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Biden Changes Illegal ‘Alien’ to ‘Noncitizen’

No sooner did Joe Biden sit down behind his desk in the Oval Office at the White House then he demanded that illegal “aliens” be called “noncitizens.”


President Biden’s immigration bill would change “alien” to “noncitizen” in U.S. law — the latest move in the fight over language related to immigration and immigrants,” according to Fox News.

Biden’s administration is unveiling the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, which would include a number of radical measures such as an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and immediate green cards for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients. [emphasis added]

While the text of the bill has not yet been released, a fact sheet put out by the Biden transition team before the inauguration said that the bill would remove the word “alien” from immigration laws and replace it with “noncitizen.”… [emphasis added]

“‘Alien’ has long been used in U.S. code and immigration law as a whole, but has seen pushback from liberal activists and cities. New York City announced last year it would no longer refer to “aliens” or ‘illegal immigrants.'”

For more on this story, go to Fox News.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Biden demanding that the term “illegal alien” be changed to “noncitizen”? Why or why not?



  1. James M Lammie says:

    Washington is so corrupt. I read these responses and not one did I run across that says biden has a good idea. How in God’s name do these people keep getting elected??? Illegal is ILLEGAL. They are lawyers. I would have thought they learned that in Law 101.

  2. CR Klip says:

    OK Lets use his code and call them ILLEGAL NONCITIZENS good compromise

  3. RUTH F WEINER says:

    There are plenty of “non-citizens” who can enter the US legally: visa holders, green card holders, visitors, diplomatic personnel, to name a few. We must have a way to categorize people who enter or try to enter illegally. Relabeling non citizens is just a way to enhance illegal entry, which I am sure was the Biden Administration’s idea. Shame on them!

  4. LYLE JAMES says:


  5. Sherry says:

    Changing a name only camouflages the truth. The Only ones who are not interested in the truth will be deceived. Our country has always accepted ethnicity- the difference is in the heart of those who would qualify legitimately.

    • Kit Kittappa says:

      Biden is trying to hide the fact that illegal aliens are committing the crime of illegally crossing the border or in his senility he is unable to think straight. There is a legal way and an illegal way and these people have used the illegal way. Noncitizen refers to everyone in the world who are not citizens of USA. Biden is a fool not to know this. It is an insult to the people of the world to equate them to illegal border crossers.

    • Robert W says:


  6. Bill Ratliff says:

    And we reject Liar Joe being called President

  7. David says:

    They are still illegal. We also need to stop African American. AA does include white Africans who just moved here and are more AA than black Americans that have never been to Africa. The term should be Black Americans that would also include blacks from the Caribbean. Unless AS’s don’t want to include them.

  8. joe says:

    People that voted for the DEM’s will suffer the same wrath that we the people that voted REP. He can’t be the PRESIDENT for all people, when he HATES half of AMERICA for voting for our PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.

  9. Teena says:

    I think this verbiage change confuses things.
    There are many NON Citizens who are here – LEGALLY- after completing the appropriate entry process. They may have a visitor Visa, a Student Visa a temporary work visa or many other LEGAL papers for their presence here.
    “Illegal Alien” or “Illegal Non Citizen” clearly denotes that this person did not follow the correct channels to be here. THIS IS an important distinction and it should not be allowed to be lost or written away on a whip.

    • T RR says:

      If you break any laws you are illegal no matter what you are called. You can’t dispose of a sore by putting a band aid on it. There are laws for getting in to any country and if you break them you pay the consequences. Wake up deep state.

  10. Sue Bartoli says:

    They are and always will be illegal aliens or illegal immigrants!! No matter how you look at it!! Stop changing the “rules” to suit you demons!!

  11. Beth says:

    A noncitizen would be someone who has a work or student Visa. Illegal aliens are persons who entered a country illegally.

