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Biden Wants Citizenship for 11 Million Illegal Aliens

Breaking Now: In what’s becoming a daily mantra from the Biden administration, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said at today’s press conference that President Biden wants to grant citizenship to the 11 million illegal aliens currently in the United States.

Psaki also called former President Trump’s immigration policies “immoral” and “ineffective.”

Given how often this topic is being raised by the Biden administration, it seems to be a priority to grant citizenship to almost every illegal alien as quickly as possible.

Please review the two tweets below and share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe Trump’s immigration policies were “immoral” and “ineffective”? Whose immigration policies do you believe are more effective? Trump’s or Biden’s?



  1. Thomas H Grass says:

    America, America, please wake up! Don’t you see what is happening to our country? Gas prices are already soaring…Illegals are about to receive U.S. citizenships courtesy of Biden.
    Please wake up. Biden wants to increase taxes and make us a communist country and who knows what all. We are about to be flushed down the toilet. I loved our country and our way of life. Don’t want to lose it. We need to stop what is happening under the Biden/Harris regime. They are going to destroy the United States and the way of life as we know it.

  2. Everett Hardin says:

    The american people say no to illegals and yes to impeach biden harris pelosi schumer mc connell mitt romney and bunch more that needs to be replaced

  3. Jan says:

    Jan. 18 Feb 21. I have nothing to say good about Biden. I think he is having a fight with Trump and wants to undo all the good Trump did for our people. I do not feel Biden is capable of being a good President. He is being a robot for someone else’s ideas and plans. Anyone can see he has a medical problem. My Mom had Dementia that went into Altzheimer’s and I know what it looks like. Wasn’t it said awhile back that he has dementia? And he was voted into the highest office we have? He can not carry through because he is still holding onto the game of fighting Donald Trump with help at that. I felt secure with Trump, a wonderful President and now we have a person holding the highest office and he cannot do the job he needs to do as president. Because he just wants to keep his play act against Trump and won’t take care of our people here in the USA! We have had to work for everything we have and now he wants to bring in others and give them what we had to work and to earn our salaries. Why should these people get what we worked for? I am so mad I could spit. I call him a Dimocrat not a Democrat. What is happening to our Country is so awful and sad for us all because of this person in our highest office. What sad people we have supporting Biden. He doesn’t even see his Democratic people are leading him around by the nose. He says and does what they say. He is not capable of being our President. I hope these next 4 years goes fast and gets him out if not sooner! Such a shame to feel this way about a man that is supposed to be our leader. But I sure don’t approve of him. I would venture to say he is a puppet. Please get this person out of office and take Nancy Palosi with him. U.S. fair? I lost a job I was in for over 2 years because someone came in from another country and got my job because she got 10 points added to her American test and beat me out of my job. Fair????????? No, the people behind him are helping him to undo whatever Trump did for us. Shame on our politicians who are helping Biden with his evilness!!!

  4. James Morgan says:

    Tyranny coming to a doorstep near you courtesy of sleepy Joe.

  5. Phil, Wisdom of age says:

    Obama’s legacy is “Astonishing Incompetence”, but Biden’s so far seems beyond identification!

  6. GITMO says:

    Biden is the biggest/dumbest pos to ever be in office! Just a place to steal money from tax payers and pad the pockets of corrupt billionaires like Soros! He needs removed from office with his bitch v.p. one way or another before they do anymore damage! This guy is a absolute dumbass!! He will ruin America. Letting all this trash across the border carrying viruses and aids! 1 out of 3 has it! What you think that will cost let alone the damage they will do! Stealing and raping to murder! This is on Biden! Stupid ass demorats! Just how desperate they our for people to control and vote for them!! Wake up people they need stopped one way or another or we wont have a America left! They just let go 25,000 last week into society that were locked up for Reason! If we cant deport this trash then go to the border and target practice before they get here! Demorats and there supporters have to be the stupidest people on earth to follow a bunch of corrupt politicians stealing our tax money to waste on fake policies while there padding there pockets and making billions for there cortupt deep state cronies like Soros! These people need to be in Gitmo like terriost! Treason! Corruption! Spreding fake news to brainwash weak minds! Making covid-19 to scare people to cheat an election and ruin the economy on purpose! Biden shutting down pipeline and businesses right and left will only cause unemployment and high prices! He will sell our oil to china and buy forign oil to make his billionaire friends rich! We will have $4 gas with this pos excuse of a president!! Trumps polices worked for us!! For you who were agaisnt him and brainwashed by fake news youll wish he was back shortly! We all know whos controlling puppet Biden and last thing America needs is Obama’s sorry ass telling them what to do to control America and turn us into a communist/socialists shit hole!! Trump tried to warn you!! Drain the swamp!

