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Betsy DeVos Attacks Trump and Quits

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has resigned from President Donald Trump’s administration following the deadly Wednesday siege on the U.S. Capitol,” according to Blaze Media.

DeVos’ resignation makes her the second Trump Cabinet member to resign following the raid — Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao submitted her resignation earlier Thursday.

“In a Thursday resignation letter, DeVos said that rioters’ behaviors were “unconscionable” and that Trump played a significant role in spurring on the confrontation. [emphasis added]

“The letter, obtained by CNN, argued, ‘There is no mistaking the impact your rhetoric had on the situation, and it is the inflection point for me.’ [emphasis added]

‘Impressionable children are watching all of this, and they are learning from us,’ DeVos’ letter added. ‘I believe we each have a moral obligation to exercise good judgment and model the behavior we hope they would emulate. They must know from us that America is greater than what transpired yesterday.’ [emphasis added]

“DeVos’ resignation letter echoes a statement she released on Wednesday following the raid.

“‘The eyes of America’s children and students — the rising generation who will inherit the republic we lave them — are watching what is unfolding in Washington today,’ the former education secretary said Wednesday. ‘We must set a better example for them, and we must teach them the solemn obligations and duties that come with the title ‘American.‘”

For more on this story, go to Blaze Media.

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  1. She shouldn’t be in education if in a “formal” statement. The word is LEAVE not LAVE. She didn’t even proof read her own statement. She should have STUPID written across her forehead. HERE’S YOUR SIGN turncoat

  2. These people are taking the other side where was the outrage with the rioting burning raping going on? That can’t be condemned. They are looking at keeping their political careers to they can climb the ladder. And saying the rest of us should be quiet little minions so they can have a bigger paycheck. They whitche sides with the wind. Let’s hope down the road people remember their names and put them OUT of government all together and let them stand in soup lines with the ones they were “suppose” to help. What kind of life will the children be left? A life of communism must be what these turn coats want for our children but theirs can be sent somewhere else. If they have the funds.

  3. Ken Frazier says:

    Gosh! You don’t have to be a mind reader to find out just how many people support our president. We will welcome you back just as soon as America see’s what a mistake it has made supporting the Democrats

  4. Ruth says:

    Devos allowed our Grandchildren to be indoctrinated into Communism. Three young members of our family are not speaking to us but we are conservative and will not allow badly educated fools to get to us. Someday they will wonder why we gave our estates to charity and not to them!

  5. Jerry says:

    The rats are the first to jump ship! People need to see what they have turned louse on our country they will raise your taxes the corporate tax will go up all the jobs that come back from over seas just wii say we not going through this again! Trump is not even out of office and North Korea is going to enlarge there nuclear stockpile! Iran is enriching more uranium the demorat will try to pay them off again long knives b prepared!

  6. GITMO says:

    Think its funny they attacked the capital but its wasnt Trump supporter who went in first it was antifa from Oregon! They knew if they started it the rest would follow! All part of Soros plans! Goverment is out of time and it would screw up there meeting on fradulant votes and electoral college votes confirmation and they would all blame Trump for it! What it shows is they have balls and demorats arent in power, they can take over anytime they want!! This is there country not demorats! It’s not over yet! More to come for sure! More protests against a demorat cheated system!

  7. GITMO says:

    This is why women dont belong in our goverment in power positions! They have no balls! Where was she at the last 4 years when demorats boss George soros was paying millions to worthless groups like Mee Too movement to raise hell only if it was against Trump! Biden is more guilty and rose M quit when they told her they cant go against pervert Biden! Or any demorat! Where was she at when Soros created Antifa and they lured towns and burned buildings for the heck of it! Killed cops and burned cars! Where was she at when Stupid BLM where tearing up shit luting and stealing and pulling down historical statues there srent Not offensive to anyone! Where was she at when morons were illegaly painting the streets with there stupid black lives matter crap! Can go on and on! Demorats started this mess with there bullshit over last 4 years with fake witch hunts and fake trials wasting our money!going after Trumps people and anyone connected like they did to General Flynn! Demorats get by with murder and nobody does a dam thing! Obama/killery and people around them have done more treasonist acts and any one else has! They belong in Gitmo a d in surprized a pos like Obama still has his head! Social media played a big part in this with all there bullshit! One sided crap helping demorats get elected and all there lying to people or bad mouthing Trump to sway peoples minds! There nothing wrong with Trump and he AAA a great president while fighting demorats corruption! He exposed there corruption and they would stop him no matter what it took! They have the backing and cheating of deep state billionairs and they will railroad you or kill you! All there doing now if covering there tracks and worthless Biden will sweep it all under the rug for them! Evidence will disappear! Only way to stop assholes like deep state is take them out one by one! There 11 of those bastards left! Most of them are old and cant last long but there your biggest problem with the world! They need stopped! Demorats are to stupid ro understand what there doing for these pos socialists billionaires! Pure evil is what they are! America needs to stand there ground agaisnt this trash taking over goveremnt right now!! Nobody in there right mind voted for Biden and they know it! It was a scammed election with Soros and Obama at the wheel doing what deep state wanted to stop Trump! People should protest Biden and his bitch where ever they go! They wont do Americans any favors and just ride off Trumps great work while bringing all Obama’s cortupt people and policys back! Obama will be running the show! Hes be first asshole I’d take out besides Soros the founder of all evil and chaos creator! Demorats are nothing but cheaters and puppets taking our money working for deep state assholes!

