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Biden: Trump Too ‘Erratic’ To Get Intelligence Briefings

President Joe Biden, in an interview with the “CBS Evening News With Norah O’Donnell,” (see video below) said former President Donald Trump should not receive intelligence briefings, citing his “erratic behavior unrelated to the insurrection.”

Please watch the video below of Joe Biden explaining why he believes Donald Trump shouldn’t receive the intelligence briefings that all former presidents receive and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe former President Trump should receive the intelligence briefings all former presidents receive? Why or why not?



  1. EDMUNDSAMPH says:


  2. Ray says:

    President Trump is still President Trump!! Biden is just a want to be. He is not president nor will he ever be. Go home Biden, and leave the american people alone.

  3. Malena says:

    We all get erratic every now and then, but at least we don’t get stupid out of spite, like you, by destroying American peoples livelihoods and our Country. We were better off when you stayed in your basement. Let your puppet masters continue to do your job at the expense of the American people.

  4. Beaverbeliever says:

    Trump did more for this country in his first 100 days in office than other politicians have done in years. Yes, he deserves to get all the briefings.

  5. Steven Pike says:

    Biden can be a crooked and senile putz all he wants. The intelligence briefings President Trump will be denied are likely untrustworthy in any event. I suspect President Trump will be able to find out all he needs to know directly from national and foreign leaders, especially if he keeps open the prospect he will run in 2024.

  6. gary arrington says:

    Biden would know erratic when looks at himself in mirrow

  7. Debra says:


  8. Robert Martin says:

    Schiff is the one that doesn’t need to be briefed since he is the main one that has been leaking classified intel

  9. Perry says:

    I don’t understand how Joe Biden could give anyone an intelligence briefing, maybe a hair sniffing,but certainly not an intelligence briefing.

  10. bebe says:

    When you are brain dead and you know something is wrong with you you have to make yourself feel important, that is what Joe Biden is not important and he knows it. He is not in control of anything that is happening in Washington, Just who is running this country, George Soros, Obama, or China

    • Suckit says:

      I watched the same agenda take control of Mexico 2 yrs ago with the “Election” Of A CORRUPT money grubbing Senile Idiot Named Lopez Obrador Backed by the “Morena” group Initiative. He must be Biden’s ” Brother from a Mexican Mother. Truely look at the similarities!! Further more look at what’s happening in Myanmar in this moment, they are not buying the rigged Election!! again same

  11. Thomas Sanders says:

    Fascism in America. Good is bad and bad is good. Our enemy is our friend and surrender your guns for your own good–we’ll take care of you, we promise. Be good little sheep and we’ll just take a little off the top as we enrich ourselves. The rules are for all sheep, we have our own rules, fences, and security.

  12. Jo says:

    Look who’s calling the kettle black nimble brain himself corrupt Biden you wanna talk about Trump being erratic you Joe can’t put a coherent sentences together without stumbling!!!

  13. jkryanspark says:

    A gallery of degenerates defending their lowlife King, Donald Trump. How close to fascism America came with the idiot POTUS in office. 2016-2020 will forever be remembered as the years the American experiment almost came to a screeching halt under an unfit misfit with a sadistic disposition and a pea sized brain. You morons will never understand how stupid y’all are supporting a con artist whose only goal was to enrich himself and have his ego fed, and damn everybody else. We the People, who know better, mock you clowns who played with fire and endangered us as well as yourselves. Fuck you all.

    • Carlton Lockwood says:

      Spoken like a true communist

      • Janie Waddell says:

        Trump was and is the spirit of America. We love him. He is not perfect. But he did more for America than any one has in many years. With every Democrat attacking him from day one. Any one with a brain can see that.

        • DeeJay says:

          We were all in a better place while Trump was President then we will ever be under a Biden Presidency, who has already destroyed so many jobs and families and he is just getting started! Be careful what you wish for Democrats. None of you listened to all his words, you just heard the words on the free stuff, which is Hog Wash unless you are an illegal.

