Biden Is Lying According To Former NSC Staffer

Joe Biden

( – The recently leaked military intelligence documents of the Defense Department have shown that President Joe Biden’s administration is lying to Americans, a former Trump national security official has said.

Fred Fleitz, a former chief of staff of the National Security Council in 2018, has commented that the leak suggests the Biden administration is “hiding things about national security and lying to us.”

Fletz told Newsmax his conclusion was valid regardless of how the now accused document leaker, Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira, got his hands on the classified records.

“[The leaked Pentagon papers reveal] the Ukrainian war is going much worse than they admitted, and it looks like Taiwan is extremely vulnerable to losing an invasion by China because of Chinese missiles,” the former Trump administration officials told the program “Wake Up America.”

“These are things that were not known before these disclosures, and it’s not justifying the leaks, but it is an issue that Congress has to investigate,” Fleitz elaborated.

The former National Security Council chief of staff hypothesized that 21-year-old Teixeira probably accessed the secret papers via Intelink, a classified system “where there are thousands of intelligence websites, thousands of them.”

“It’s unacceptable that he had access to this,” Fleitz said regarding the suspected leaker.

He acknowledged that “far too many people in the government” have access to the system.

“[But] that’s another issue here,” the former Trump official noted.

In his view, the continuing growth of America’s national intelligence community is becoming increasingly problematic.

“We now have 18 intelligence agencies, and as we add more agencies, we add more people [and] they demand clearances,” said Fleitz.

“The problem is too many people have access to sensitive information that they don’t have a need to know, and apparently there’s no auditing. We’re not checking on who reads this stuff and who prints it out. A lot could be done to protect this information, and I think that’s going to happen. It has to start right away,” the former National Security Council official said.

The Pentagon papers’ leak allegedly began on a gaming channel that Teixeira managed on the social media platform Discord. However, the documents seem to have been noticed first by Russian intelligence operatives infiltrating online gaming communities.

Not all of the over 100 records concern Russia’s war against Ukraine. US and international experts have commented that at least some of the classified documents from the leak seem to have been altered by Putin’s Russia to spread its propaganda messages.

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