Biden Suddenly Goes Silent

Joe Biden

( – Joe Biden is not expected to comment on former President Donald Trump’s indictment on 37 counts over alleged classified document mishandling, according to sources cited by a Newsmax report.

A Florida grand jury indicted Trump on Friday at the initiative of Biden’s Justice Department.

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“Administration officials plan to maintain their silence on the Trump indictment, a reflection of Biden’s view that no president should interfere with the Justice Department, administration sources said,” the report reveals.

It also quotes “some political experts” stating that the Biden campaign should be cautious about mentioning the charges since Trump is the Democrat president’s biggest rival in the 2024 election contest.

Even though Trump was indicted on Friday, the Biden campaign didn’t mention that over the weekend. Instead, on Saturday, it posted a tweet about infrastructure.

The Biden administration’s silence comes as many Republicans, including Trump’s 2024 nomination rivals, slammed the DOJ over the document charges, accusing Biden of weaponizing the department.

“Let me just say that silence is the best response,” commented Robert Reich, a former labor secretary under President Bill Clinton and professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

According to Jeremi Suri, a University of Texas at Austin presidential scholar, the Biden campaign’s best strategy would be to tell people to read Trump’s indictment.

He added it should also point to comments by Trump’s former attorney general, Bill Barr, who said his former boss would be “toast” if the charges were proven.

Sure argued further the Biden campaign should spread the message that Trump was technically indicted by the people of Florida through a grand jury, not by the administration.

“They should do everything they can to look like they’re not politicizing this while politicizing this,” he said.

On Saturday, Biden refused to answer questions about Trump’s indictment while leaving the Catholic church he attends in the nation’s capital. On Friday, he told reporters he hadn’t spoken to Attorney General Merrick Garland and didn’t intend to.

Meanwhile, congressional Democrats have commented on the matter only by emphasizing the rule of law rather than attacking Trump.