    • Amy Allen says:

      It is Biden and the Democrats who are wrecking america. Why dont you quit your whining and actually think for yourself

    • Bill says:

      Hey, jrkyrownspnk,
      How about the hate speech you spew?
      Lyin biden already getting us into wars and you getting all high and mighty… What a joke you are! You are either a brainwashed keyboard warrior or an agent provocateur for the deep state. Whichever you claim, it’s probably a lie anyway. Gfy.

    • Kara says:

      What COMMUNIST inspired you the most, Stalin, Hitler, or the Democrats, ie, Pelosi, Schumer, or Biden!?!

    • Eddie Small says:

      YOU YOU YOU YOU & anyone who agrees w/ your DUM DUM IGNORANCE

  14. Phil, Wisdom of age says:

    The Intelligence Briefings would probably reveal the shady dealings that Biden would be lining his pockets from, and Trump of course would not turn a blind from!

  15. Roger Fox sr. says:

    This fucking idiot don’t want to say why he thinks trump shouldn’t get the intelligence reports because he didn’t have a reason and he didn’t have time to have someone make up an answer for him.

    • Lawanna S Tootle says:

      How can one corrupt President say another has “ANY” RIGHTS; when His family is so corrupted, it won’t “EVER” be accepted! China Biden,had
      A deal for masks to be made; long before the virus was ever present in America…. ASK HIM!! Biden can NEVER measure up to “TRUMP”,No need in trying. President Trump truly cared about America & IT’S people,
      Unlike Balding, Beijing Biden! YES,
      Thank God for a President with our
      Israel @ heart!! Read the Word; “Time” is falling right into place. I just know,I will ALWAYS be for Trump, impeached or NOT! Careful Biden;answer the door,IT’S the Grim Reaper!! Karma has “arrived”! Let me be the first to ask; “ARE You
      Really Devout”?

  16. Paul Quick says:

    Braindead Biden is a cheating corrupt Communist Liberal that will put the USA into a recession and destroy our freedoms. He is so incompetent and needs impeached for treason.

  17. John Gatewood says:

    Braindead Biden is a cheating corrupt Communist Liberal that will put the USA into a recession and destroy our freedoms. He is so incompetent and needs impeached for treason.

  18. Along Came Jones says:

    Trump might slip and say something? Quid Pro Joe, in his own words…

  19. Thanks God for President Donal Trump, he is the only President that was able to do more in less than 4 years than other presidents in eight tears. The forgotten ones of all ethnicities were not forgotten in his administration. Evangelicals should be very grateful for standing for them, and the help for Israel getting their Jerusalem capital back!

  20. Biden is the only illegal president that has ever occupy the white house.
    Also, he is very mentally unstable, and he is the one we should fear because he might endanger the country with his unstableness.

  21. Frederick Marklowitz says:

    The best president the people have ever had was cheated out of another 4 yrs from people whose agenda was being disrupted by someone that’s was trying to save this country and what we stand for. We the people need to stand together and take this county back. This county was not founded for the wealthy’s playground. we need to police our government,unify our people, remove the crooks (by gunpoint if need be) from our government, educate the “sheep” and take this county back!

  22. Vickie says:

    I don’t have no fear at all. Trump should continue to receive intelligence briefing. He has done nothing wrong. Hes not in the white house so let him be. He will always be my president. Hes made American great. Now the democrats is messing it all up. Trump has been the best president that we’ve had.

  23. SharonRunyon says:

    Mr Biden you say that Trump might say something that would be inappropriate if he was given anything with security.
    Well should you have been given security information when you were VP. Remember when you shared more information than should have been shared in regard to the Navy Seals resulting in their death. Have you ever considered they might still be alive if you could have kept your mouth closed. Just wondering where your defense is.