  12. Linda says:

    That is just wrong! Any LEGAL immigrant who hasn’t yet become a citizen is a non-citizen. Do you think they want to be lumped in with the illegal aliens? The left likes to play with words, it’s too bad they aren’t smart enough to think things through.

  13. Joe Masefield says:

    Biden hates the term illegal because he’s one himself.

  14. DanielS says:

    Biden is a Non-Christian!
    Please pray for his conversion to Jesus Christ

  15. Bob says:

    You are all correct (if you said Biden is a non-president). It’s only Day 3 of the insurrection and the Idiot-in-Chief wants to change terms of reference. Speaking of…the idiots in charge are now recognizing three gender references. So every time they say they are ‘following science’ (about ANYthing) you know they’re so full of crap they roll down the capitol steps. Science clearly says there are TWO genders. As we we needed any more proof that DemonRats couldn’t accurately count the ballots….

  16. Jean Burke says:

    Biden is not my President… And his non citizens are illegal aliens.

    • Deb c says:

      Let the illegals live with him

    • Carol Jean says:

      Yes, an “alien” is a person residing in a country in which he was not born. There is nothing offensive about the word. Biden even put a bust of Daniel Webster in the oval office, but I guess I am wrong to assume he knows what the word means.
      Also, the meaning of the word “illegal” does not change because Bi-den wants it so.

  17. Biden is a non-president.

  18. These wetbacks are still illegal. They did not come into America the correct relative came through Ellis island in the early 1900. These illegals don’t deserve any medical/social benefits.they get more benefits then me,and I was born here.give these illegals nothing,but a kick in the ass,and get them out of my country.

  19. fboteler says:

    Biden is a non-citizen

  20. fboteler says:

    Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien Illegal ‘Alien

  21. A J Amato says:

    Having the privilege of being a first generation American in my family it is wit h great pleasure to say that both of my parents came over and were admitted legally. They were uneducated and poor. However the four surviving children were privilege to become hard working Americans. The oldest after dropping out of high school made use of the opportunity of obtaining his GED, The second oldest a X ray technician, me had the privilege of starting my own business, and the youngest the first to obtain a college education.
    What a waste, politicians are not representatives of the people, they have become thieves!

  22. Lorene says:

    A rose by any other name is still a rose. An illegal alien by any other name is still an illegal alien.

  23. judith A Eldred says:

    Illegal still illegal Biden is going back to when he was vp. He wasn’t any good then and he is wrse now

  24. Zyla says:

    Guess you’ve been talking with your fav Pelosi. WTH, there’s more important things to have your mind on than terminology. God help us because you’re sure not going to because the only thing on your party’s mind is power, nothing that is good for the American people. Hey, while you’re at it with terminology, change your party from Democrat to something else because nothing about your party is democratic!

  25. DAVID beckman says:

    l can call a pile of crap a rose, but they will NEVER smell the same.

  26. Don Butler says:

    An illegal alien is and illegal alien.

  27. Phil Unrine says:

    I knew this was going to happen. Biden is going to be nothing but a dictator. He wants to start a civil war, and he has come to the right place.

  28. Cherie M Ross says:

    As the Democrats are fond of saying before they say anything “Let’s Be Clear”. Let’s call a spade a spade. Illegal means not legal. Why try to buy their approval and votes by calling them “non citizens” when the main reason they want to come to this country is to get the benefits of citizenship without becoming citizens?

  29. Martin L. King Jr says:

    So “illegal aliens” who break into our country to take our jobs and tax dollars will now be called “noncitizens” Does that mean people who break into our houses to take our property will now be called “nonresidents” will bank robbers be called “nondepositors”?

    Typical Democrat solution… don’t repair a leaky pipe, just label it a water feature and pronounce the problem fixed. Besides the Democrats will need those new voters when their policies unite the country against them.

    • Debra Johnson says:

      Your comment was excellent love it. Biden and his non voters can change words but not deeds. We the people are speaking out and will continue to against these non people who do not represent us. Go Patriots.

