Bad News For DeSantis

Ron DeSantis

( – Former President Donald Trump’s support among likely 2024 Republican primary voters has increased, while that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declined substantially in the past two months.

The latest NBC News public opinion survey has found that Trump’s lead over DeSantis for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination has increased by 14% since its previous poll in April.

Thus, the former president already enjoys the support of 51% of the likely Republican primary voters.

Florida’s governor is ranked second with 22% support. Former Vice President Mike Pence follows him with 7% support, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with 5%, and former South Carolina Governor and US Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The NBC News poll in April had Trump’s support among Republican primary voters at 46%, DeSantis’ – at 31%, and Pence’s at 6%.

The April poll was conducted after Trump’s first indictment over alleged hush-money payments.

Thus, an NBC News report notes that since April, Trump’s lead on DeSantis spiked by 14 percentage points since his support grew by five points, while the latter’s declined by nine points.

The poll also asked likely Republican primary voters about a two-person scenario. In that case, 60% said they would vote for the former president, while 36% chose Florida’s governor.

In the hypothetical two-way matchup, Trump “overperformed” among “very conservative” Republicans, voters without college degrees, and those aged 65 or older.

DeSantis “overperformed” among “moderate/liberal” Republicans, GOP voters with college degrees, and those aged between 18 and 49.

“Ask yourself: Which GOP electorate would you rather have? The very conservative/non-college voters? Or the moderate/liberal/college-educated crowd?” the NBC News commentary asks.

It notes that there is some good news for DeSantis: he has a slightly higher favorable/unfavorable rating – 60%-17% vs. 65%-23% for Trump; he gets the most “second-choice” support; and he outperforms Trump in a general election against President Joe Biden.

Yet, NBC News believes the most significant positive news for DeSantis is that 49% of Republican voters want Trump as the GOP’s leader. The remaining 51% either want to consider other leaders (21%) or want “a new leader with better behavior and a different approach” (29%).