  7. JC says:

    Biden is not presidential material. They were telling the truth when they said he was on the wrong side of every issue for the last fifty years. But he knows how to cheat,, lie and steal! Get the Democrats out of office!

  8. Robert Wood says:

    If they can sue Trump over the riot, why can’t we sue the democratic party and all those senators, house members, and the VP for the damage, people that were beaten, and deaths caused by Antifa and BLM over the summer they bailed them out and backed them. There have been at least 200 deaths attributed to BLM and Antifa including 30 children, police officers and others for just saying all lives matter, 100s’ of police officers were injured in the riots over the last few months. The democratic party now want to pass legislation so they can by simple majority pass all their socialist agenda. Also Biden is now considering using executive order to force his gun control on us. I can not believe anyone even the radical democrats think this is constitutional.

  9. Michael Benjamin Heath says:

    Joe Biden in 2 months has become the worse president ive seen in 20 years loss of thousands of jobs making illegals citizens i say impeach him now before he ruins our country completely how we miss president trump i do not like what our country is becoming

  10. Mike Hallum says:

    If our representatives are smart, all they have to do is get everything out there for us just to text & sign our name and it’s done.

  11. C says:

    The majority of American people don’t want illegal immigrants rammed down our throats. WE DON’T WANT THEM HERE! It’s amazing how they won’t come the proper way but Biden opens the borders and the hordes of people come with their hands out. Well, guess what? I want my money for my family, not illegals. Biden was going to give them all covid tests BEFORE the American citizens! What is wrong with this man? He should represent the CITIZENS of the United States. He talks about keeping our country safe yet he is letting thousands of undocumented people including drug dealers, criminals and God knows what else into our country. He is a liar who cares nothing about the people of our country.

    • Cher says:

      These scum south American users Rob, rape any age woman, if they can’t find a woman to rape they will steel a dog and rape them male or female dog don’t matter, they kill them afterwards. These scums have no care for us, they’re using us to support the families left in their country! They all plan on going back to home someday. They are only working for each other while they are here and under the table so they don’t have to be taxed and keep getting free everything. I will not ever except them! I will make sure they know it! Don’t ever, ever trust one.

    • Garland says:

      First The not president Joe harris
      /will give Hussian Obama citizenship as he is Not a American citizen. Fake paper from Hawaii does not and did not make Hussian Obama a American citizen.
      The Military must Arrest Biden Harris Clapper Coney Brendan etc all Trader for not protecting the American Borders.
      Offer President Trump to take over and
      have a True Ameriican Citizen People in person with ID Vote..
      Then fire fire replace all DISGRACE senators and Congress. MAKE AMERICAN GREAT FOR EVER GOD BLESS FREEDOM.

    • holly Gray says:

      I agree, the democrats are ruining this country. we do not want or need all these illegal aliens here.

    • It’s everything Trump was saying about them (during the campaign) coming to pass! Their all about destroying America anyway they possibly can cuz they embezzled Trillions of Hard working American Dollars n their Guilt lights are telling them now we all have to be destroyed cuz they don’t wanna be reminded they stole from us!! If we’re all gone they won’t have to be!!


