Biden Tanks In New Mainstream Media Poll

President Joe Biden

( – Americans are so frustrated and angry over the record-high inflation decimating their paychecks that President Joe Biden is tanking even in a mainstream corporate media poll.

As National Review unfolds the poll’s findings in “Poll: Nearly Three-Quarters of Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Handling of Inflation”:

“Over 70 percent of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s handling of soaring inflation and gas prices, indicating that economic security remains a high priority for the voting population.”

Here are some of the significant results from the ABC News/Ipsos poll released yesterday:

  • 71 percent are unsatisfied with Biden’s efforts to curb inflation
  • 72 percent are unsatisfied with Biden’s efforts to reduce gas prices
  • 28 percent are satisfied with Biden’s management of the inflation crisis
  • 51 percent said inflation and the economy will be “extremely important” in influencing their vote in the midterm elections
  • 21 percent said inflation will be the “single most important issue” impacting their midterm vote

Further indicating how bleak the political landscape is for Biden, a recent NBC News poll found only 16 percent of voters said the country is headed in the right direction. In comparison, 75 percent of voters said it is headed in the wrong direction.

What is your opinion about the job President Joe Biden is doing regarding the record-high inflation that is impacting Americans? Will the state of the economy in the United States of America influence your vote in the midterm elections this November? Please email your thoughts and views to [email protected]. We read all emails and respond to as many as possible.