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Biden Orders Transgender Athletes Allowed in Girls’ Sports

President Biden, in an executive order aimed at “preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation,” is calling on schools across the country to allow transgender athletes to participate in the sport of their gender identity,” according to Fox News. [emphasis added]

Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports,” reads the new order, released on the first day of his presidency.

“The order is a strong signal that the Justice Department is going to enforce it via Title IX — and schools that don’t comply risk losing funding. [emphasis added]

“The order also calls for equal treatment “regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation” in the workplace and in health care settings. “All persons should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation,” the order states.

For more on this story, please go to Fox News.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Biden’s push to include transgender athletes in girls’ sports? Why or why not?



  1. honest says:

    Just ~ STINKY FINGER JOE”S “idea~ HE IS PERVERTED~ All democraps should be so proud of themselves

    • Micala says:

      Whoever is pushing poor old biddyboy Biden to do these Executive orders is just as PERVERTED AND TWISTED AS OLD JOE HIMSELF.

      Here’s a FACT that Biddyboy is too stupid to understand:




      But what those same CLUELESS MISGUIDED kids don’t know yet is the ostracism and UNACCEPTABILITY they will feel and experience by their truthful peers — which will be more “cutting” and “brutal” than anything they have ever experienced in their lives. Also, the suicide rate for transgenders is the highest in the Nation and now Biddyboy Biden has just made that number leap off the charts by writing that EXECUTIVE ORDER.

      Biden doing this only shows every American how little he thinks of our kids and what happens to them as they grow. This is UNACCEPTABLE ACTIONS THAT WILL HURT. SCAR, AND DESTROY OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN. HOPEFULLY, every school district weighs the critical impact of this E.O. on their students and devises a “work around” that is safe and fair to ALL THE STUDENTS, NOT JUST TRANSGENDERS! This is the only way to make it fair for ALL THE KIDS!


  2. Marie says:

    What a sick society. I am sorry. Boys body frames outdo girls by a long shot.
    I am so glad I am in my 70’s and didn’t grow up with all these bullshit rules.

    • Allen says:

      We grew up in a time we knew the difference between male and female. Before being liberal required you to ignore laws of nature.

  3. Shirley says:

    Hell no I think B and Hunter have some real problems with sex. walking round nude at his swimming pool in front of sercurityt smelling women s hair and little kids.rubbing his legs crazy

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Just when girls’ sports have been acknowledged like boys’ sports in high school and colleges and girls can get athletic scholarships too, along come these transgender men(boys)and take over women’s and girl’s sports. It isn’t fair to the girls. I think these are boys who couldn’t make it in boy’s sports, so they switched to compete as girls even though they are doing it only for the glory. They are only pretending to be transgender so they can win at a sport.If a transgender boy wants to compete against girls he should undergo surgery to make him truly and completely a biological woman. That’s only fair to the girls.

  5. Larry says:

    God did not make Transgenders God made man and then God made women and I do not agree with Joe.

  6. Stephane says:

    that catholic pedophile has crossed the “red line”” of ULTIMATE STUPIDITY. Those freaking queers are out of their minds. They cannot achieve anything because of their twisted minds, by parents who are themselves out of their minds, so they want to win at all costs. They go against girls. I pray NO GIRL WILL COMPETE in any sport where a queer can compete. It will take one or two years, but that will absolutely change.

  7. Mary says:

    No transgender students can dress off campus but not allowed to share locker rooms or bathrooms . How can our new president who claims to be a Christian do this ! Hypothetical

  8. Tammy P. says:

    Read your love letter from GOD.

  9. Evelyn Black says:

    My God the one & Only Creator, created Man & Woman. He did not create them to do what they do in public like in San Francisco, TV, .. this is a sin! I believe what the Bible tells me. What will happen to them if they do not change from their wicked ways! I did not say this God did!
    Biden doesn’t go by the Bible, he is pro Abortion & loves women & children as far as putting his hands all over them. When he laid his hand on that child, he better be glad it wasn’t my child! No one has that right, no one! I would be ashamed for voting for such an unstable evil

  10. Mark Haines says:

    With or without the Holy Word of God this order and dare I say many of his and other liberal policies will create more dissension and chaos than any could imagine. Make no mistake folks God does step back and allow dark policies and individuals to dictate their respective lands/countries. I feel sorry for my children’s and my grandchild’s generation…

