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Biden Will Reverse Trump’s Military Transgender Ban

With a stroke of his pen today, President Joe Biden will reverse former President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military.

President Joe Biden is set to issue an executive order to reverse a Pentagon policy that largely bars transgender individuals from joining the military, dumping a ban ordered by President Donald Trump in a tweet during his first year in office, a person briefed on the decision tells The Associated Press. [emphasis added]

“Biden has been widely expected to overturn the Trump policy in his early days in office. The White House could announce the move as early as Monday, according to the person briefed on the decision who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the order… [emphasis added]

“The move to overturn the transgender ban is also the latest example of Biden using executive authority in his first days as president to dismantle Trump’s legacy. His early actions include orders to overturn a Trump administration ban on travelers from several predominantly Muslim countries, stop construction of the wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, and launch an initiative to advance racial equity.” [emphasis added]

For more on this important story, please go to the Associated Press.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with transgender individuals serving in the military?



  1. Sharon DelPietro says:

    This is a EO that will cause danger and cost a lot of money for the tax payers. First, Biden has just opened the door for transgenders to join the arm forces so that their surgeries and drugs are paid for by the military, which means the taxpayers are paying for their surgeries. THAT IS WRONG ON MORE THAN ONE LEVEL. Secondly, while going thru the surgeries, they aren’t serving the country. And while they are taking the hormones they are a danger to everyone. I would not want to be on a detail with anyone taking hormone injections. Just ask any male who’s wife is on her period or going thru menopause. They can tell you how erratic the behavior is and the emotions are all over the place. Just what we need emotions involved in execution of orders with weapons. This is just wrong. If someone was to really drill them, they could probably get them to admit they don’t want to be in the military. They are just doing it to have their surgeries paid for. I am 100% against this. We need solid, strong, clear thinking people in the military. Not people confused about their sexual identity. There are plenty of jobs they can get that don’t amount to life and death decisions.

  2. Brad says:

    Allowing transgenders in the military will cause a lot of problems and issues. Think how the true-to-gender recruits will treat these people, like in the barracks.
    Assuming there will be fights and injuries, the trans-recruits will most likely sue the military branch, creating additional division.
    How will the morale of the troops be affected? Negatively I can safely assume.
    Things like hair length will become an issue.
    There are so many other consequences with this, like a female who claims male being placed in a barracks with a majority of male soldiers.
    And, the list can easily be expanded.

  3. GITMO says:

    Allowing these fruitcakes in the military is agaisnt all horror the military upholds!! This isnt a free ride to a job or a place for panseys to play with each other! It makes real military people uneasy and you have to be able to trust and count on the guy next to you! Talk about a target for camel jockeys to shoot!! .maybe a good place to get rid of them 🤔. Sure hope military isnt stupid enough to pay for any surgery’s these fruitcakes want!! Military must be ready at all times and no room for clowns like our new president and vp.

  4. EDKE says:

    Biden is unfortunately a Brain Dead Man. He simply does what he is told by his Obama filled administration. At his side, he has communist mistress for CA Brown fondly called heels up Harris. We are in trouble at this juncture.

  5. DEE SMITH says:


  6. Cg says:

    I’m sure Biden would not feel comfortable with having some hairy guy who identifies as a female watch over his granddaughter .But you never know today!

  7. cheryl perryman says:

    I dont agree with same sex genders anywhere. there are many things that I disagree with what the president is doing.

  8. Kathleen Mugnolo says:

    Mr. Biden is bent on turning around anything President Trump did to make our country better and he doesn’t care if it is good for our country or not. He just wants to cancel anything President Trump did. What an embarrassment of a president! Something must be done. A president is supposed to look out for the best interests of our country, not act on hate of a predecessor as Biden is doing. He will answer for this somewhere along the line and I would bet in 2 years we’ll have our Senate back! Come on Republicans – stick together – don’t be bullied into caving in. Stay strong and we’re behind you. God bless you, President Trump, and God Bless the United States of America.

    You know what really upsets me and I’m sure a lot of people l- WHAT DO THE DEMOCRATS NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE

    • Kathleen Mugnolo says:

      What dont the Democrats understand about the word ILLEGAL?? They want to give benefits to illegals we work our entire life for. Do they think that sits well with us? And now they are trying to sensor what we say. That’s democracy? Lord, help us.

  9. Steve Stacy says:

    Joe Biden is the most UN_AMERICAN person to become President. He is going to let all of the illegals come in and take our jobs, bring their drugs and violence and destroy American Heritage. All government agencies already have recording that say “if you want English press 1”, that is wrong in the first place. Once again this is America, now its this “was” America thanks to Biden. Also what about all of the National Guard that were protecting him, he put them in a public garage to sleep. He needs to be impeached.

  10. Joe Masefield says:

    Someone above asked what color our military uniforms will be. Obviously they’ll be pink to match their new pink high heeled boots and pink helmets.

