Biden Pays School To Study Why Children ‘Favor Whiteness and Maleness’

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra

( – In another move that has social conservatives shaking their heads in disbelief, the presidential administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is paying a university to conduct a study on why children “favor Whiteness and maleness.”

According to Fox News in, “HHS gives NYU $40,000 to study why children ‘favor Whiteness and maleness'”:

“The project titled, ‘Societal assumptions regarding typical personhood and their effects on reasoning development,’ seeks to uncover the developmental processes by which children ‘acquire the belief that White males represent the default person – a pattern rooted in the ideologies of androcentrism (centering the experiences of men) and ethnocentrism (centering the experiences of White people) prevalent in the United States,’ according to the grant summary on” [emphasis added]

Going further, the project statement includes the following:

“Despite national rises and racial and gender diversity, White men remain vastly overrepresented across a host of domains within the U.S., from media, to politics, to clinical research. Such overrepresentation poses severe costs to the rest of society – women of all races, men of color, and gender-nonconforming individuals – particularly within the domain of health, where clinical trials have historically prioritized the experiences, perspectives, and health outcomes of White men.” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion about the Biden administration paying a university to conduct a study on why children “favor Whiteness and maleness”? Is this what you want your tax dollars spent on? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.