  24. Biden is Antichrist taking away are freedoms President Thrump will always be my president.Biden is trying to destroy religious freedoms the republican party turned against Trump also.Trump says he’s going to start new party I will join.The news media supports all things that Biden says and does and supportes Harris Pelosi.The news media is getting paid off by the communist party also the republicans are getting paid off also.Republicans are traitors to the republican party that are cowards that have no back bone that would not support Trump.Every body is scared to death of Biden Harris Pelosi.What the hell is going on no one is talking up for America,ever one that died for the flag done it in vain.Taking away police military and religious freedoms and trying to destroy are history also removing are prayers to the flag. I wish someone will stand up for America,The Democrates are trying to destroy America, wake up people we need help.Thay removed Trump what the hell is next.God have mercy on all of us.

    • Harry M Lingerman Jr says:

      You are absolutely correct. The establishment, both sides of the isle, are sinking this great country. After all the blood and treasure lost over the last 160 years, especially the civil war where 400,000white men died horrible deaths fighting for the FREEDOM of SLAVES.I am absolutely disgusted by our government. Sounds to me like the TREE OF LIBERTY needs to be watered.

    • Ann Jones says:

      B/H and and the others in B’s administration are far more dangerous than Trump.President trump loves America and has done much to help repair the damage that O. did for 8 years.The Democrats are jealous, full of hate for T. and afraid of him cause he has them figured out.We all need to pray fervently for our USA and all the Trump family.🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. Benjamin F. Lopez says:

    We have 3 classe ofpeope in america.the rich the middle class & the poor,we have ben heading like mexico,only 2 classed.the very rich & the very poor ever since biden has taken office.and its only going to get worst the rich control everything ,but they need more poor workers to produce moreto support their they have to eliminate the middle class to be poor too!this is why they need to raise more production & increase taxes as much as possible,so now we will pay for what the democratic party has done to the american fools have sold your country not realizing it? God help the country ,but i think its to late now.we are doomed!good luck,things dont matter anymore! Biden is a lost cause & his vice pres. Would be worst.

  26. Debra says:

    SAYS THE KETTLE TO THE POT!!! GOOD GRIEF BIDEN (‘s) PEOPLE are you ALL IDIOTS!!!!! To let him go out there and SAY and DO things like he does??? Are you ALL REALLY TRYING TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES??!!!

  27. Virginia says:

    Sleepy Joe doesn’t know what day it is nor where he is at times. He is not competent to make this decision based on others assumptions. I believe he is wearing a hearing devise and someone is giving him words to say that are directly to cause a controversy with President Trump. All Presidents have the right to these briefings and President Trump should be entitled to receive them. This is just another ploy of the Deep State and crooked Democrats to disgrace President Donald Trump. I will NEVER call nor accept Sleepy Joe Biden as President of the United States.

  28. Julie Yeager says:

    Why are ANY of the Ex Presidents receiving these briefings. None of them should be receiving any information. There is “No need for ANY OF THEM TO HAVE THE INTELLEGENCE BRIEFINGS. WHAT VALUE IS GIVING THEM THE INTELLEGENCE BRIEFINGS? NONE OF THEM HAVE ANY IMPACT ON THIS INFO.

    • Nanette Bombard says:

      All of a sudden the former President should not sit in.. are you kidding I listen about a month ago the improper activities of the Biden famiy dealings Criminal Financial Deals a cross the globe including China which created Counter Intelligence Concerns thats true their not dropping any investigations on Biden and family so yes President Trump should sit in Biden doesn’t want him there because he knows he can’t lie and cheat or know anything that he conspires to do. This guy blamed Trump for holding up the transition of the President and he was pissed because the Pentagon wouldn’t give him access as he was now the President you can’t screw with Intelligence but he did and they are not letting that go. Biden was vice President under Clinton good old boy Bill gave a pardon to terrorist Susan Rosenberg who bombed 4 Government Buildings The US Capitol The FBI Field Office The US Navel War College and the Patrolmans Benevolent Association.She was arrested unloading 750 pounds of Dynamite and weapons from the trunk of of a car in New Jersey she went from 58yrs to 16yrs due to Clinton and VP Biden. Susan Rosenberg is VP of BLM Terrorists Org. How convenient for them oh yeh she also derailed President Regan’s re-election This sounds exactly like President Trumps campaign the riots the violence the Electionn Biden ran twice and lost he’s pissed that Trump ran once and won so right from the beginning he started disrespecting the President he should have been thrown out PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN BE TRUSTED WITH EVERYTHING HE DIDN’T SELL OUT HIS COUNTRY. Biden voters you love him because he allowed you to cause violence and murder looting and being the criminals you are you idiots did it.