  11. A true American says:

    So many confused souls in these comments. Gender and sex are NOT the same thing! If you dress your “boy” up in blue and only give him trucks or “boy toys” and dress your “girl” in pink and push dolls and “girl toys” on her YOU are pushing your OWN gender beliefs on that child!
    Now to the actual orders that were signed. I agree all people should be treated EQUAL in the workplace, health field etc
    As for allowing transgender children to play in sports of their gender… That’s a tough one. They should NOT be excluded in anything but I personally believe that hormones should be held off til a child is at least 16 and undergone extensive counseling education so they completely understand what will happen. As for CHILDREN in sports, the differences between females and males, such as muscle mass, doesn’t really come into play until puberty hits so junior/pee wee leagues really won’t be effected but high school sports will be trickier especially considering I don’t believe in hormone therapy til after puberty which a lot of experts disagree with.
    At least we know this Administration is accepting of ALL Americans and will work for EQUALITY for all.

    • Eddie Johnson says:

      They are born boys!!!!!!!!!

    • David says:

      True American I actually let my grandson play with a doll and he had a purse at one point didn’t make a big deal about it for him just told him to not take them to school because some kids might make fun of him! You can’t put them in a bubble to protect them because life is not fair! Like the Parents that think there should be no score and everybody wins!!!!!!! Wake up life isn’t fair and it only hurts the child when we pretend it isn’t!!!!!! Painting an unrealistic picture is horrible and cruel to them when it smacks them in the face!

    • Andy says:

      You are truly confused a boy wanting to be identified as a girl doesn’t make him a girl, sex change does not make the boy a girl. If that person who had a sex change and identified as the same and was burnt to death as an example a DNA test would show that person as the sex they were born with and not what they changed to or identified as.

    • Al says:

      You are truly off the grid. Sex is determined by genetic make up physical appearance and subsequent hormone production. what you want to be does not compute. If I want to be a black female and I am a white male I can’t make that happen and it’s stupid to support the thought that it can be so. It’s unkind to the people that think that this can be so.

    • Charles says:

      Title IX, was set up so that girls could compete with other girls! From birth, boys Do have thicker heavier bones and muscle mass. And greater ease in enhancing muscle mass! Where did you learn biology? Genetic Boys should NOT be allowed to compete against genetic girls in sports! If the boys can’t compete and win against other boys, then they should find Other activities to participate in! I could not compete in football, or other ball games. So as a decent boy, I got into science,and mechanical, and artistic interests instead!

    • Marie says:

      Completely wrong! What happened to the God fearing people. Read the Bible. Almighty God created one man and one woman to procreate. Mortal man derived the rest of this sick, twisted transgender mythology. I am completely disgusted with those who mock God! A line has been drawn in the sand again in this day and age and it’s your choice which side you stand on. Do you choose life or death?

    • Just Someone says:

      You cant hold hormones off until after puberty. The idea is to BLOCK puberty. You need to suppress one to make the other dominant.
      These kids already go through intensive counseling. A person knows they’re transgender from as young as they develop a sense of self which is between ages 3 and 5.

  12. Tra says:

    No I do not agree. God made male and female. That’s it! Just because a boy thinks he wants to be a girl and vice versa doesn’t make it so. What about the girls in the locker and bathrooms allowing a boy in there with them? What about their rights? This is insane!!!

  13. Cliff says:

    Lawmakers that allow this are just as corrupt and depraved as he is. Our political “electees” have moved away from God for their own power and skewed belief that this is what the people of America want. Totally disgusted with our politicians.

  14. Robert Phair says:

    Bidens order creates no equal treatment of homo sapians with biden there are no people any more. What a disgrace against equal treatment for all children minorities, oriental spanish caucasian black etc. A very foolish executuve order that he knows nothing about.

  15. David says:

    I am conservative and definitely not a perfect Christian, but what are parents thinking when they say well my 8 yr old or 11 yr old thinks he or she should be the opposite of the sex they were born! My question is why is a kid that hasn’t even reached puberty yet even thinking about such a thing or questioning it? I never thought for a moment as a kid about anything like this and sex never entered my mind until I had reached puberty!!!!!!???? So maybe schools and parents should let children be children and learn subject matter that is relevant in becoming a successful young adult and address that questioning when it truly arises instead of shoving this type of stuff down there throats and having them thinking about things they shouldn’t even be thinking of! You grown ups that are doing this need to grow up and let your children enjoy their childhood! And we need to take back our schools and stop the liberal pushing teachers to teach the subject matter only not their BELIEFS!

