Biden Spending Millions on Transgender Curriculum for WHO?

President Joe Biden

( – The administration of President Joe Biden has engineered a new way to spend the tax dollars of American taxpayers on the promotion of transgenderism and the gender ideology – as it is now pouring significant cash into programs to cater to the needs of “transgender” prisoners.

Transgenderism and the broader gender ideology, the belief there are no men or women, and a person can make up some “gender” for himself or herself, has seen a considerable boost in the 1.5 years since the Biden administration took over the federal government.

Among the transgender promotion measures adopted by the US government under Biden is a “transgender programming curriculum” for prison inmates who are men or women claiming to be the opposite sex or some other made-up “gender.”

That measure has already cost the good people of the United States nearly $1.5 million, according to a report by The Washington Free Beacon citing a government contract.

The entire funding seems to have gone to a consulting firm tasked with developing a program to help “trans” inmates to “manage identity concerns during incarceration.”

Besides coming to terms with their gender “identity,” the curriculum is supposed to aid transgender prisoners in managing their “sexual health and safety” and safe housing options in prisons.

It would include help for them ahead and after their release from prison, including getting new IDs, job applications, hormonal therapy, and familiarity with anti-discrimination laws.

Estimates of the Department of Justice say there are up to 1,200 “trans” prisoners in the US – so those are the supposed beneficiaries of the $1,496,500 program, at more than $1,250 per inmate.

It remains unclear whether and to what extent President Joe Biden’s transgender program for prisoners has already been implemented.

The Biden administration has been pushing hard to promote transgenderism in both ideological and practical terms.

In March, the Justice Department threatened conservative states not to limit subjecting children to transgender hormone treatment and allowed the choice of an “X” gender on passport applications.