    We need to have our republican representatives in every state file a court case against bidens executive orders and against congress if they pass this as it should go to a vote of the people if this is a true democracy and its time citizens from every state file along with our representatives as having standing in thos immigration issue being its our tax dollars which are and will be spent to support these illegals coming in and red states should force blue states to take all illegals who are mooching off tax payers dollars for support and should be sent to blue states only to care for illegals then those states can become shit holes like California full of homelessness, drugs and crime! Why should we pay illegals much less have there way of life being introduced into American dreams, because that’s what democrats are doing! America will no longer be great we’ll be just like those countries everyone hates to live in only by purging our country of illegals and democratic socialist will we be strong again we can not allow bide administration nor democrats to transform America in the next two years, recall them or force them out of office by any means avaliable!

  13. Moe says:

    Biden is an idiot for doing this to our country.
    He is hurting this country more than he is helping it.
    I thought he said { UNITE } what a crock of B/S

  14. Sic&Tired says:


  15. Ken Smith says:

    They are ILLEGAL! Damn, man, get a clue. America last is their mantra.

  16. Jeff says:

    Why is America first a bad policy? Someone is definitely trying to line their own pockets and forcing unwilling Americans to foot the bill!! This unbelievable assault on our own is sickening🤢🤢

  17. Cindy S. Traylor says:

    Trumps policies were better and protected American people. We are not going to have a country with Biden policies. We will quickly become a third world country. I think this is the liberals plan for America. They certainly do not have Americans interest first.

    • Mary says:

      That is the Democrat’s agends. Make USA> the most advanced and powerful Country ever existed > to become third world country! TO PUNISH the American People. Democrats have ALWAYS been socialists and GOP has been the only thing saving us. TIME to put Dems in their place. Democrats policies are killing people right now. Look at the murder Andrew Cuomo has covered up. Trump provided hospitals specifically for COVID-19 ill people. Cuomo deliberatley refused to use them. Graham Ministries set up a hospital in Central Park. Cuomo refused that. Cuomo is mentally deficient because of drug use and the people in NY elected him. The Cuomos have always been crooks.Unfortunately the PEOPLE of NY are as responsible as Cuomo. Cuomo refused to do anything but his stupid decisions!

  18. John says:

    Trump come back man.Dems are wacked China virus probably planned by them and the election was a fraud and so are Schumer and Pelosi. America home of the free!

    • Mary says:

      We need to get ride of every RINO that voted to impeach Trump. We need to get rid of the butt kissing CHINA lover, McConnell. Anyone who knows people in Kentucky needs to get out and demonstrate to get CHINA Mitch OUT! The GOP can do very good things to get US on it’s feet and better, The Democommunists have always been socialists and now they have moved more to communism. Biden is a court jester and so weak he will not stand up to Pelosi et al. They will use 25th Amendment on him as soon as he gets THEIR agenda in place. Biden wanted the WH so bad he will sell his soul> as he always has done.

  19. Sharon says:

    Illegals, terrorist, drugs coming in and now they want to take our guns? I see the makings of a civil war!! We need new rules for politicians.

  20. Cindy walz says:

    No get the illegals and Biden and Harris the hell out of America! Trump made America great and Biden isn’t President and is fucking it up! I’m so pissed that they cheated and are getting away with it.

  21. vinnie says:

    Is it Immoral for Psaki to lie to America as Biden does and that is probably Illegal as well!

    • sad says:

      That pskai girl knows nothing. How old is she? She probably isn’t legal to drink. Wonder Where she even came from. She’s ignorant. She’s not to bright either but I will circle back to that!


  22. Michael says:

    If this happens the red states should have the right to send them all to blue states. The only reason the Democrats would do this is to buy more votes.

    • David D'Anna says:

      EXACTLY and OUR STATE Legislatures are drafting and PASSING Bills and Our GOVERNORS are Coming out with their OWN E.O.S that STOP HIS,Because He is NOT going by the LAW of the LAND and US!! the PEOPLE that VOTED and were STOLEN FROM!! He was ILLEGALLY INSTALLED!! His day of reckoning is COMING!! His a FAKE Just LIKE OBAMA was And THAT SOB Needs to be Caught up with and HUNG TOO!!

