Biden Will Order Vax Mandate for All Businesses

( – Happening Now: Just as the owners of large American businesses with more than 100 employees are preparing to comply with the Biden administration’s order that all of their employees must abide by a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate by January 4th, comes a new bombshell.

Just moments ago, it was announced that President Joe Biden’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration within the U.S. Department of Labor – commonly referred to as OSHA – is seeking public comment on a new COVID mandate that would apply to businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Let’s put that in far more straightforward terms, given that we all realize that a “public comment” period is nothing more than a procedural formality.

President Biden is about to order that every business in America be placed under a federal vaccine mandate.

Every small business owner in the United States of America will be forced to become a Biden vaccine cop.

Even ultra-liberal National Public Radio reports that a backlash is expected to all of the coronavirus rules Biden and his henchmen are forcing on business owners across America.

As NPR notes, “well before the details of the rules were released, there was a backlash from Republican-led states, with two dozen state attorneys general threatening to sue the Biden administration.”

Bottom line: With Biden preparing to now push his vaccine mandates down onto every small business in America – not just those with more than 100 employees – the backlash is bound to grow.

After all, every Mom and Pop business in the United States will suddenly be burdened with more federal regulation.

Yes. Expect the backlash to be huge.

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