BAD News For Biden – Trump DOMINATES – Details!

( – Even the lamestream media cannot hide the truth anymore, as CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten noted that former President Donald Trump dominates on key economic issues, which could influence the impact of his debate against Joe Biden.

Today’s CNN-hosted debate will feature no live audience and will have microphone-silencing controls to manage the discussion.

Speaking on “CNN News Central,” Enten stated that Trump holds a significant advantage in voter trust over Biden regarding the economy and inflation—13% and 18%, respectively.

Meanwhile, Biden leads by 7% on issues related to the state of democracy, which has been a focal point of his campaign.

Enten emphasized the importance of these issues, stating, “All right, let’s run some numbers here. What are the major factors that folks are saying for their vote for president? And look, we’ve been talking about it all year long.”

“Numero uno is the economy, 82%. Right behind it is another form of the economy, I guess, inflation, 75%. Interestingly enough, state of democracy is number three at 71%. That’s obviously been an issue that Joe Biden’s been hitting upon,” he explained.

“So these are the three top major factors. So the question is, who do voters trust more on these issues? Joe Biden or Donald Trump?” he wondered.

He further elaborated, saying, “Well, on inflation, this is where Donald Trump wants to be playing. Look at that, an 18-point lead over Joe Biden. The economy, another area where Donald Trump would be happy to play ball.”

Enten also referenced a recent poll from The Washington Post-Schar School that indicated that 38% of undecided voters in swing states trust Trump more on the topic of democracy compared to 29% for Biden.

Reflecting on historical trends, Enten added, “I looked back at the polling archives since 1976. And sure enough, I asked, ‘Is it always the economy, stupid?’”

“Well, the candidate trusted more on the economy has won eight times since 1976, but actually has lost four times since 1976. So yes, more times than not the candidate trusted more on the economy wins.”

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