  8. Danuté says:

    Betsy De Vos is a raitor should go to China and get chained putter in concentration Cinice CAMP.

  9. ArcheR2D2 says:

    Ask her to send this statement to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

    DeVos’ resignation letter echoes a statement she released on Wednesday following the rally

    “‘The eyes of America’s children and students — the rising generation who will inherit the republic we lave them — are watching what is unfolding in Washington today,’ the former education secretary said Wednesday. ‘We must set a better example for them, and we must teach them the solemn obligations and duties that come with the title ‘American.‘”

  10. Elan Bennett says:

    Betsy you can explain to my grandchildren how you turned your back on this country who had a man who was willing to be a punching bag for 4 yrs to attempt to save our freedom and democracy!! When your trying to take away the corruption that has made everyone on Capital Hill filthy rich as they sacrificed our freedom, your met with the kind of evil opposition we have witnessed for 4 yrs. They will do “anything “ and say “ anything” to not lose power over us all!! If the videos from Antifa bragging about what they accomplished on Friday had not been “censored “ by our new team of communists (social media) you could watch who’s responsible with a little help from a couple of high ranking persons in the Capital.. They were given a police escort to the Coup by our officials and can be identified by their tattoos as well as their social media pages. So a lovely woman was killed in a peaceful protest because she was among the enemy and was totally unaware! Shame on you Betsy and every other Republican that jumped ship for your own possible career salvation!!

    • Elan, you said it perfectly. Our children/grandchildren will “inherit our Republic…”. There will be NO Republic; we are seeing that disappear before our eyes. What our children/grandchildren will experience is communism! We are seeing widespread censorship, control over our media/news, the closing of small businesses, closing of our churches/places of worship, telling us who we can and cannot gather with (family), or telling us the number of people who can get together, all while large corporations like Walmart, Planned Parenthood, etc stay open; the governments are making the choice as to who THEY deem can stay open, and they are the big businesses who financially support their cause, Betsy DeVos, along with VP Pence are traitors, plain and simple!

  11. Judy Cline says:

    To all people who are denigrating Trump, after all he has done for this country how can you turn you backs on him. I believe he’s most likely overwrought by all the balls he has in the air what with that phony election. Not to mention knowing that he has been our only hope to prevent the shredding of our constitution if he’s not able to get through the maze of lies and block walls. So give the man a pass, he’s tired and worried and had a lapse and misspoke. He is human.

    • ArcheR2D2 says:

      DeVos’ resignation letter echoes a statement she released on Wednesday following the raid.

      “‘The eyes of America’s children and students — the rising generation who will inherit the republic we lave them — are watching what is unfolding in Washington today,’ the former education secretary said Wednesday. ‘We must set a better example for them, and we must teach them the solemn obligations and duties that come with the title ‘American.‘”

    • ArcheR2D2 says:

      Ask her to send that to Congress and the Senate as well as Joe Biden and Kamala

      “‘The eyes of America’s children and students — the rising generation who will inherit the republic we lave them — are watching what is unfolding in Washington today,’ the former education secretary said Wednesday. ‘We must set a better example for them, and we must teach them the solemn obligations and duties that come with the title ‘American.‘”

  12. Gilbert says:

    So you mean to tell me that you’re worried about what you’re kids saw with trump . But you don’t care about them watching blm and antifa did burning down business and city’s . That’s okay ha . You should be ashamed of yourself. 98 percent of trumps people where peaceful . This was all the democrats doing .