    • A true American says:

      Gender and sex are different things. Do you dress your “boy” up in blue and give him trucks while dressing your “girl” up in pink and only giving her dolls? That is pushing your OWN gender beliefs on a child. It has nothing to do with sex

    • Just someone says:

      So how come it’s OK for you to know that you’re NOT the opposite gender but it’s NOT OK for someone else to know there ARE the opposite gender

  16. Shakeem McCain says:

    My question is: why are they subjecting these children in this type of life style anyway???

  17. Jo-Ann Smith says:

    No, transgender males should not be allowed to participate in girls’ sports-it is not fair to the true females,and no, I do not want them in the locker/rest room with my granddaughters. Haven’t we had enough molestation without making it legal?

    • Ellice says:

      This puts the female athletes at a complete disadvantage. Males are intrinsically stronger due to size and strength. Let them form a new group to compete made of transgender males. Women will NEVER be able to win if they are competing against those with stronger bodies!

  18. LYLE JAMES says:

    I guess the Democratic voters didn’t realize they were voting for satins party!!! no way should this happen. he is just getting started screwing up this country and our Christian values. I pray GOD intervenes !!!

  19. Darlene says:

    Let’s get this straight GOD MADE ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND STEVE!!!! AND NOT EVE AND ANOTHER WOMEN!! THEY WERE THE FIRST 2 HUMANS ON THIS EARTH. GODS WORD DOES NOT LIE. AND I REFUSE TO COME IN TO AGREEMENT WITH LGBT,TRANSGENDER ETC.. THE GOVERNMENT OR ANYONE WHO IS IN AGREEMENT WITH IT!!! THIS WORLD HAS BECOME SO CORRUPT AND SICK!! I pray for those people to wake up before they leave this world. God gave you your first breath and he will take the last. Then each person will be judged. Read Gods word!! Repent and ask Jesus to save you from eternity in HELL AND HE WILL LIVE IN YOUR HEART!! HE HAS A GREAT PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

    • Tom Scott says:


    • Janette Comans says:

      Darlene I agree with you 100%. This world is heading into the last days. It might take a while to get there; but all will be judged one day and have to face
      God and explain their choices in life. If the chose God’s will and his ways then he will say well done good and faithful servant enter in. That is what I am living for. But if they chose the ways of Satan by killing babies, making children question what they were when they were born. (Just so you know its not the children’s fault; it’s their parents for not teaching them right.) But God’s word the Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination unto God. God does not dwell in an unclean temple which is your mortal body. So if practice these abominations God will say depart from me ye that work iniquity I never knew you. I give God all the praise and glory for what he does for those who love him and live for him.

  20. Clark says:

    This is a abomination on society to put specially children into homosexual crisis situations. This is non Christian and against God and the Bible. There would be consequences down the road if we continue on this path.

  21. Marjie says:

    1-there should not BE transgender kids, its against the Bible
    2- its an unfair advantage physically and psychologically
    3-there shouldnt be the word “President ” in front of the name “Biden”.

    • valeria smith says:

      Hell no, boys should play with boys and girls should play with girls I voted for Joe, but I hope and pray he is not about to sign something as stupid and dumb as that. The transgenders can have all the body changes they want, they are still what they were born to be

      • Diane says:

        Voting has consequences. Now you get to live with your vote.

      • Kay says:

        Too late. He already has signed it.
        Does anyone else remember, back in the ’60’s I think, that they were testing the Russian women athletes in the Olympics to be sure they were actually women?
        It wasn’t allowed then and shouldn’t be allowed now.

    • Suzanne Var says:

      Amen! The Democrats cheated on this election and he is NOT President! You are born male or female period! If you are in doubt what sex or gender u r look between your legs! Problem solved! It’s not a he/she or she/he situation. If you doubt what sex or gender u r, then u have psychological issues and need help to solve them.

      • Linda says:

        Sorry to pull your chain but the election was won fair and square.IM a republican but the reality is what it is I don’t care for it either.

    • Janette Comans says:

      Amen sister!!!!! He maybe some peoples president but he’s not mine. I didn’t vote for him and never will. But we stuck with what God has allowed. May God have mercy on us because we are going to need it.
      All we can do is keep on praying.