  30. ron knox says:

    just joe having a senior moment, LOL

  31. Hudson H Henry says:

    NO WAY!!!!! They are & always will be ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. James B Jacobs says:

    They used to be called wet-backs. They changed that to illegal aliens. then migrant, and then immigrants. It doesn’t matter what you call them , they are here illegally, they have no right to be in this country to start with and need to be removed. There is a right way and a wrong way to come to this country. If they don’t come in legally, they should be removed, regardless of their excuse for coming here. It’s the same old story, enforce the laws or you might as well have no laws.

  33. rick says:

    An ILLEGAL ALIEN by any other name is still an ILLEGAL ALIEN!!!!!!!

  34. Sam Seccurra says:

    Anyone who comes into this country is an illegal person not a non citizen because they’re not considered a citizen. Anyone who accepts this new terminology is a fool.

    • Martin L. King Jr says:

      Illegal Alien – Invasive Nonresident, Fool – Democrat… What’s in a name? Po-tay-to – Po-tah-to

  35. Wanda says:

    Mr.Biden,I cannot call you president because you have already betrayed many Americans, and you are a big part of the DC swamp. When you said you wanted to unite our country ,its just a talking point to you. If you really care about the true citizens of the USA you would work first at getting us back to work, not shutting down pipelines, stopping the building of the wall, which keeps us safe from illegal entry. I will use your favorite comment “get real man” regardless of what you call the illegal aliens, they are here illegally therefore they have broken our laws. The whole conversation is stupid!!!!

  36. John Doe says:

    Trader Joe this is BULLSHIT You are not all there.

  37. Alice D. Mathlaw says:

    Means the same..nothing special!😳

  38. Tom says:

    Biden, the Cheater In Chief, can demand that 2+2=5 but it still equals 4.

  39. Holly Dutton says:

    I call illegal aliens illicit foreigners. The word illicit can mean illegal in the secular sense and in the moral sense. The word foreigner can be rationally applied only to non-citizens, not to beings from outer space. Illegal aliens are therefore illicit foreigners, as illegal immigration is BOTH unlawful and immoral. Illegal aliens have NO right to be in any other country except their own.

  40. Farm girl says:

    They are what they are as if it looks like a fish, smells like a fish, it is a fish! If you are here “illegally” you are a “illegal alien” call it like it is! They are not entitled to our benefits or rights as legal citizens of this country. If you can’t come here legally then there is probably a good reason you can’t qualify for that privilege. There are many citizens who have come to this country the legal way and are working, productive citizens so there is no reason to give our citizenship away and expect the taxpayers to take care of them.

  41. Evelynn Herring says:

    If they are here illegal that makes them illegal no matter what you call them.
    You only want their vote for the next election. Trump won and you know it. that is why you want to change all his good works and you want to kill Babies up until a minute before birth that makes you a murder. You may not suffer for it on this earth but believe me you “WILL BURN IN HELL FOR ERTERNITY”

  42. Kay says:

    You can call a lifetime politician a liar when they make promises they never keep. You can call a lifetime politician a fool when they promise all the Fracking worker there job is secure , then turn around when elected and put over a million people out of work for shutting down a pipeline of 11,000 workers and all the trickle down people such as grocery stores, rentals, restaraunts, gas stations, car dealerships, local businesses, insurance companies, churches, all the things a working person contributes daily. That politician should be arrested for shutting down a business that makes America independent fr om foreign products. A politician that takes America back in time to that politicians former rule is called Stupid. The politician that does what Biden is doing is called a traitor.

  43. Jayson Cooper says:

    No thanks Joe, I’ll say and do what I damn well please. We do not need or want you or anyone else in your twisted communist democrat regime to tell us how to speak, think or act. We’re Americans !🇺🇸

  44. Terry says:

    Sugar coat it all you want Biden, the status is still the same, ILLEGAL.

