Biden Has Fallen Again – Reclaiming America

Biden Has Fallen Again

( President Joe Biden has fallen again in the latest Gallup poll. The Gallup poll is often considered the most reliable poll week in and week out by political pundits and the political parties. They determine where particular politicians and elected officials stand with the American people.

Specifically, as of today, Biden’s approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 43%. And, 53% of those polled negatively view the job he’s doing as president.

Troubling for the Democrats as the 2022 mid-term season gets underway, Biden is polling at his least number so far with Democrats.

Clearly, his policies aren’t resonating with the American people – even those on the left side of the political aisle.

And here’s the big warning sign for the Biden White House. Among Independents, he’s only polling at 37%. That number has liberals shaken as it’s an indication that they could very well lose both the House and the Senate in next year’s elections – not to mention being hurt in elections at the state and local level.

Please share your thoughts and opinion concerning Joe Biden’s falling approval rating with the American people by emailing [email protected]. Do you think Biden’s numbers are starting to worry Democrats as they begin to prepare for the mid-term elections next year? Do you think this indicates that the GOP could take back the House and Senate in 2022? Is this an indication that Biden is a weak candidate for 2024?