  22. Kai Hardison says:

    No no no … I do not agree with transgender participating in girls/women sports… I think you should participate in the gender of what you born . This has gone too far!

  23. sombody says:

    Maybe a transgender will rape Biden. He loves sex so much he forces it on women. Be a laugh if it was really a man in sheep’s clothing. lol

  24. Judith Nebel says:

    A true Transgender person is a biological reality. Some people are also born Inter- gender, with out complete male or female parts, or a mixture of both. If you are transgender and want to have your body match your brain and soul, you take the Hormones of that other gender and begin to display more female /or male traits! A transgender female ( that is, a Boy wanting to display female physical body, undergoes estrogen/progesterone Hormone therapy. For example, loses muscle mass and begins to develop breasts. As these unfortunate people can afford it and are assessed psychologically able to handle it, they may get facial surgeries, surgery to shave down their Adam’s apples, possibly breast implants, although many develop breasts naturally from the Hormone Therapy. Many go on to get genital surgery, but it can be dangerous and is extremely expensive. Many of these people do not have sex , or do not get the sex change surgery just to be able to have sex as the gender they feel they are inside. Every candidate that goes through with this surgery must undergo rigorous psychological testing and live as the gender they say they are for a long time beforehand. Most transgenders will have therapy and some types of surgery, but not have the genital surgery. These people are only a very TINY proportion of the population. They are often rebuffed by the Gay and Lesbian groups besides all the misery and misunderstanding they endure for the general public, such as you guys on this thread. The point is, they are not going to Rape or Molest you or your children! And they are not better athletes just because they were born with a penis of some sort! A lot of men are more feminine in makeup. Some are straight, some are gay, a few are transgender! People run the spectrum when it comes to howclassically Masculine or Feminine they are! Besides which, the Hormone Therapy further enhances their feminine or masculine musculature. I’m a staunch Republican, BUT on this issue, I side with the science and the testimonies of those who have a complicated gender problem and just dream of being themselves and able to be honest with themselves, their families, and society. They are NOT PERVERTS!! And no, I am a straight female. I’m just educated on this subject.

    • Calico Bearnation says:

      Definitely not educated enough! Otherwise you would not post something this idiotic.

      • Tj says:

        Clearly reality is not their issue. Facts over Feelings. Women were not allowed to play sports until we fought for the right to compete just like the boys. We were never allowed to compete against boys because of biological differences until we fought more for the girls that COULD hold their own against boys. You notice this order only places boys WITH girls sports, not the other way around. This EO is another way to keep WOMEN down and violate our girls rights to privacy. Where are the so called Feminists? I used to be one! I want equality for all, but this is not the answer. They need their own division, restrooms and locker rooms. That would give them the ability to compete without trampling on the rights of others. I’ve seen boys dominate the sport against the girls. Brutal boxing matches and the like. It’s just wrong, forget unfair. We are all created equal, they chose to change, we didn’t.

    • James Thompson says:

      Totally B.S.
      Maybe this person has too much education! Or lives in a bubble. Get real.
      I have lived long enough to see every thing. You want this person in the locker room with you daughters?
      This country is going nuts!

    • Eric says:

      How you are born is of GOD NOT science.
      If you choose to alter what God sent you here as that is your choice, but you have NO right to push this agenda on the American people.
      You are still a boy no matter what you think you are and your genetic makeup is that of a boy. To calim you are now a female and you enter sports programs you are competing as a female but you are built like a male putting an extremely unfair advantage on teh females who work their butts off to excell in these sports. SO far I have yet to see any real femal win against a wannabe female in any sport.
      …and to think that schools across America will stand for this is quiter scary as you are now forcing them by threats of removing their federal funding. Communism begining on day one. It’s truly a sad day in America.
      Maybe more schools will go private. If they do that will hurt a lot of kids becuase they will not be able to afford private schools. Then what will this pathetic excuse of an administration do for them? NOTHING. They will put the blame on the states.

    • William Loman says:

      Didn’t take long for the American Taliban (fake christians) to jump in. It’s disgusting to read what so many people believe. Democrats murder babies, Trump was sent by God to save us, etc..