  45. Melanie W. says:

    Illegal is Illegal. If they are non citizens then guess what? They are ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!! Not of this country, migrating to a country in violation of their immigration laws or the continued residence in a country without the legal right to live there. Illegal residence in another country creates the risk of detention, deportation and/o rother sanctions against the illegal person. do it the right way as all others have or GO HOME!! I am tired of paying for you people we have our own to keep first. More than likely we, the United States, have sent your Country money go ask your government where its at. because if the truth be known it is in one of the officials pockets.

    • Michael Sanchez says:

      Melanie, You are correct!!,Biden is suger coating it, Do it the correct way my family on my dads side immigrated here many years ago from Spain, they did it the right way & legal way!!!

  46. The Democrats never stop campaigning and the ILLEGAL ALLIENS are a prime target to join their ranks.

  47. The Democrats never stop campaigning for votes. The more they can kiss it up with the illegals the better they like it!

  48. Choppo says:

    Biden is a joke! He preaches all the good behavior and then yanks the rug out from under Canada after they spent $900 million on the XL pipeline and after his predecessor Barack Obama signed the agreement with Canada. I guess we as a Nation have no integrity. Of course Barack delayed approving the pipeline until his friend, Warren Buffet, who said Barack would be good for the economy, could collect a good return on all the oil tankers he bought to haul oil from the west. This severely impacted farmers out west in not being ably to get adequate space on Buffets railroad to ship their grain. So much for living up to our agreements with our International partners.

  49. Pythias says:

    Biden is a joke! He preaches all the good behavior and then yanks the rug out from under Canada after they spent $900 million on the XL pipeline and after his predecessor Barack Obama signed the agreement with Canada. I guess we as a Nation have no integrity. Of course Barack delayed approving the pipeline until his friend, Warren Buffet, who said Barack would be good for the economy, could collect a good return on all the oil tankers he bought to haul oil from the west. This severely impacted farmers out west in not being ably to get adequate space on Buffets railroad to ship their grain. So much for living up to our agreements with our International partners.

    • Christa Sabby says:

      I was a noncitizen when I came to the US and got my own card for a few years until I became a citizen. If you come here illegally, you are an illegal alien. That’s it

  50. Steve Kaercher says:

    Biden is a first class Ahole. I will call illegal aliens – ‘ILLEGAL ALIENS’. Just as I call the current democratic party a group of liberal socialist & Communist traitors to America. They cannot stop me from saying that. I guess they could cut out my tongue but freedom of speech is no longer free in democrat run America.

  51. Tracy Clark says:

    They are aleins for a reason they do not belong here they are mostly criminals and Terrorist and all they are going to do is make this country worse than what it already is they will never be welcomed here

  52. Audrey says:

    If they’re here illegally, then they are illegal. If they came over the legal way then non citizen would be ok. But none of them should be handed freebies!!

  53. Pythias says:

    Some people just don’t have the intestinal fortitude to call a spade a spade!

  54. Brad Tipton says:

    I predict that during some speech Biden will be stumbling and bumbling along and use the term “ILLEGAL ALIENS” himself. Then he will hear instructions through his skull implant to correct himself, he will stumble and bumble through that too.

  55. Kenneth Tidball says:

    Thus the Orwellian implementation of name changing to try to make a harmful policy seem innocuous!

  56. Billy Clark says:

    Biden… your an idiot. Allowing aliens to come in here and collect social security then tell hard working americans who paid in all thier lives you cant collect because you gave it away to people who havent earned it.
    What a down right incompetent bafoon you are.
    Trump kicked them out because THATS what the american people want.

  57. Kay says:

    Biden has no right to tell us what to call them › ill…
    ILLEGAL ALIEN | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    illegal alien meaning: 1. someone who lives or works in another country when they do not have the legal right to do this…. Learn more.

  58. Linda M. Hollingsworth says:

    If they are in the country without appropriate documents, they are illegal. They are also aliens because they are from another country. Hence, illegal aliens!