  11. Robert says:

    BIDEN is a A Hole Time for him to go to hell forever He just F up this country along with the hoe VP

  12. Micala Molnar says:

    Biden is such an idiot! He’s being controlled by someone who is telling him to do all these reversals and like an obedient dog, he obeys. His mental capacity is so destroyed that he wouldn’t know if he put his wife in prison or not, but then who would change his “Depends” for him. What a dunce!

    There are so many factual reasons that she/he’s are NOT allowed in our fighting Military with the first reason is they are unreliable and a danger to our fighting men and women. Put a she/he in with a bunch of men who “THINK” the she/he can pull its own weight (and it can’t because females ARE NOT PHYSICALLY AS STRONG AS MEN BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE “NATURAL TESTOSTERONE” RUNNING THROUGH THEIR BODIES”). Those so called soldiers cannot hold their own and could cause a whole platoon to be endangered.

    Then there is the he/she who would be a fool to enlist with a bunch of men and they find out the he/she is what it is. Not only would the he/she be ridiculed, but their life would be one huge disaster.

    How can anyone “trust” any transgender if that tranny doesn’t even know who they really are? How can you, a normal individual, ever “understand” the mind of a tranny? You can’t unless you are one yourself. Most transgenders fall apart mentally and emotionally about 4 to 5 years after their conversion. Many trannies end up committing suicide, something that could have been prevented IF THAT TRANNY WAS GIVEN THOROUGH PSYCHOTHERAPY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY. AND EMOTIONALLY. BUT MOST TRANNYS DO NOT GET THAT HELP “BEFORE” THEY CONVERT, AND MANY WATCH THEIR LIVES FRAGMENT WHEN FAMILY, FRIENDS, ETC. PUSH THEM OUT OF THEIR LIVES.

    Being a transgender is a very LONELY ISOLATED LIFE with multiple mental and emotional issues that boggle and confuse the tyranny individual. That is why the suicide rate is off the charts! Having a transgender whose life is complicated and lonely on the front lines or anywhere in our Military is suicidal for the rest of the normal Military. No one knows where that trannys head is at and if they are 100% in the moment. Our Military MUST BE ABLE TO RELY ON EACH OF ITS TROOPS TO GIVE 100%. YOU WILL NOT GET THAT FROM A TRANSGENDER BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF GIVING THAT LIKE A NORMAL INDIVIDUAL. IT IS WHAT IT IS AND THE DEMS ARE JUST AS STUPID AS THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. STUPID AND IRRATIONAL — AND DANGEROUS TO OUR NATION!

  13. C.A. says:

    So were back to Boys can be Girls and Girls ca be Boys. The Chinese and Russian Military Leaders are rolling on the floor laughing at us!!!!

  14. KiKi says:

    I would like to know how can a person that was born here then raised in Canada (which would have to become a citizen to live there) become a vis president. Her parents never even became citizens of the USA, they all came from a commonest country, she was raised to believe in it and live with it. I here they want to impeach Biden and make her the acting president. Then we will all be saluting her and not the flag. Trangender in the military is a joke i was in the desert storm and I can tell you that you have to trust your team mate’s with your life and if you don’t trust your team mate then you both will die. It is not right I for one would not like a man who Thinks he is a women in the same barracks with me. For a person on the out side they are ok they can live how they want but don’t come into my bed room when I get undressed or come into the same bathroom or shower room with me I may be old school but if you are the opposite sex then you better be married to me before you see skin under my clothing.

    • Guy Colley says:

      Amen brother

    • Anna says:

      Same way a kenyan motherfucker became US president 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • Mrs x says:

      I agree this country is going to hell with Biden and Harris in office,and changing everything Trump did for the American people is an outrage shows that him and whoever is behind Biden having him overturn everything Mr Trump has done comes from hatred, Besides that who wants a communist and hatred individual want Kamala
      Harris to rule over the American people I for one don’t ,Pelosi needs gone as well

      • Belinda says:

        Bloomberg and those that have a lot of money is pulling the strings for Biden. Bloomberg paid for the ads on Biden’s running and why Biden was able to sit in his basement and hid. Why he was able to become sleepy Joe. Needless to say they have this all planned. Get Biden in and we will be able to get him out quick due to Biden’s health. Then Harris becomes President and Nancy, the witch, becomes VP. Those of us that thinks it was rigged is correct. It was rigged but yet they turned everything against Trump. What they were saying about Trump was hiding what they were actually doing behind everyone.

      • Nancy says:

        I totally agree with you.hope it happens very soon.

  15. Myron David Hutson says:

    President Abraham Lincoln was the object of serious abusive commentary and news articles in his time but has later been acclaimed as a great President. President Trump’s abusive commentary began DEFORE he was inaugurated and continued at a rate of proven completely fabricated charges by the Democrats. The question that the future will answer is that will President Trumps’ accomplishments will be viewed with the same result as Lincoln?

  16. Sgt York says:

    Baggybutt Biden might think across dresser or a sexual mental case is ok but the troops in the field dont. Most will try for a office or a supply job to avoid the battlefield. In my eight years I only knew of one tap dancer and he hung himself from a steam pipe in the dining hall.

  17. Rick says:

    If only we had a President…..

    I hope our country can survive until the other half of our country are hurt enough to realize that they have made a grave mistake with these fools that they cheated to get elected into office.