      • David says:

        Well Mr higher Loman! Thanks for clumping all believers in to one big lump! Such a racist remark no? It’s true though that some who profess to be Christian do not act accordingly as a Christian should and I won’t judge them but I will call them out using Gods word! I have seen Christians basically verbally attacking ppl outside of an abortion clinic and I tell you that is no way to act! You approach ppl with love and consideration asking to speak with them to share Gods word not shoving it down there throats! As the lgbt groups are doing on a daily basis but do not want God’s word shoved down theirs! HYPOCRISY AT ITS BEST!

    • Bill says:

      Males (straight or gay) competing – OK
      Females (straight or gay) competing – Ok

      How about a separate catagory for transgenders. They can compete against their biological counterparts or against other trans people, Only. Biological females cannot compete agatinst biological males. Period.

      THAT, is science!

    • Diane says:

      Write a book. Don’t preach.

    • A true American says:

      It’s actually nice to see someone able to think on their own and accept science based information with their Christian beliefs. I’m also an anomaly as I’m not a Democrat but not a Republican and I’m very staunch in my faith while still accepting science. Keep trying to spread correct information, keep educating yourself and keep speaking out. God doesn’t like hate and I can’t imagine he’s happy with all these people pushing hate in his name or using his book, the Bible, for hate mongering

    • Janette Comans says:

      You can be educated on the matter but you have been studying the word text book.
      Try reading the Bible. I was an only child a female raised with my parents, grandparents and three uncles and the four boys next door. It was hard for me to play with other girls because they were to girly for me. I had only one doll in my lifetime which I wanted. Loved that doll but would rather play outside, running and fighting with the neighbor boys. I wanted to be a man at one time when I was young because it looked like they had it made. No household chores!
      Went hunting with my daddy and uncle and was a big tomboy. But never did I want to touch, kiss on or have a sexual relationship with a girl. Wanting to be a boy or man did not last long, because it was a by product of all the male figures in my life. I just didn’t want to have to do household chores with mama. But my parents never tried to tell or help me be a boy, they treated me like a girl ( a tough one for sure, because my mama was a tomboy too) but I love the opposite sex and can’t understand why anyone would want to go through all the stuff they go through to be someone they aren’t. It is a waste of a life. My oldest son when he was a year old like to sleep in his sister’s slip because he liked the feel of the material. He is NOT in anyway queer,bi or any of the other things. He is a healthy male and ALL man!! I didn’t make a big deal out of it and he out grew it in a few months.
      Parents need to step up and encourage their children to be what they were born to be. They to will have to answer to God for their actions.

  25. Sharon says:

    Can’t believe it what a sick friggin world, I would say more but, I better not read my mind! GOD HELP! GONE TO FAR. Send them all to war.

    • Janette Comans says:

      Sharon I agree with you. There should be a island that is big enough to hold them all. Just send them all there help them to build houses, get started with their own businesses, schools and whatever else they need. Leave them alone and in time they will not be anymore of them. Unless they leave off sex with their gay friends and have sex with a man and woman.

  26. Calico Bearnation says:

    Transgender kids’ parents need to be thrown into prison for spreading insanity to their kids who will suffer all their lives from not knowing the basics: I am a women or I am a man. What do you expect from people who do not know the basics? Isn’t this convenient for liberals and democ-rats to control a bunch of freaks who can not see the forest from the trees (gay)? An overly sensitive transgender crowd is very easy to control. The only thing they get at least for now is that they can be a freak. Other than that you have nothing else going for you. But be ready to lose all your civil liberties and end up in prison camps or killed like in Iran for being gay.

  27. Alberta Day says:

    Well you idiot biden, are you trying to prove just how big perverted deviant you really are? God knows you are a liar a cheat and now we all know why you wanted President Trump out of the way, you and all your cronies will find out by God’s hands how sick all of you are.

  28. Dennis Allison says:

    No I do not agree with biden, he’s an idiot they are children and incapable of making those decisions. Their parents should be arrested for child abuse.

  29. Jake says:

    This should NOT be allowed, as everyone who reads the Bible knows that homosexuality and other sexual confusion is an ABOMINATION unto GOD. God was, and is, perfect in His intent and orchestration for boys to be boys, and girls to be girls. This is just another example of Liberals shoving their extreme agenda down our throats, with no consideration of what this will do to normal children. This will create fear, confusion, and panic amoung kids and young people everywhere. Not to mention what this will do to concerned parents. Any parent who is concerned for the security and safety of their children should be adamantly opposed to this proposal.

