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Baldwin: ‘Bury Trump in a Nazi Graveyard’

What does it say about the state of American culture when prominent actors, actresses, and celebrities refer to politicians they oppose as Nazis?

Certainly, the 2020 Presidential Election has brought the worst out in some American “celebrities” and none more so than Alec Baldwin.

On Sunday evening, Baldwin took to Twitter to attack President Donald Trump.

As described by Breitbart, “Repeating a common radical left-wing theme of associating President Trump and his administration with the Nazis and their regime, the celebrity activist took to Twitter to describe his idea of a fitting burial for the president. “Bury Trump in a Nazi graveyard and put a swastika on his grave,” Baldwin tweeted from his Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation account, which has over 1 million followers. “The majority of Americans made the right choice. Trump is a maniac.”

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  1. Dennis Dwyer says:

    Maggy.What a ignorant SOB you are. Let’s bury that smart Alec SOB in a Jewish Cemetery so he can be tormented forever by their spirits for Eternity. The heartless son-of-a bitch!

  2. William C Fields says:

    Drop Alec Baldwin

  3. Lourdes Narvaez says:

    Hoping Alex Baldwin isn’t teaching his children all this hate (pathetic human being) and shame on his wife to condone that behavior around her kids.

  4. Che says:

    This piece of work doesn’t even deserve to be breathing. If anyone is a maniac, he is. He is a traitor to our country, and should be expelled. Bury him wherever you want, who cares? Anti-American hater. My God, who listens to people like this anyway? Hang him up

  5. FrankAboutIt says:

    Bury Baldwin in an undisclosed backyard septic tank. He’d be well disguised there, and nothing in the tank would smell any different from anything else in there.

  6. S B a Patriot says:

    Baldwin is Piece of Work a No Talented Idiot! Hollywood jerk. He needs to stand Toe to Toe With a Patriot and He will Cry Don’t Hurt Me!

  7. Linc. says:

    Baldwin,Biden,two blow hards who never wore a uniform that gives them the wright to be blowhards.

  8. chrissy fee says:

    Alex Baldwin is a very very sick man, he’s angry and mean all the time, gets in fights with alot of people, not just Trump.

    Baldwin works for the devil and doesn’t have compassion for anything. Can’t belive he’s still married. Baldwin sounds like a left wing , liberal, communist. Pray for his soul.

    chrissy fee

  9. Williams East says:

    Maggy, get your head out of your ass, you Socialist, Communist, Libtard, we all know you voted, for those sweet little Socialist, Communists, Corrupt Biden&Harris. The Trump family, are Angles, Compared to the Biden-Harris Family. All you did with your vote, is kill A Nation. I, hate stupid, Morons like you.

  10. Richard Kevin Lindemann says:

    Alec Baldwin is like almost all of Hollywood,the skanks on The View,and the Liberal Media who have their heads so far up the Democratic Party’s butts they can’t see that the Democratic Party is full of card carrying Communist Traitors and that Trump has done more good things for this nation that Obama/Biden and Clinton/Gore have done,which is that both teams of jackasses have ruined this great nation and have stunk up the Oval Office.President Trump still isn’t done fumigating the horrible stentch from these pieces of garbage.It’s great Hollywood wants to be involved in politics as we all should be,but,they better know 2 very important things. First,know what the hell you’re talking about.Second,know who the hell you’re supporting and where they stand on issues.The skanks on The View,Cher,Bette Midler,just to name a few,are all Irrelevant and have been for quite some time.Who are these people again? The skanks on The View don’t want me on with them because they won’t be able to handle me.
    Richard K.Lindemann

  11. Terrie Wyatt says:

    It never ends with these far left radicals, they are all insane.

  12. Todd says:

    So, Another Far left Libtard has made a threat to the President.

    Seems like the Secret Service should be making a visit.

    WOuld be great if A__hole Baldwin shot his mouth off and ended up oin iron bracelets.

    Come on SS–DO your job and protect the President and the disrepect shown by this Libtard and arrest his ass.

  13. Hay you crazy Baldwin Nazi who died and left you boss.They couldn’t find a grace yard biggest enough for your big butt someone will burn your big butt its cheaper. You will probably win this election. I can’t believe what the Democrats did that was legal nothing .Their all criminals, pedophiles,Transgender, gays. they are the worst kind they don’t have heart’s .Just mean people .

  14. BIDEN and Harris Supporters are guilty of THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST: ABORTION.62+Million kids and babies in USA EXECUTED, EXPERIMENTED ON, AND CREMATED.They have vanished nameless into ETERNITY WITHOUT A TRACE…

  15. Terry says:

    And you Alex Baldwin are nothing but a piece of shit. Why do you think you are any better than anyone else. You are a model citizen , a role model for our children, no you are just a PIECE OF SHIT.

  16. Bob V says:

    Mr. Temper Tantrum needs to get a grip, preferably on the shaft of President Trump’s dick as it gets shoved down his throat. Baldwin is a fat washed up has-been.

