Biden’s End Of Year Bad News

Joe Biden

( – To date, President Joe Biden is lagging behind his predecessors in cabinet nominee confirmations, as Republican senators protest the handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

Except for former President Donald Trump, who had 100 fewer nominations, Biden’s 640 cabinet nominations are on par with former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Yet, his 355 confirmations put him far behind these former presidents, as reported by Max Stier. Stier is the Partnership for Public Service CEO, of which the Center for Presidential Transition forms a part.

Of the 1,200 roles in the cabinet, the Center for Presidential Transition tracks 800. Of these, Biden still needs to nominate 160 people.

According to Stier, the Senate is the most significant problem in Biden’s confirmation delays, although the CEO admits “it does not bear sole responsibility.” Instead, Stier says the system “never really worked well” before adding that it is “working even less well” now than it ever has.

He elaborated by saying partisanship wasn’t only to blame before highlighting how individual senators could prevent successful nominations. He brought up that the end of the session was fast approaching, adding that unless there was “unanimous consent, the current nominations will be sent back to the president,” where they would need to be renominated.

Among those who have submitted on Biden nominations are Republican Senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Josh Hawley (Missouri). They offered holds on Biden’s Pentagon, Treasury, and State Department nominees under their representative committees.

As a result of Biden’s botched withdrawal of U.S troops from Afghanistan, Hawley submitted holds.

Cruz offered his endorsement to Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, In exchange for the chamber’s consideration over additional sanctions over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

When questioned about the slow pace of Biden’s ambassador nominations, the White House downplayed the consequences, instead urging Republicans to “confirm these national security nominees so they can advocate for the interests of the American people around the world.”

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