  30. Tanya Deaton says:

    Absolutely do not agree with so called transgender in girls sports and bathrooms,I’m a Christian and I do not believe in this abomination and I don’t think government has the right to force it on schools but I figured it would be a lot of crazy things going on now that evil has taken over our government,SAD

  31. Diane says:

    This issue is currently in the courts. Boys have a completely different structure and should not be allowed to compete with girls. This is being challenged because some boys competing as females have already broken many track records. This is not fair!!

  32. Sherry says:

    God’s Word declares He made Man & Woman sesperately for the picture of LOVE demonstrated in having someone value you. In this value was the ability to recreate love in the form of another life. God Is Love therefore humans are a picture of Him. Roman’s chapter 1 declares interference with this form of relationship is absolutely breaking God’s law and is an abomination in his sight Worthy of death and then Hell.

    • Deb says:

      NO! They are the way they are because parents and government are programming them to be that way! If you stand up to pee you are a man and have no business in the girls locker room or bathroom. You have more muscles than a girl and therefore should NOT compete in girl sports. Shame on you Biden! I pray for your soul. And all who voted for you!

  33. Marshall says:

    Hell no, they need to keep their faggot Agenda to themselves, this is against all the laws of nature

  34. James Thomas says:

    (NO)absolutely not.Keep eye on teacher unions!school choice Now.wake up

    • DEFINITELY NOT, My 3 daughters are grown now, thank God. If they were subjected to this abuse I would probably be in prison, if you get my drift.

    • Lynda Yarborough says:

      Absolutely NO under no circumstances! I am 72. Fortunately I grew up in an era this was not an issue. If I had a child in school now, my voice would be heard LOUD! Any parent who allows this & does not “fight like hell” as an expression is responsible for not standing up for the protection of their child{children} against abuse & embarrassment. Even as an adult, I would not have to be put in a position to be in the shower with a man male penis….. Add to the fairness of completion there male vs. female is unfair. There are male competitions & female competitions for obvious reasons. Biden is out to ruin/destroy America!

  35. rex rhoades says:

    I fear this order will promote a violent culture of rape and won’t be punishable. IMHO !

  36. Alice D says:

    No way!..leave our children alone! Let them have their own group. This matter isn’t government’s business..hear me?

  37. Richard Kevin Lindemann says:

    Heavenly Father made us as boys and girls.If you were born with a penis,you grew up to be a man.Girls grew up to be women.Having boys who say they feel like girls trapped in a boy’s body,and girls who say they feel like boys trapped in a girl’s body,stinks of homosexual society getting to our kids and screwing with their minds.We can thank Bruce Jenner and DAMN NEAR EVERY MEMBER OF HOLLYWOOD FOR THIS! It’s time to do away with ALL THOSE WHO ARE HOMOSEXUAL AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM,NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE! Homosexuality is a SIN!Says so in Bible.We need to protect our kids from this filth.We know we can’t count on our Elected Officials and our Judicial System because both are a horrible joke.Will what I’ve written get me in trouble with Democratic Party,the law,and the homosexual community including Hollywood? GOD I HOPE SO,SO I CAN GET IN THEIR FACES AND READ THEM THE RIOT ACT!
    Richard K.Lindemann

  38. Marge says:

    No absolutely NOT! Transgender people need help, not pandering. There is no such thing as a true transgender person. You are born a boy or a girl. I believe people can become confused in their sexuality and gender for many reasons. Boys should not be allowed to play in girl sports. or vice versa. I don’t care how athletic a person is, boys will be stronger, bigger and faster than girls because of or hormones and chemistry! I am not saying girls are inferior, I am saying we are created differently. Boy should use boy facilities and girls should do the same. And President Biden please read your Bible daily and ask God to help you! God help our nation!

  39. William Biggers says:

    Absolutely NOT !! Would you like your daughter in the same dressing room as a guy with His parts and claims that he’s a woman ??? I would Not !!! He could just be another pervert !!

  40. Bighang Down says:

    Did any one look out the window??? When did they build houses next to the white house? Just saying!!!!

  41. Willis says:

    No way, this is stupid and no one in their right mind should be okay with this. He should be ashamed of doing this.. I’ll be a very upset if I have a boy walk in my girls locker room..