    • Nancy says:

      I agree… She just showed she was a fair weathered member of the Trump team!

      Like the thugs in the capital she choose to get her kicks in against the President… For what… He
      worked hard for better education..
      He did not call from violence and went on the air to plea that it stop…UNtil Social media’s cut off his comments! NO she joined the Democrats to attack our President… Let her go save face w/all her Democrat friends… while she, her husband, kids and grandkids will now live in socialism with Biden who lawlessly took money or bribes $$ from China & Harris who doesn’t know the differences between what she says is truth or fiction (AKA LIES!!)

      She just disgraced herself…not Trump!

  13. Matt says:

    So the crap hit the fan and Betsy got wetsy.

  14. Carl Mac says:

    Well she is no one to talk her husband was one of the two gangsters who stole money from Enron’s people who put money into IRA’s. I was a employee of a utility company who had thousands if dollars stolen by De Voss’s husband and another man they both were caught and arrested so she isn’t so clean either just another mall.

  15. Corri says:

    What? So many replies here saying that DeVos was worthless. Are you kidding? DeVos was totally on Trump’s side and that is why he had her in there for so long. She simply could not back a coup, and in her allegiance to all Americans, she was forced to resign rather than live a lie and uphold violence against other Americans. In this case, I give her credit. She is a strong woman with high principles and had been doing a fantastic job for Trump through his time as President.

  16. Brenda Lee says:

    Good riddance to DEVOS, she never did a thing about the radical Leftist agenda being implemented in our Schools.but hope somebody even worse doesn’t get in.
    Can’t trust any of the liberals. .

  17. Pete says:

    A cheap shot.

  18. Jody Needy says:

    Devoes was worthless in her job and should have been fired a long time ago. She was just hoping to do what the rest of the Rhonos have done,line their pockets and boost their HUGE EGOS!! President Trump will go down in history as the greatest President since Lincoln.

  19. Anna says:

    Thank God he is still draining the swamp. Trump is the best President the USA ever had. Anyone who says different will stand before God someday and answer to him as to why they supported the baby killing communist child raping Democrats and RHINOs.

  20. Breaker 19 says:

    She quit because she knows Trump is leaving and she will be out of a job when he does. She would probably not left if she thought she would still have a job. She might think that if she goes against Trump that Biden will offer her a job in his administration.

  21. Stan Stanfield says:

    Betsy, one of the most important things that children can be taught is to make sure of their facts before they make a decision. Fail. Go to the back of the class, and start over.

  22. AKJohnIII says:

    Devos, you are dead wrong. You need to point your fingers at those criminal Democrats. That’s what our children have been watching. The fraud, the cheating and lying. You just want to make yourself look good, cause you were a “Goner” with the Dems taking over. They hated your guts from day one. There was no way you would survive the Dems, so you left the sinking ship to make yourself look good. You are no better than these criminal, cheating Democrats. Shame on you for betraying the man that stood up for you all this time and saved your job. Shame on you.
    You should join BLM, they would love to have you.

  23. Joe says:

    CRY ME A RIVER U RHINOS,u spineless, repukes, are something to be hold, chickshits to the end,this party is done with, without Trump this party is nothing,him and a handful of patriots, are all that stand, up for what Americans believe in. U can trash Trump, and his supporters, but we will still stand behind him, and fight for him.

  24. J says:

    She a piece of crap

    • Dinorah Medina says:

      She is only saying that because either way she is out. As soon as the Democrats take office, she will probably be the first one to be fired and replaced. Most Republicans could not understand why she had a job that had to do with impressionable children anyway. She did not inspire the confidence of someone that is an intelligent person! Good riddance!

  25. Apparently what you are not aware of is that Biden‘s group organized a small group of Antifa To march in front of the peaceful Trump protesters
    And were instructed to disguise themselves as Trump supporters and attack the capital building. This was reported on OAN, The only non-fake news source we have. A video was shown of a police line that suddenly broke and two men dressed in black standing behind the line encouraging the antifa group to enter the capital building. You Libs most likely will dispute this however I saw it with my own eyes and then heard it from two or three other sources.