  23. Gary Fernett says:

    No problem with people joining our country as legal immigrants..
    It’s the American way…maybe we can trade out some of these new immigrants for the lame and lazy people already in our country that have been on welfare my whole life..the American way is to work to try to make a better life for yourself not live off the government for generation after generation.

  24. Michael, they aren’t putting your money in the garbage! They’re putting it in their pockets!!

  25. The idiot has to in order to gain more votes! Once done, how is he going to support his choice? We can’t even care for the true Americans now, but he thinks he can make miracles–Oh, wait a minute; He just thinks he’s God!!

  26. Roberta Lariosa says:

    These ppl that are just not wanting anyone to live freely in the United States. I do not agree with Trumps immigration cuz he didn’t want them here anyway. Yes, Biden is president and he was voted in legally. Stop with all the Trump garbage.

    • Rhina says:

      No American who loves this country voted for Biden. It is statistically impossible so you keep believing your lies. God Bless America.

      • truth says:

        Just look at her name and you know her race and why she is ignoring the elction fraud…She simply doesnt want to work..

    • Mary says:

      How about TJ Ducklo? His threat: “I will destroy you”. That is what he said to a reporter. THAT is what the dumbos who follow the cancel culture believe. DO you want you or your family “destroyed”? That is the mind set of ALL the Democommunists! YOU follow them down the yellow brick road and you get what you deserve. NO illegals deserve US Citizenship.

    • David D'Anna says:

      NO…You STOP with the BIDEN was ELECTED LEGALLY BULLSHIT!! He was Installed by The LEFT communist/Socialist Demonrat LIARS and HATERS!!..BLOW your shit out your MOUTH!!..China BIDEN is TOLD what to do by his handlers and YOU don’t have a clue about anything!! TRUMP IS and STILL MY PRESIDENT!! China JOE and THE HOE are PLAYERS and WE’RE NOT going to let them destroy OUR NATION!! If you DON’T Like IT Here,MOVE!! We don’t need assclowns like Him Or Kameltoe Harris Leading anything but a SHIT wagon!! He can Write all the E.O.s he is handed and say all he wants and Threaten us,But there are MORE of Us and We’ll show you fools what it feels like to get STOMPED ON!! We’re NOT in FEAR of him nor you fools that call yourselves “AMERICANS”!! We KNOPW that everything that has happened since President Lincoln was Asassinated was DONE BY THE DEMONRAT PARTY!! SO,FUCK OFF BITCH!

      • Kay says:

        David. Thank you for your message. I cannot understand how someone could think Beijing Biden is the legal president. It is beyond comprehension that anyone thinks he is good for this country. He and his DwmoRats hate the American people and hate America. They plan to destroy us.
        God Bless America

      • Nanette Bombard says:


    • Dana says:

      Do you live under a rock? Everyone knows this was a dirty election. There is no way Trump lost to sleepy Joe. Go take another Xanax.

  27. William says:

    What does Jen know about morality, in fact can she define it? Can’t be defined by Biden’s lifestyle that’s for sure.

  28. Michael says:

    All this would be ok if the democratic would pay the bill with their own money but they always want to steal my money to pay for it. Just like food stamps, housing assistance, pay for all the baby’s that no one wants paying for schools that don’t teach the kids anything. I’m sick of the government taking my money and just putting it in the garbage.

  29. P Streetman says:

    Until President Biden settles down to set up specific policies and goals, rather than spitefully undoing all the great things that were accomplished the last 4 years, we will begin sliding down a hill to depression and hatred. The Pres and VP must set the example for all Americans to follow, but I see continued hatred and bitterness from their lips. What a shame!

  30. Katrena says:

    What’s happened to taking care of our homeless Americans? No travel but open the borders in the middle of a pandemic this president isn’t playing with a full deck! Biden and Harris and Pelosi need to be impeached for the damage they have done to all of us. The border wall needs to be finished it works just listen to the border patrol.

  31. Penny Black says:

    I think Donald Trump was the best President we have had, what he done for this country in 4 years is more than any other President. No I do not believe in making all of the illegals that are here citizens. That’s not right. I want my President Trump back. Y’all stole the election anyway.