  29. Lenus says:

    Ido believe President Biden has dementia by watching his speeches.

  30. Cat-lou says:

    I am still broken-hearted that the best President this country has known was cheated out of the election. It took President Trump four years to accomplish changes to make our country free and strong. It took Biden three weeks to destroy us. I’m so heart-sick. If we could all vote now, I know the outcome, a sure landslide for President Trump. We have to hold strong until 2022 and get the House and Senate back.

    • Hate to say this but do you actually think our votes will change anything they rigged this election and with all the evidence of voter fraud in our faces do you actually think their will be any fair election in the future ?with this nazi party we got going on I highly doubt it.the criminals got away with this scam so it is just gonna keep going on with the same outcome ,in short we all lose and the free country is no more just listen to the new fuerher dictate

  31. Mary Oldham says:

    I am still broken-hearted that the best President this country has known was cheated out of the election. It took President Trump four years to accomplish changes to make our country free and strong. It took Biden three weeks to destroy us. I’m so heart-sick. If we could all vote now, I know the outcome, a sure landslide for President Trump. We have to hold strong until 2022 and get the House and Senate back.

  32. Micala Molnar says:


    P.T. WOULD MAKE BIDEN LOOK LIKE A “FOOL”! So biden is trying to keep President Trump far away from any decision making so P.T. doesn’t show up Biden and make him look like a clown, which he is.

    Everyone knows the fake president is nothing but a circus clown and all his staff are just more ditsy clowns running around pretending they know what they are doing– they don’t. What a farce of a govt.


  33. M Harman says:

    Well “HOLLY ROSE” I bet your happy! The JUDICIARY COMMITTEE refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance.

  34. Show🌵Pony says:


    • Nanette Bombard says:

      Yes Biden is going to bring on a war he’s causing a lot of crap. Biden is killing the Presidency the country the people,prayer the pledge of aliegence,the flag does this speak NAZIoor what

    • Nanette Bombard says:

      Yes Biden is going to bring on a war he’s causing a lot of crap. Biden is killing the Presidency the country the people,prayer the pledge of aliegence,the flag does this speak NAZI or what

  35. Robin Shook says:

    Biden will not be president much longer . Harris will and she will be even worst. Perlosi,Schumer used Biden to do dirty work before ousting him with 25th amendment. They think only of power big government . They want to wipe out middle class . Make all americans dependant on BIG GOVERNMENT. There will be ELite and POOR And POORER. AMERICA LAST AGENDA.

    • Daniel Snyder says:

      Biden is just an extension of osama obama! They know hes not fit to be president, thats just a way to get cackling kamala to be president. Its all been in the works. And the only reason hes opening up the borders is to get all there votes so the hypocritical, lying ,demirats can reighn . What a bunch of anti american commy fucks!!! Wake up you joebama bitches !!

  36. john mckeon says:

    How can a country of 350 mil. not find a decent honest person for president. I may not be alive by the end of 4 years but I worry about the future generations. Americans used to be so proud of our flag. These politicians
    should read about the reaction of our marines when our flag was raised on iwo jima.

    • Jatbo says:

      SEMPER FI!


      I might not be here in 4 years either
      Americans died fighting for our freedom thousands of them,but it looks like four high profile pigs are trying to take that away from all americans.