    It’s very interesting how during a summer of horrible violence during which time police were either injured or killed, babies killed, and hundreds of buildings and businesses burned to the ground never to open again, no Democratic governors had anything to say about the violence. In fact it was called “peaceful protesting. “

  26. Larry says:

    I, as well as many others are saddened at Wednesday’s event. However, it has been verified that over 99% of the people there were not involved in the criminal activity. Could this have been a ploy by the democrats inciting antics radicals? Rumor has it that there were several buses that dropped off people who rushed the capitol. Rumor also has it that antifa leaders were sighted on the seen. I would like to see an investigation regarding to see if there is any truth to these rumors, as I would put nothing past this democratic plan to destroy one of the greatest presidents this country has had in a long, long time.

  27. bruce says:

    Well, this is another example of doing security background checks, verifying party affiliation, and interviewing staff workers. We have a bunch of Islamic extremists, extreme black activists, and straight-up communist sitting in high secure positions in our government. She an appointee not elected for goodness sake she has no right to speak with authority about anything concerning how this country works. Her position was to assure our children got a proper education to keep them competitive with at least 3rd world countries (which she failed to do).

  28. Robert Highland says:


  29. Lisa says:

    All these people quitting and leaving Trump yet why did none of them come out like this against Antifas attacks on regular Americans everywhere in their neighborhoods , Businesses? Why now because it was an attack on them ? Then you had on Video Maxine Waters saying and encouraging people to get out and Cause riots and raise up . You also have Biden saying on Video he would take Trump out behind the stands at a ball park and beat him down . The shooting at the ball park against senators . But hey Trump is at fault for everything . They got attacked and the are crying about it but where’s that same cry about us out here being attacked !!! And they want to defund the very police they were crying out help me to . They are all very selfish people and it’s disgusting as all heck

  30. June Braun says:

    She is another Rino, who will also find out she was wrong!!! Glad to see you showed your true colors!!! Maybe you can go to work for the Hiden Biden Group[

  31. Mary Crowley says:

    I feel President Trump did so much for our country. Even the Vaccine. Much good came from him. The Democrats and media so abused him. Wish abc with George S. And Mary Bruce just go to work for Democrats. They are so judgmental.
    I was horrified at the protest. But he was not there. I don’t think he urged this demonstration. Who could think they could get in the building. I will never say Capitol Police failed. They gave it their all. My prayers go out for fallen officer.
    I think some people close to him might realize the abuse he has taken and stick with him as a friend.
    I am not writing this as a judge. I feel
    Nancy Pelosi always hated him and this added fuel to the fire.
    I pray for peace and thankful for President Trump who in reality did so much for our country that was good. Melania was a wonderful First Lady.
    I hope they do arrest perpetrators that did damage inside our capitol.
    Again the loss of the Officer is ever so sad.y

  32. bobbie says:

    Betsy DeVos, another fair weather “friend”. We can do without her and people like her on our team. President Trump deserves way bettr!

  33. Danny says:

    Betsy owes Trump and his followers an apology, Antifa was the ones that breached our security in Washington DC

  34. Connie says:

    the stupid twit.. because of her and the turncoats in congress, there will be no republic to leave to our children and grandchildren… those were antifa thugs who broke into the capitol.. not Trump supporters.. there is proof, yet the media and all these traitors keep pointing the finger at President Trump. The Capitol police were even briefed that antifa would be in the crowd and the idiots opened the gates and doors and let them in… they were part of the plan to use this against President Trump… we are in deep trouble unless patriots rise up and fight back.

  35. Robert Highland says:


  36. Scott f. says:

    If you think that attacking the president takes hate of you devos your dead wrong. He has supported you and this is the thanks he gets.. shame on you. Ehen facts come out it will be antifa or a affiliate.

  37. Annette Gerage says:

    So Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has left the building. She bails with the excuse of rhetoric from President Trump. She said “Impressionable children are watching this and learning from us.” Well Betsy, what most impressionable children have learned from us is to stand up for what you believe.

    What they have learned from you, is to accept a corrupt and illegal election process. Somehow, I prefer they learn from us.
    Adios you coward.

  38. Mary says:

    What did she do while she was there? Nothing. Just another rat jumping ship.

  39. maxibaby says:

    Ms DeVos and the rest of the Republicans jumping off like rats from a sinking ship should have long ago told Democrats what they are doing to the country is “not what we do as patriotic Americans”! Of course…..they would not comprehend the meaning! Commies don’t understand real American values!