    People thought the toilet paper shortage was bad, JUST WAIT and see where we are a year from now!

  18. Dear Friend.
    I know these things will happen after Pence, McConnell, and Graham betray, thrê of them did not know the way Communist will go and will destroy American life and Jose Biden is a puppet for Red China.
    It is not too late if we can change this situation in 2022 on the midterm of congress and senators, and Americans must stand up to hold the truth now.

  19. Gayla Pruett says:

    Only for little while their time is short 😎😎

    • Linda says:

      How can a sitting puppet President get away with undermining our country?
      There are legitimate reasons some people cannot go into military service go the good of the country. For instance a diabetic is not allowed in Military.
      Those with mental health issues, Cancer, serious vision impairment, serious hearing issues, many other health issues. Transgendered individuals, should not be allowed in the Military. It would very quickly create a division. These Young men and women have to trust one another
      A division would put a lot of people at risk unnecessarily.

  20. Stephane says:

    The military is NOT for bitches, queers, fakes and idiots.
    Strong minds, strong bodies, strong ethics and morals are the basis for the military.

  21. Ridiculous! More Biden stupidity and catering to the extreme democrats.

  22. ron heine says:

    Joe would not know, he has never served his Country

  23. Joe says:

    Dementia,puppet,slo,joe is a incompetent,incoherant,narcistic, sicko.

  24. Rand says:

    George Orwell and his books ,”1984″ , “Animal Farm” and others are eerily PROPHETIC. Kamala Harris is the Pig er Hog in “Animal Farm” if you haven’t read the books.

    • Actually, Harris is the modern Whore of Babylon, in Revelations Jerusalem was the Whore of Babylon for consorting with the Romans. She has consorted with many to get where she is. Brown, Beau Bide, Obama, and her husband before they were married. She and Obama may actually be half brother and sister.

  25. Honest says:

    You might live to regret that statement Mr. Loman~

  26. Please take out transgenders from our politics and army. This is abuse of power! Impeach president biden please!

    • Steve says:

      Our new president is a total idiot he stole the election would never have made it as president and never will be mine he wants queers in our military transgender groups everything the man stands for is a total crock of s*** I’m sure that his father is rolling over in his grave with disgust for his own son Joe Biden is a worthless president and may the good Lord help us all protect us from this a****** that thinks he is our president and get our impeachment against this piece of crap going soon please

    • Steve says:

      I feel the exact same way I figured his impeachment would have started the day he took office for all his criminal actions come on man laugh out loud what a goof he is everything in this world that the good Lord stands against that man is for and that alone should be grounds for impeachment not to mention they drag President Trump through the mud but where was Joe Biden telling antifa and all his other goons to go lay down when this all started what makes him any better I think he’s way worse and should not be the president of the United States there’s no way in hell without stealing this election he would have got to where he is

  27. Bob Guglielmetti says:

    Thank you people that voted this idiot in!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Preston says:

    Biden and the rest of the Marxist Democrats play Politics with everything!
    This Republic is in real trouble from day one of the Biden/Harris kingdom.
    Democrats are a bunch of perverted Marxist that are only interested in Power and Money for themselves. They either lie about the or don’t tell the public what they are doing. The Mainstream media is complicit in it also. Along with people like George Soros and BLM/ANTIFA. You can tell Biden is out to destroy America and also its Morals. From day one he has destroyed jobs and is working on letting millions of illegals into this country or stay in this country and using Tax payer dollars to pay for their upkeep!! America is broke and yet he is spending trillions of dollars on this and other Social Programs. Which means the U.S. is borrowing money we don’t have and never will be able to pay back to support his sick idea of what this Republic stands for. All the people that voted for these two and the Congress men will be getting exactly what they want, a third world country. With all the businesses and banks defaulting along with mortgages that aren’t being paid they will be looking for the Hard working savings and 401K accounts to help bail them out after the full affect of the dollar devaluation and other factors kick in. I fear eventually a civil war is coming to take down this new Socialist/Marxist government. This is one reason why they use any crises to try to confiscate our guns, taking away our 2nd Amendment rights.

  29. Trudy Brock says:

    If you want to break the military, that’s a good way to do it, and evidently that’s what Biden is about. The military doesn’t have time or money for ‘special treatment’ of anyone, which is required by transgenders. And some may not have the strength or endurance to do the job, when it comes to difficult times. Depending on each other is crucial!

  30. Donald Scott says:

    As a veteran I don’t believe transgender people need to be in the military. Biden and the Democratic party is just upset that we know that President Donald Trump is a will be our Commander in CHIEF, not a fake president like Biden.

  31. Padre says:

    This is down right nuts what can you say coming from a bunch of idiots the Americans are going to have take back our country!

  32. Ken says:

    Some more of bullshit slinging Democrats!!

  33. john W Mohr says:

    Transgender personnel should not serve in the military where utmost trust is required by teammembers. Military focus should be executing battle plans and not the mental fitness and focus of personnel you entrust with your life

  34. karen sweet says:

    biden is crazy and not very smart –

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