  37. John Woodson says:

    This man is more dangerous than Trump due to his lack of mental capacity as shown during the campaign! He can not hold his temper!

  38. Roger Vander Logt says:

    Joe has done more in his first few weeks and days to destroy America, than any other President to date. Joe, go back to your basement and die. You do not represent me or my family. You caused many of them into unemployment and hardships. Take the MASK Order and stuff it up your butt. I will never wear one and neither will my family. You screwed up my party (Democrat) so much, we are all thinking it’s time for us to get back into a party for the working man, Republicans. Show me I’m wrong, drop over dead, you and your screwed up staff and appointments. I bet it feels really good knowing the Chinese will bail your ass out.

    • Angie says:

      Omg you are so right. Let’s hope and pray things change or else we will really be in big trouble.

    • Mary Croxen says:

      This whole frigging election was stolen from the rightful president and they know it. The demoncrats got what they wanted. Our country will take awhile to get out of this mess. May God help us. Everyone pretty much knows the outcome. Crazy Biden will not last 6 months then Camel Hairs will get in and our country will be turned over to our enemys unless someone steps up. Shumer, Pelosi and that whole bunch are just salivating to get there. I am ashamed of our previous RINO Presidents who have joined them. I never would have believed it and I campaigned hard for the last one. What a two faced asshole. We better start praying harder than ever before that our good Lord gives us answers on how to get out of this mess. The best president we ever had who truly loves America and really brought us back to reality was Trump. Did I like everything he said or did NO!!! BUT HE LOVES AMERICA AND TRULY WANTS WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY. Obummer started the race wars, sold our country to Iran and did everything he could to destroy us.

    • W says:

      There is a downside to what you are saying. That downside is Kammy Krotchrot, the Frisco Ho, would become president and make it much worse. Not that it can get much worse.

  39. Doc Holiday says:

    Biden Is a sick man Mentally Every time he Opens his Mouth Lies comes out He stands behind a script Like a Coward Like the rest of his Cronies If he has anything to say. say it in front of trumps face. Remember Biden a slip of a lip will sink a ship

  40. Dave says:

    Come back President Trump, hurry sir

  41. TW says:

    The last election was stolen from Trump by Biden, big tech, Hillary and many others including judges who would not hear of election fraud! Was started when Hilary told Joe, ” do not concede”! That was the “start” of the “fraudulent” election!! All KNOW Biden didn’t win! CHEATING won! America not as stupid as politicians WANT us to be! Why they are trying to silence everyone that is in dissent now!! Big tech should be the one silenced, don’t believe? Watch everything being done, not in America’s BEST interests! Hunter gets profitable book deal.. Americans lose their jobs with the flick of Joe’s pen!
    America needs to quit buying from big corporations that are selling out america and closing down their small competitors! Elite like Pelosi,Waters, Schitt,etc.. career politicians need voted out! Pelosi’s nose so high in air if it rains, she’ll drown!

  42. Esther Moussette says:

    Biden has to have notes to remind him of what to say even when signing documents undoing all the progress made for our country with Trump. He talks about unemployment rate and has no conception that killing the Keystone Pipeline has only added to unemployment in huge numbers and big tax paying people in addition to keeping the US energy independent and able to sell excess on the open market. I believe his entire family is part of the swamp that Mr. Trump was beginning to drain. Biden wants to be too chummy with China, Russia and Iran. No backbone for negotiating. Most of his cabinet selections have far from stellar reputations.

  43. John Krafft says:

    Every time I read or hear the drivel that comes out of this presidents mouth, I worry about America.
    It’s difficult to believe that an informed electorate eggs him on.

    When we go to bed we need to pray for America!

  44. Biden is a puppet, he is playing the role of president. The real president is always going to be Donald trump. I will never listen to Biden he has never done anything for the american people.

  45. Lucy Dennis says:

    If anyone is going to slip and say something about the intelligence briefings it would be Biden who does not have enough of a brain to keep it to himself.