  42. James B Jacobs says:

    “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports,” reads the new order, released on the first day of his presidency”.
    Where is this happening at. Yes you are denied access to the girls restroom and locker room if you are a boy. That’s why they have boys and girls restrooms and lockers. No one is being denied access to the restroom or locker.You just go to the one that the boys are supposed to use, if you are a boy. Go to the girls if you are a girl.
    There is no such thing as a transgender. If you have the organs of a boy, you are a boy, If you have the organs of a girl, you are a girl. Just saying you think you are something different does not make you different.It doesn’t change anything. When I was a kid, I thought I was Superman until I jumped off a shed roof and almost broke my neck.
    I don’t think the kids are pushing this as much as some demented adults.

    • Ricky Thomas says:

      Absolutely true strange that the Democrats are all about following the science when it comes to covid-19 why don’t they follow the signs when it comes to transgender because there’s no such thing as transgender you are born a boy or a girl and you cannot change it no matter what you do to your body you’re still Who You Are as you were born

    • Janette Comans says:

      James you are so right. Just saying you are something doesn’t make it so. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and over weight; but saying I am 5 foot 5 and weight 120 pounds doesn’t make me look any different. I am still short and fat!!! If only the spoken word of mankind could make us different; there would not be anyone unhappy with their bodies. We all would be 10’s instead of 2’s.

  43. George M Dessauer says:

    Go to GENSIS in KJV BIBLE. GOD made them male and female. To multiply. Men’s is Men’s Not self modified people. Women’s is Women’s Not self modified!!!

  44. Ray says:

    Definitely not! Boys are boys and girls are girls; boys are just about always stronger than than the girls giving them an unfair advantage over the girls in almost all athletics events. if they think that they are entitled to use the other gender restrooms’ then there should be transgender restrooms for them.

  45. Robin says:

    No this should not be allowed and I Pray to God to remove the blinders from everyone’s eyes that thinks it is alright.

  46. Michael R Henebry says:

    So a person with a cock is going to be allowed in the women’s shower?

  47. Leslie McKeown says:

    No I do not agree ….so ridiculous and I do not agree with same sex bathrooms either. What is wrong with you.

  48. Larry Neisent says:

    What is. Wrong with you our country will to hell in a hand basket can’t believe what you are dining closing down the pipe line you are under mining our country

    • Darlena D Riddle says:


    • Janette Comans says:

      Yes if unemployment is high now when biden gets through it will be tripled.
      He just put a lot of people out of business and jobs by shutting down the pipeline. He doesn’t care about America or its people; just lining his pocket by selling us out to china and russia. God help us!!!!!!

  49. Bill says:

    He just screwed millions of little liberal Dem athletes..Thats your President guys not mine…The girls wont have a chance against those SHIMS that are taller , stronger and naturally have more testosterone..That has already been proven..Watch most American female records will be shattered in the next few years…VERY VERY ignorant of Liar Joe.

  50. Shirley Drake Byers says:

    I never subscribed!!!! HOW DO I unsubscribe?sd

    • Deborah says:

      Go to the email that led you here and at the very bottom and you’ll see the following:

      You are subscribed to this email as [email protected]
      Click here to modify your preferences or unsubscribe.

  51. Robert Kral says:

    No way that this should be allowed. He is more than likely stronger because of him being a male with different muscle structure. Not fair competition. Males compete against males and females against females unless otherwise allowed

  52. Sic&Tired says:

    IF….. Kids of this Country were Raised Properly and Brought Up with Parents, who have Morals and Know Right from Wrong…. We Wouldn’t be Having These Issues, but too many Adults now….Don’t Even have their Own Heads on Straight, so how can they Raise their Kids Properly.??? Then we wonder why we have so many problems and issues in this country…. Another Case of Just Dumb People.!! Can’t Fix Stupid…!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Frank Flores says:

    Philadelphia Church of God!! The Lords one true church!! Don’t have too believe me, ✔ in out!!

  54. Henry Devens says:

    Ridiculous decision. Great way to inevitably destroy women’s sports.

  55. Frank Flores says:

    Government is sick, following example of satan the devil! There daddy

  56. Why won’t Republican governors file lawsuits against E.O. THE WAY democrats did against Trump? I think it’s the weak leadership of McDaniel,McConnell, and McCarthy. They are RINOS THROUGH AND THROUGH.

  57. Gail Crsft says:

    We need a strong leader that will not fall for the new way of thinking that the devil has provided

  58. Lana Forster says:

    Absolutely not!!!