  59. Sara J Parsons says:

    Mr. President, does the nomenclature really matter? They just aren’t citizens of the United States, and do not deserve to come here until the health threat we are battling is over. Also, Non Citizens do not deserve a handout. My deceased husband and I worked 40 years and that money is mine, and every other American. You’re always going to be slammed very critically until you realize that. WE NEED THE STIMULUS PAYMENTS NOW! PLEASE! I’ve begged Romney. Do something to make your bill acceptable and pasa.

  60. C.A. says:

    Sorry Joe…The World Wide (You are Worldly Right?) Rule of Law is: If a Non-Citizen breaks a Countries laws to enter it Illegally… They are ILLEGALS!

    I know that might be too Complex for ya man so let me try again: If You…Yes (YOU) break a Countries Election Laws to become its President, Then You are an Illegal President! Jus Sayin…

  61. Donna says:

    What next?? This is absurd…hang on folks, we’re in for a wild, scary ride.
    God help us. After four years of Biden/Harris we won’t even recognize our beloved America.

  62. Delana Lea Mooney says:

    The term Illegals will do… I’m tired of the Illegals stealing entire gardens, stealing entire orchards. Robbing pecan trees. Dumping their trash in my yard & using my trash containers for their own & putting there container in my driveway. Illegals purchase vehicles they never put in their names or do they purchase auto insurance. Have a accident-abandon vehicle.
    People are not being hired in certain states because they do not speak Spanish. School teachers in Colorado are required to speak Spanish.
    This is America. We speak American English.
    It stinks to go into a US Bank and no one speaks English.
    Illegals are taking over without firing a shot.

    • John says:

      Illegal alien will never be able to be changed no matter what Biden signs because we’re not going to dignify them with a dignity that they haven’t earned and if they don’t go through the legal process of immigration they will never be accepted as Americans by any of the true conservatives especially the 75+ million who voted for Trump because I still believe that Biden stole the election from Trump and even though I’ll be praying for him to repent and show that he really wants unity by telling his party to call off their witch hunt and stop talking about impeachment of President Trump and stop talking about holding people that voted for Trump accountable and try to really move forward with each other without all of this thinly veiled threats and stop demanding that we have to agree with their way of thinking and break up big tech and stop the censorship and then maybe I’ll be able to call him my president at least for this one term and form a special counsel to investigate both Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother and a second counsel to investigate election fraud by a bipartisan commission of the senate judiciary committee and then as soon as they hold everyone accountable that committed crimes and make sure that our elections are secure from now on then I’ll be able to call him my president but not before

  63. Daniel Mongiat says:


  64. David Douthitt says:

    You can call a tail a leg, but you still don’t have a 5 legged dog.

  65. Bill says:

    Any noncitizen that is here illegally is an illegal alien…
    Just like the commander in cheat is the precedent of vice

  66. Richard says:

    China biden is a fkin moron with no care for the usa only pleasing china and des not have mental capability to understand what he doing.And by the way TRUMP WON.

  67. Johnnie Austin says:

    I disagree with this name change.
    I do not believe that we should go along
    With this craziness. They do not have the right. So don’t go along with it.

  68. Nelda Bravenec says:

    That’s fine. Call them non-citizens, and as such, they should not be given the same rights as CITIZENS!!!

  69. Joe says:

    U can call them whatever u want, there illegal still once they crossed the border without permission, no other country, can u just walk across the border, but yhe United States border and that is just insane. And a danger to all citizens and illegals.

  70. Joe Rodriguez says:

    Screw Joe Biden! If they are here illegally, they are illegal aliens! PERIOD.

  71. bobbie says:

    Sorry, Mr. Biden, BUT: if they are not citizens, then THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! That is real simple!!! Why is that so hard for you to understand??? You certainly can’t call them LEGAL Aliens!!!

  72. bill phillips says:

    Matters not what you call them. Their still ILLEGAL here in this country

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