Biden Spending $1B On WHAT?!

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

( – After denouncing President Donald Trump’s efforts to strengthen our borders, hypocritical Joe Biden had to walk back on his vow to cease the expansion of the border wall due to a spike in illegal crossings. His administration finally capitulated and allocated $950 million for the maintenance and enhancement of the existing barriers.

This shift in policy was recently disclosed through a legal document, which outlined plans for improving border security in Texas, California, and Arizona. The allocation, as reported by Customs and Border Protection, is directed towards four separate contracts for “remediation work and system attribute installation” across border regions in Tucson, San Diego, El Paso, and El Centro.

This upgrade includes the installation of advanced surveillance cameras, the construction of new access roads, and the implementation of sophisticated “detection technology.” Such measures are anticipated to bolster the effectiveness of the barriers in curbing unlawful crossings.

In addition to technological enhancements, the remediation efforts will aim to bridge gaps in the current wall, establish gates, refurbish patrol routes, and rectify issues related to erosion and drainage.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas acknowledged the surreptitious entry of approximately 600,000 individuals into the U.S. over the last year, who evaded capture by border officials. This figure is in stark contrast to the 900,000 people who legally entered the U.S. to seek immigration proceedings during the same timeframe.

Funding for these border fortifications is sourced from the federal budgets of the fiscal years 2020 and 2021, as stated in the court documents signed by Paul Enriquez, who serves as an Infrastructure Portfolio Director at the US Border Patrol.

Controversy erupted among opponents of the border wall when Biden earmarked $229 million for constructing a new 17-mile stretch of the wall in Starr County, Texas, last month. The Department of Homeland Security accelerated this project by bypassing local environmental and conservation statutes. This move has drawn criticism from environmentalists who see it as contrary to Biden’s previously stated opposition to the wall.

The contract for this new section in Starr County was granted to SLSCO Ltd., a company previously involved in wall construction during the Trump era. Critics like Scott Nicol, an anti-wall advocate, have expressed disillusionment with the Biden administration’s approach.