  32. Ken Frazier says:

    Sleepy Joe Biden, since his election, has caused about as much destruction to our county as I’ve seen in my lifetime and I’m eighty-three years young. I’ve witnessed the performance, or lack there of, of many presidents over many years and I must say he takes the cake. By raising the minimum raise he’s forcing employers to reduce their work force. By halting the pipeline he’s hurt many families and by opening up our boarder to all these illegals he’s inviting danger to our nation.

    • Cher says:

      Yes, we all need to get guns ASAP now with all this scummy trash coming in. If they thought Jan 06 was bad, just wait and see what happens next. They are so scared to death to come out in public. They all have 20 foot walls around their house’s and ride in bullet proof limo’s. And slaves to go shopping for them. They don’t live in the real world like us. What about our homeless people? They are letting in stupid scum jungle diseased total low life people in instead. All those people should have their tubes tied because they are spitting out tamales and burittos every 13 months, more free money.

  33. Kris says:

    Biden is desperately steering Americans in wrong direction – to avoid his own corruption voter fraud away from his family and trying to get votes for the Democrats for election 2024 – for he knows that the American people voted for President Trump who won app. By10 million votes. – Biden lost he is illegitimate President of the United States. President Trump kept the country going prospering American lives ,protecting our borders and made illegal immigrants wait in their own country to be legalized with proper papers to come to America – just like other countries in the world this is how it’s done.if you cross the border illegally in some countries you will get a death sentence breaking the law.. So why is Biden allowing chaos and destruction to America – May God bless America and help all Americans to stay and be free – Trump 2024 🙏🇺🇸❤️Only hope for. America is President Trump🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  34. Carol Bartlett says:

    11 million is an enormous number of people living in this country illegally. Do I agree with Biden’s policy to let them stay and then give citizenship, absolutely not!!!!! I still say they should be returned to their countries of origin! If they wish to live in this country, they need to do so legally.

  35. Jody B says:

    Trump handled the immigration issues in a manner that pushed America down the road to greatness. Unfortunately, with Biden now being captain of chaos, we can now expect more financial burdens put upon us due to his narrow minded approach to this issue. I’m not sure how much more us working Americans can take before our backs are broke from carrying the weight. Ugh. Come back DJT.!! We need you!!

  36. Mary Frick says:

    Biden needs to take care American’s First. How can he keep sending our hard earned money overseas and American’s are homeless and have no food. We don’t need more people to flood the Welfare System, and Unemployment System and the Social Security System’s. They will also come to the US with Covid and no insurance. All of this will be paid for with our taxes. No Biden should leave Trump’s executive order in place.

  37. JR says:

    Joe’s reason for wanting 11 million, pretty simple. He couldn’t care less for the American people and he thinks those 11 million are sure votes down the line. And that number isn’t even close to the real number. Trump did what needed to be done. From immigration to big pharma, he put the true American citizens first. We will not take this lying down.

  38. Lois says:

    Trump’s policies were better for America. But anything that says Trump on it Biden is going to change. I just hope we have a country of our own and not called something else by 2024.
    At least President Trump worked at fulfilling his campaign promises. Biden is doing a lot to not do what he promised. It’s hard to ask God to bless Biden and Harris when I say my prayers!

  39. Mike Friend says:

    Biden simply wants more democrat voters, as far as Trumps plan being ineffective,thats because the dems fought against everything he tried to do. Guess the question is what part of illegal do you not understand!

  40. Daniel says:

    There goes out tax dollars and going to put this country into poverty. I guess thats socialism at it finest. Give them what they won’t build their voting base. Term limits now!!!!!!!!

  41. President Trump’s policies were definitely not immoral or ineffective. He did so much to help keep American citizens safe from illegals who didn’t belong here. Ms. Psaki’s boss is the illegal and immoral one, letting illegals in here who are carrying God only knows what diseases such as Covid-19 and drug-resistant tuberculosis. How is this fair to us?

  42. JOEL says:

    Biden is an idiot. He does not care for any of us Americans.

