grace says:

    Get ready for more and longer lock downs. They are a power grab for absolute control after installing fear into the minds of the citizens. It’s easy to manipulate the many, many unaware Americans. Consider how many adult Americans have no knowledge of the difference of Mail In Voting and Vote by mail. Don’t have a clue who announces the winner of the election. It’s not the press,it’s not the party it’s the the elected legislators and only after a meeting with the electoral college in mid December. I’m an immigrant and I know that much. Sham on you, no wonder your freedom is disapearing before your eyes.

  5. Garn Dye says:

    Keep voting democrat and they’ll keep putting the screws to you.

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