    • rick says:

      yeah Biden will probably hit the big red button thinking he’s ordering a burger at Sonic drive in HE NEEDS TO GO TAKE A NAP IN HIS BASEMENT

  46. Sheep Dog says:

    Everyone should tune into Revolution Radio on Rumble dot com.
    2.4.21 Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE #43: Big Corp Titans Exiting, What’s Coming?

  47. Joani m. Frederick says:

    I still support President Trump. Biden is a puppet in a very dangerous situation for America.

  48. Stewart E Brown says:

    2022 is close – Let’s get ready to kick some ass! Sleepy Joe will have awakening, Carella Deville & Hammerhead Shummer, Adam Shitt and the stink Squad will spell themselves! The shame is that they will still have life use of free healthcare!

  49. maxibaby says:

    Unfortunately, we will have to consider Dementia Joe’s deminished mental capacity for as long as he is President! When people’s mental capacities start to “go”, they lose confidence, even though they desperately try to conceal it. With the loss of confidence also comes slow thought process, confusion, etc., they become easily led or influenced especially by people they admire and respect! The dangerous thing with Joe’s position is when he listens to people with less than honorable intentions, are not pro American, are looking for personal gain, power and control….. this list could get lengthy but, you get my point! I doubt this and many other actions Biden has done have been his ideas. Yes, as many others have stated, certain people are pulling Joe’s “strings” and he is probably not even aware. If we knew the real story, no doubt, we would find they are fighting among themselves to get their agenda completed AND it’s ALL bad for America!
    Yes, DJT should receive the briefs exactly as past Presidents have received them BECAUSE, he has proven with great personal sacrifice, abuse, harassment, etc. how much he loves America, the American people and the Constitution! Joe, send DJT the briefs, this is a mean, petty, non Presidential action and decision AND like many other things you are doing, BAD FOR AMERICA!

  50. Michael says:

    And now he wants to let more refugees into this country we need to let them know we don’t need any more aoc’s or omar’s or obama’s.

  51. Sheep Dog says:

    That’s OK. Trump will get the last laugh in the end. At least Trump will not start the next War as his brain is still 100%. Where does Uncle Joe brain stand at?

  52. Raymond Addleman says:

    I feel that Biden shouldn’t have any intelligence briefings because he don’t understand them. Trump has as much right to have them but Biden isn’t . Biden just needs to retire before someone retires him. He didn’t legally win
    The election anyways . And carnal don’t have a clue what s going on .

  53. Raymond Addleman says:

    I feel that Biden shouldn’t have any intelligence briefings because he don’t understand them. Trump has as much right to have them but Biden isn’t . Biden just needs to retire before someone retires him. He didn’t legally win
    The election anyways .

  54. Jules says:

    I think it’s a great thing to have someone with a brain seeing what’s going on. Someone not beholden to Biden (aka butt-kissing) given Biden’s propensity for gaffes.

  55. Michael says:

    Biden just doesn’t want anyone to see that he is selling our country to China.

  56. Gary Fernett says:

    Biden too brain dead to get these briefi ngs…he is a puppet and only signing and doing what others tell him to do…our country will never be the same again after this 4 years.

  57. Phillippi says:

    o’Biden got a lot of nerve after selling out our elections and country to China !

  58. William Gandy says:

    This pile of wasted human flesh is a disgrace on any level. Has been for almost 50 years. Does not say much for those who keep voting for his sorry butt. Nothing but a living self serving corrupt politician who should have been convicted and put away years ago.

  59. Mork says:

    Joe Bidumb hates smart guys. Joe Bidumb is dumb as a box of rocks so what do you expect? He has been in politics for 48 years and has been wrong on foreign policy everytime. He doesn’t want the smart guy making fun of his stupidity and not that he makes any decisions on his own.
    Joe Bidumb will not only go down as the first fake president but as the dumbest person to ever think he could be president especially after Donald Trump who makes Bidumb really look like a mental midget.