  43. Jasoda Dhupan says:


  44. All citizens must be held responsible for their actions and as sure as if he shot and killed all of them he killed each and every one of them in the nursing homes! Some people either by fiat or birthright are above the law and they tell us do as I say not as I do!

  45. Richard Welch says:

    Trumps policies are better than Bidit,s!!!

  46. Skip says:

    Citizenship granted to foreign nationals is a privilege not a right. It must be earned and it must be deserved.

  47. Nurex35 says:

    I wish these politicos would stop using 11 million as the number of illegals that would be granted amnesty. That’s a figure thrown around for like 25-30 years. How about 3-4 times that number when you throw in the additional number that have crossed our borders ÷ the number coming into this country on Visas legally but have disappeared and are now here illegally. Get real!

  48. rick says:

    Spoken like a true idiot! Remember America- Drink Beer, Pee Saki!

  49. Kathleen says:

    Well it’s something that really needs to be fixed!I don’t have anything against the people who came to this country illegally! They just want a better life for their family than where they came from! I mean after all weren’t our ancestors illegal aliens at one point?Now let’s not talk about money these people need help!

    • Maureen S Lindekugel says:

      no, our ancestors were not here illegally. They immigrated and came into the country legally by passing through immigration authorities and then applied for citizenship. Citizenship was not just given to them .. they had to apply and conform to our countries laws. If your parent was a non-citizen, then maybe they were an illegal …

    • Barry says:

      Many of our ancestors came through Ellis Island, after that they were housed by their friends and family until they were able to find jobs. They lived in communities that had churches, people and businesses that spoke their language. The assimilated into our society and worked hard at their jobs and to become American citizens. They took great pride in this great nation and were willing to sacrifice everything to protect and serve. Many of what we have coming in are people looking for a hand out, a way to collect money, drug sales, gang affiliation or medical treatment for communicable disease. By breaking the nation, the socialist believe that they can emerge stronger, but what I predict happening is similar to Argentina. Dream on little dreamer and when you awake it will be a nightmare that does not go away!

    • Robina says:

      My ancestors emigrated from Germany, Ireland and Scotland. They all came thru Ellis Island so i’m fairly certain they weren’t “illegal aliens”.

    • John Haynes says:

      My mother came here as a German Jew in 1939; escaping the Nazi Holocaust. She came through Ellis Island, got a job and studied her butt off in order to become a legal immigrant. By 1946 she became a proud citizen of America. Every person entering this country who wants to become a citizen MUST do it legally; no exception. My mom NEVER lived off the government nor should we pay for those wanting to become US citizens. Sweat equity….bust your butt and earn the right.
      God bless America!

    • Robina says:

      There is a path to citizenship in this country. It requires diligence, finding work that is legal, and assimilating our values, language and societal norms. It DOES NOT include free housing, medical care, ebt cards and free phones, etc.. Taxpayers are paying more and more of their hard-earned money to support people they don’t know nor will they likely ever meet them. There is a disproportionate number of wage earners to those on various public assistance and the percentage of tax paying wage earners is less than those on The public dole. It’s a system that is doomed to failure at This point. Sad state of affairs in This country right now.
      There used to be a joke about the tax form 1040 having only 2 lines: What did you earn?_______ . Send it in.
      Unfortunately it’s getting closer to reality.

    • Cher says:

      Our ancestors weren’t given any money or free housing or food when they came here. They saved up money to come here and got jobs asap the kind of jobs that built the roads, hiways,the dams to make electricity, built factory’s, farms. They’re taxes help to make America. These ilegal trash come here for free everything and hate American’s!!! They will bring us down. I guess we’ll just go invade other countries just to get away from them. We all need to take a stand against these crazy old feeble minded decrepit Looney Dems because it ain’t gonna change. They are far too old to be in office. Way to old.there needs to be an age limit on the people in Congress. This has become a circus. We are the laughing joke of the world now and they the world knows it.
      Stupid,stupid, millinials, and stupid young dumb young minoritie’s, you all got used and lied too just so they could get your vote.

  50. Cheryl Pilet says:

    Biden is immoral he cares more about immigrants than Americans!

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