Biden Finally Stops Funding THIS Deadly Threat

( – In what could only be deemed a long-overdue move, the US government has axed its funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Communist China, the “birthplace” of the COVID-19 virus.

Two federal bodies, the FBI and the US Energy Department, have concluded that the coronavirus pandemic likely originated when the Wuhan lab leaked COVID-19.

The US government has terminated financing the Chinese institute researching bat coronaviruses because the latter failed to produce documents about its safety and security setup, according to a memo obtained by Bloomberg and quoted by The New York Post.

The memo reveals the US Department of Health and Human Services informed the Wuhan Institute that it intended to end any future funding for it.

The decision is based on a DHHS review that began in September 2022 and concluded that the Chinese lab doesn’t comply with US federal regulations.

“This action will ensure that [Wuhan Institute of Virology] does not receive another dollar of federal funding,” a DHHS spokesperson told Bloomberg.

According to The National Review, the Health Department has suspended the Wuhan Institute’s eligibility for US funding for ten years, but the latter can dispute the decision.

It informs the Chinese facility last received US taxpayer money in July 2020, which was well after the pandemic’s start that killed at least 7 million people worldwide, including over 1 million in the US.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is the beneficiary of a $1.8 million sub-award from a 2014 grant from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) for “understanding the risk of bat coronavirus emergence.”

The grant was given to EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit working on infectious disease prevention.

Besides that, EcoHealth Alliance also received funding from the US Agency for International Development, which it also channeled to the lab in Communist China.

Republican US lawmakers have focused on exposing EcoHealth’s role because of the nonprofit’s gain-of-function research, which boosts animal viruses to “make them more transmissible or dangerous to humans,” the Review points out.

Even though the US government paused its gain-of-function funding in 2014 over safety concerns, the NIH subsidiary National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci till December, and EcoHealth “found loopholes” to keep it up until the pause was ended in 2017.