  40. Cathy says:

    This fraudulent election was BOUGHT,by the demonic rats .maybe after pinochio Joe and Camel toe raise the taxes so high they’ll be broke too. After all the hard working blue collar workers ,fir the most part were laid off or furloughed . I couldn’t afford to send money to fight back . I had Bill’s and food to worry about
    My husband and I both lost our jobs . Thanks for nothing China and jackass demons .all politicians can go to hell . Trump wasnt one . That’s why he got shit done . And had more could’ve been done except for the haters and jealous bastards . Sorry if I offended anyone . NOT

  41. I, too, am disgusted with the comments that the President incited the riots.
    He did no such thing. He lamented that the election was stolen. This election was the worst one I have ever seen. There should never have been any write in ballots that were sent in. The political state has become corrupt! The future of this next administration does not bode well. There should be no impeachment!

  42. Debbie says:

    Newspapers say Trump supporters were breaking in at 9:30am. Sorry that couldn’t be as supporters said they were still a mile away listening to speakers and Trump hadn’t even spoken at that time. 🤔
    ANTIFA came with gas, gas masks, face masks, weapons and metal explosive items. Check the videos!

    • Larry says:

      I firmly agree that antifa was largely involved and incited by the Democrats (demon-rats) to destroy one of the greatest presidents we have had in a long time.

  43. Sic&Tired says:

    Does This….Another Worthless Woman… in the Political Arena, WHO BETTER HAVE HER “FACTS”….STRAIGHTENED OUT….Before She goes Off Half-Cocked.!!! There are other statements by people that were right there in the Mist of All the Chaos and stated that ANTIFA has a part in it and possibly Individuals, who were Paid by Demo-Rats to Attend and cause Chaos. Well – that being said – Just like always …Blame Trump.!!! You know the Earth could IMPLODE and they would Blame Trump…..That is EXACTLY – HOW STUPID THE PEOPLE ARE IN THIS COUNTRY.!!!


      amen to that President Trump IS the best thing that ever happened to this country …i love him an his family!!! pres Trump an Pres .Kennedy arethe only presidents i ever had !!!

    • Steven Tinsley says:

      Betsy DeVos is just another Backstabbing Rino who Never Liked Trump to begin with & has jumped on the Bash Trump Bandwagon because Biden was going to kick her ass out in 12 days anyway so now she feels it`s time to kiss up to the Democrats coming into power soon.

  44. John Noone says:

    Another phony overpaid and overrated political hack. If she researched the events with the rally on January 6th, she would find President Trump never incited violence. Like the mainstream media is to be believed??

    Her name needs to be remembered if the USA is ever fortunate again to get the Democrats out of power.

    I just cannot stand people with bail when difficulties arise.


      as usual this makes no sense !!! why would Trump supporters attack the white house !!! an there had to be others there hence no conflict !!!! bunch of idiots !!!!the screwloose woman said children are watching !!!welllhow about all the looting burning that was going on ??? were children not watching that ???? idiots !!! you know if you keep u r mouth shut no one will ever know how stupid u are … we need to do some Joan of arc ,,, burn em at the stake !!!!

  45. Mary says:

    Amazing this is the only thing she points out when she did little to help the children during her tenure AND she fails to point out all the fraud that was blatant in the Nov. election!

  46. Doris says:

    These people are so disloyal and never wait til the truth comes out, goodbye Ann good riddance to them and may their consciences haunt them.

    • Charles M. says:

      she’s just another Rino , she’s a pathetic liar also . the best thing she could do is resign ..she would of lost her job anyhow ,because the democraps don’t like her period ..

  47. Donald Lehman says:


  48. Sheryl says:

    Disgusting that she can be so disloyal to the man who has done so
    much for our country the last 4 years.

    • mary says:

      good job as well I fully agree with her
      All you Trumpets not commenting so much now TRUMP OUT BIDEN IN

      • Allen says:

        Mary, check back in four year when you are in chains.

      • Diana says:

        You are also a traitor to this Country you side with BLM and ANTIFA home grown terrorists who are paid by democrats and you enable fraudulent elections, you are among the worst party ever in American History, hypocrite and traitor!!!!!!!!!!!

      • John Noone says:

        Mary: Apparently, you are not aware of the election fraud? Suggest you purchase book like “Introduction to the Chinese Language” or “Communism.”

        In the meantime, maybe you are looking forward to leadership by a dementia-ridden President and corrupt Socialist VP.

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