( – In a bombshell revelation through newly released agency records, it has been disclosed that Joe Biden witnessed his German shepherd Commander attack Secret Service members multiple times.

These incidents were fairly common and Biden was often present and directly involved, which suggests he was aware of how much of a threat his dog was to those around him.

According to these records, Commander and the former first dog Major have been involved in at least more than thirty-six attacks on personnel.

Major was rehomed in 2021 after similar aggressive behavior while Commander was given away in February after a series of incidents.

In one particular episode on September 12, 2023, Biden was walking Commander when the dog bit a Secret Service member.

“While [Biden] and Commander were in the Kennedy Garden I was standing half way from the Book-Sellers [lobby] and the Family Theater,” the agent recounted.

When Biden opened a door, the agent approached to assist only for Commander to bite his left arm.

“[President Biden] also yelled [redacted] to Commander. [Biden] then [redacted]. I obliged and Commander let me pet him,” the agent added.

However, the dog bit again and damaged the agent’s suit severely enough to warrant reimbursement requests.

The Secret Service’s frustrations with the pet have been escalating, as indicated by communications within the agency.

Following another incident with Commander on September 25, 2023, a sergeant noted, “FYI- there was a dog bite and the Officer may need to go to the hospital … Have a safe shift!”

This was followed by another agency official suggesting on September 27, “Can we please find a way to get this dog muzzled.”

Biden was also nearby during an October 2, 2022, attack when an agent was bitten while holding a door for the president.

Another documented attack occurred on December 11, 2022, with Biden directly involved after he took Commander off the leash in the Kennedy Garden.

Not all incidents occurred in Biden’s presence. A severe attack on November 3, 2022, resulted in a uniformed officer being hospitalized after Commander bit their arm and thigh.

Another attack on June 15, 2023, saw an agent being taken down by the dog outside the East Wing, causing injuries severe enough to require stitches and temporarily halting East Wing tours due to blood on the floors.

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