Biden Furious After Border Gov Defies His Orders

( – President Joe Biden and the Democrats are infuriated after Texas’ GOP Governor Greg Abbott defied the federal government and leftist demands and installed “marine barriers” on the Southern border to block illegal migrants.

At the end of last week, Abbott announced Texas was erecting a “marine barrier installation” made up of buoys in the Rio Grande River to fend off the nation’s illegal immigrant invasion aided and abetted by the Biden regime.

The GOP governor said the “new marine barrier installation” was starting on the Rio Grande, in the Eagle Pass, and would be overseen by the Texas Department of Public Safety, The Independent Star reports.

The Rio Grande barrier is executed under Operation Lone Star of the Texas government, which tries to minimize the migrant invasion against “a lack of federal leadership.”

The Abbott administration has also been building its own border wall, erecting razor wire on the border, and bussing illegal migrants to Democrat-run “sanctuary cities,” raising hue and cry by the left.

Texas DPS director Steve McCraw underscored last month that when “someone gets in that water,” they endanger their lives, so now the marine barrier would prevent them from “even getting in the water.”

A report by The Washington Post revealed the barrier would not be limited to the river’s surface, but it would also feature a webbing layer beneath it that would prevent migrants from swimming under it.

It would extend into a 1,000-foot street in the Rio Grande’s Eagle Pass section.

Leftist environmentalists took to the respective border spot last week to protest the marine barrier, and the protest featured a “prayer” for the river.

A lawyer for the far-left nonprofit “American Civil Liberties Union” (ACLU) in Texas bizarrely slammed the buoys as a new “gift” contract to private companies in the efforts of the Abbott administration to “create a border crisis.”

Democrat Texas state Rep. David Donatti also blasted the marine barrier as a “blight on the state’s conscious,” arguing it wouldn’t help to address the “real reason” for America’s illegal immigrant invasion.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has touted data showing that the migrant influx has dropped somewhat recently, which it attributes to its post-Title 42 border policies.