  60. Oscar G Jones says:

    Biden is not saying President Trump should not receive security briefings. Jeff Dunnings dummy “Walter” is. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were behind Walter (Alias Biden) with there hands through the hole in his back operating his mouth. When Walter, I mean Biden speaks look at his eyes…nobody is home!!

  61. Ginger says:

    I have no fear about President Trump but I do fear Biden because we all know him & his son has sold us all to other countries. We want our children to grow up laughing & playing and we want freedom to eat out if we want. We want fair elections without having to be threatened, we want honest officials to represent us & truly stand for our Constitutional rights. Biden is working on taking our country back to Civil war times & turning everyone against each other. Trump never did that

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      You said it right Ginger! Oh if we could only have had some judges and the supreme court do their jobs when asked we could have had this election overturned and President Trump would still be in office!!!

      • Jaybo says:

        I’m afraid with the exception of PRESIDENT TRUMP, THAT all others including generals have been commie compromised
        They had them rats all caged in and did nothing
        Only the Nat. guard troops turned their backs to biden

  62. Carol Ricard says:

    Biden is an illegitimate president and he knows we know it. He will do anything he can to try and discredit Trump.

  63. Samuel Boorse says:

    President Trump has as much right as any other president to receive ibtel briefs. All the stuff they (Democrats, libs, media & Biden) say about Trump is false and shameful that they get away with it. We have NO one in the media arena with any guts to question all the bad and false comment about Trump. Pres Trump did alot for this country and the people and the economy. An special shame to the Republicans that immediately turned there back on him. There time will come. I believe God will make things right in His time. God Bless President Trump

    • Judith M. Horne says:

      AMEN! You’ve got that right, Samuel!
      GOD BLESS OUR RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT, and get this Joker out of office before our country goes down the tube!
      Of course, President Trump should get these briefings!

  64. Ron Baun says:

    Biden and the rest of the Deep State scum need to be brought to justice, tried, convicted and executed for Treason. Simple as that!

    • Carolyn Javaux says:

      So right!!!!!!! I’ve been saying this for quite some time but seems nobody has the guts to do their jobs and get these criminals executed!!!!!!

    • Syb says:

      Amen Ron, everyone of the evil disgraceful democrats should be arrested and exicuted for treason as they are destroying our US. Donald J Trump is the best President we have had as he loves the US and we the people and did so much for our US.God is in control, His will be done.

      • Denise Fernandez says:

        Biden is so impotent and useful his wife needs to carry him! Nothing he does will be forever, Trump will reserve it and lock the commie up!

  65. Fred says:

    Millions of us still regard Donald Trump as our President and consider it imperative that he has as much information as possible to try to help keep the fake admin from killing our country.
    The evil duo of “Brain Dead and Kamelturd” hate this country and will do anything to bring communism and third world status here as quick as possible, traitors!!!!!!

    • SheepdogW15 says:

      Biden is most surely a “posterior orifice” of the first degree while suffering from “cranial cavity vacuus”.

    • SheepdogW15 says:

      Biden is most surely a “posterior orifice” of the first degree while suffering from “cranial cavity vacuus”.

  66. Patriot says:

    Joe Biden is not my President Mr Trump is my President when is the military going step in biden isn’t living by the constitution he’s a dictator

  67. John Leo Walkowicz says:

    Biden remarks are are just more political B S. He just keeps dividing.

  68. Vince says:

    He is one sick in the head fraud …

  69. Donn Wilson says:

    Total insanity! BIDEN is the real threat to this country. He doesn’t even qualify to be dog catcher!this man is ruining our country in less than a month!

  70. Emme says:

    “He might slip and say something “? Oh, like Biden slipping and exposing Seal Team 6? He’s as incompetent a president as America has ever had. He doesn’t even know which way to go without someone directing him.

  71. Linda says:

    This makes me sick. He has as much right as every other president! No influence? Only 70 million followers!

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