  17. Nancy says:

    I voted for Trump for President because of the good things he has done for America. I did not vote for him because I think he is the kind of man who follows in the footsteps of men like Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Reagan who respected the office of the president and the American people. Trump became his own worst enemy. He has no respect for anything or anyone, and he was bully enough to let everyone know. I do not respect him, his tactics, his lying to us, or his bullying. He beat himself. Unless he finds himself in a state of emergency and telling the truth to the American people is not in their best interests, then he should be honest to a fault. The office demands it, and the citizens of our country deserve it. How can a country be united when there is so much hate among its citizens? I believe President Trump is responsible for creating and encouraging that kind of hate and viciousness. It has led people like Alex Baldwin to lash out and say vicious things about the man who was chosen four years ago to lead us, to protect us, and to make our country greater than it was when he took over. Has he done that? In many ways, yes. In other ways, no. History will decide and tell us the answer to that question. In the meantime, we must understand that we elect presidents, and it behooves us to support the elected official on a non-partisan level. There should be no place in this country for comments such as those spoken by Baldwin or the millions of others who consider Freedom of Speech to be an allowance for a free-for-all in attacking others. Freedom of Speech requires wisdom; wisdom to speak or be silent. Will it help or will it harm?

  18. donald adley says:

    Alex, Alex, I told you to put the suppository in your rectum not your mouth……

  19. R. F says:

    Hey Alex, I just saw a dog running down the street chasing his tail, Sure looked like you “trash mouth” What s in your wallet looser!

  20. McRant says:

    Well, Alex. True if we lived in a strict democracy, the actual majority. However, we live in a democratic republic (and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands). In a strict democracy, only the majority gets a say. Say you’re with 4 of your frIends.
    3 of you want pizza and the other 2 want burgers. In a democracy, you are having pizza. In a republic, the needs/wants of the minority must be considered. 3 of you would get a smaller pizza, and the other two would get burgers. It may mean more trouble, but that’s life in the US.
    To address your tweet, YOU think Trump is a maniac. We think YOU are the maniac. Your rants grow tiresome. Here’s a little bit of homework for you:
    Make a list of the laws Trump broke. Make a list of the freedoms you’ve lost since Trump came into office. Make a list of the concentration camps Trump funded. Make a list of prisoners in those camps.
    Try very hard to grasp this: it is the LEFT that is doxing the right. It is the LEFT who is talking about ‘re-education camps. It is the left who is currently involved in making a list of Trump supporters to be ‘cancelled’ in their jobs, their communities, and even their lives.

  21. Richard Rivas says:

    Mary, Do your research, do some honest research. If you do, you will find that Trump is truly trying to do what is best for America and its citizens. I compile a list of things that Trump has done to support what I said but I don’t want you to take my word for it. As far as Baldwin is concerned, he is ignorant and can’t see the light. I wish he too would do his own research and see who really is the socialist party. The Democrats have meddled too much into our moral rights and are now finding themselves in a huge mess with voter fraud. Just wait and see what happens. Once the truth comes out, lets see if it changes your mind about who you support and why. God bless America and God bless Trump.

  22. Perry mayo says:

    Alec Baldwin is a Total loser and complete hasbeen.Dead Soul, Dead man

  23. Manuel Salazar says:

    Baldwin is the perfect example of how disgustingly twisted their minds are. If he wasn’t so well recognized, he’d be out there blind siding little old ladies on the back of the head right along with the rest of the maniacs. Biden should be praying he doesn’t end up in the White House, he will be torn apart by his own pack of rabid dogs.

  24. Gay says:

    Biden did not win fair and square. The media was always against trump Biden is not good for this country and Harris isn’t either. What did Biden do in 48 years zero

    • Grace says:

      What a bunch of thugs the Democrats have become. Nasty, disrespectful, full of hate and becoming seriously mentally impaired. ?Will they suddenly become civilized again if they get their way. No way. Bully’s don’t change and if the Marxist democrats and their BLM/Antifa get their way there will be a monumental clash between the two sides and pray civility wins. The President is obviously living in Baldwins head. His TFS has rendered hi irrelevant.

  25. Pat Riot says:

    Smart Alec Baldlooser is just that, a looser. Another brain dead zombie regurgitating the same vile poison all wanna be commies regurgitate.

  26. Pete says:

    What ru smoking Mary. You will regret voting for that but Biden Heard Obama divided the country. And now he will destroy it with that o. Other nut Harris

  27. Jody says:

    Baldwin is a jealous dumb kitty mouth?

  28. Mary says:

    Agree let him take the decision like a man such a bad loser Biden won fair and square

    • Maggy says:

      This is outrageous! Trump is no kind of leader. Just a total embarrassment to our country. His family is as bad as he is. His son Jr. stole 70K to go out and kill EndAngered species for fun how dare you take American Taxes to kill Endangered Species we want protected! I would not hesitate to raise funds to have you taken out! Jr was a terror growing up and thinks he is entitled. HA!!!

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