Biden Caught Lying

President Joe Biden

( – While Americans are reeling from record-high inflation, President Joe Biden has reiterated a narrative that the White House has latched onto in recent weeks: that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the pandemic are to blame for soaring inflation.

On Monday, Biden maintained a stance he has upheld for weeks, one where his administration is not to blame for rampant inflation.

Speaking at the National League of Cities Congressional Cities Conference, Biden addressed skyrocketing gas and household prices. Addressing those in attendance, Biden acknowledged that “families are still struggling with higher prices” but stressed it was important “to be absolutely clear about why prices are high now or high for two reasons.”

Biden explained that the first reason had to do with “the way the global economy works.”
He then used the analogy of “a factory in Taiwan that makes computer chips” shutting down due to a COVID-19 outbreak, sending ripple effects in the market and slowing auto manufacturing.

Biden then mentioned that “because of the pandemic, we had significant disruption disruptions in the supply chain, and our supply chain is so important with so many materials that come from other places.”

Biden then went on to say the second reason for inflation is Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We’ve seen the price of gas go up over a dollar just since he put his troops on the border on the border of Ukraine — they went up a dollar and five cents,” the President noted.

He then emphasized that the “world took notice” when Putin started amassing troops at the border, adding, “The market anticipated, prices went up, and then Putin invaded.”
“Make no mistake,” Biden continued, “the current spike in gas prices is largely the fault of Vladimir Putin — it has nothing to do with the American Rescue Plan.”

Biden then pledged to fix the current price increases.