  59. Gail says:

    No Biden must be thinking this is Sodom and Gamora We are in for it Seriously how can s person change the gender. God makes no mistakes. We are at the end of our rope

  60. Amelia Anderson says:

    No. Girls should not be allowed in boys restrooms and vice versa. They should use facilities that coincide with their bodies God gave them

    • Erica says:

      That was my first thought too. Especially since a lot of transgender individuals consider themselves bisexual. I think such an action is putting young women in danger. I don’t necessarily mean because of the transgender individuals. I’m more concerned with individuals pretending to be just to gain access to the opposite gender rest/locker rooms.

      • Susan says:

        And that is exactly what I mean. Since the whole country has watched ex vice president Biden actions with little girls in the past, what is really behind this order. So this will make it alright for pretending men to ogle and handle girls

    • Eric says:

      Unfortunately for a lot of innocent people out there, there is going to be a lot of inflicted pain. The idot entering teh wrong bathroom while some guys little girl is in there is going to get hurt and the innocent one will go to jail.
      This pathetic excuse for an administration is going to get people hurt. WHAT FOOLS!!

  61. Peggy says:

    This is sick. A male is a male and a female is a female. There is going to be trouble on these situations. A male can pretend he is female so he can have access to the girls or womens bathrooms. God did no make a mistake when he made male and female.

  62. Mary says:

    Agree why not they are humans and can’t help there gender it’s not that you wake up one more and make the decision
    Good for Biden Rock on Joe

    • Robert says:

      They are human, and they were born male or female. They can’t help it doesn’t cut it, if a maniac murders a room full of people because he didn’t get her dream car, do we say that person couldn’t help it and it’s not their fault? Get real

    • Eric says:

      Awesome, then you are ok with stepping in the ring with McGregor. I mean you’re a woman and he’s a man. You should have a great time….

    • Dianna says:

      Absolutely do not agree. While I wholly support the right of those who want to identify themselves as girls be allowed to do so, to allow them to participate in the girls’ sports is an unfair advantage to the other girls participating. Obviously, genetically, transgenders are still male, and their bodies are in general on the average, bigger, stronger, and are decidedly not female. If the intent is to be fair to transgenders, the results are decidedly NOT fair to the genetic girls.

    • Shakeem McCain says:

      Okay I have a question: Why the hell do most women always defend this LGBTQ shit? Do U realize these freaks are trying to take women obsolete and purposely trying to destroy men’s lives by lying???

    • Charles says:

      Do us all a favor, and check into a mental hospital and take joey with you!

    • Charles says:

      Biden Does not even qualify to be called Mister!This is for the loon that said rock on Joe!

  63. judith says:

    Completely disagree with the the transgender identity in sports and school bathrooms. Boys are boys and girls are girls no matter what you want to call your selves

    • Shakeem McCain says:

      I agree 100% I don’t understand why are pushing this kind of behavior.

      • Bill says:

        I undersrtand the delema faced by trans people.
        Why not establish an additional catagory in sports – TRANSGENDER ATHLETES, and offer them a one-time choice. Either compete against other trans athletes or against their biological counterparts – only.
        Right now, biological female athletes cannot possibly compete against trans athletes.

      • Bill says:

        I understand the delema faced by trans people.
        Why not establish an additional catagory in sports – TRANSGENDER ATHLETES, and offer them a one-time choice. Either compete against other trans athletes or against their biological counterparts – only.
        Right now, biological female athletes cannot possibly compete against trans athletes.

  64. Kevin says:

    NO, Transgenders should NOT be allowed to participate in sports supporting their alleged gender. NOT Fair to those who KNOW they were born a male or female.

  65. Carolyn Coburn says:

    There is NO way this should be allowed. God made them male and female not male oh I think I’m a girl or female thinking Oh I’m a boy. Soon it will be only these transgenders playing sports…..I pray to God this does NOT happen. I do agree with the transgenders being able to go to war…joining the service. Why shouldn’t they have the same experience at being shot at by the enemy?!

    • Bill says:

      Yes, and since we have males and females in the military, let the girl/boys and boy/girls serve, too. (Don’t hold your breath, though)

      Maybe thereshould be an additional catagory in sports,TRANSGENDER ATHLETES and give them a choice. Either compete against other trans athletes or bcompete with their biologicakL counterparts.

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