Biden’s ‘Made in America’ Plan Is Pushing Americans Off Their Land for This?!?

Joe Biden

( – The residents of a New York state town are getting forced out of their homes to make way for a giant microchip factory subsidized by the US taxpayer under President Joe Biden’s “Made in America” Plan, a report informs.

“The president has touted a factory jobs boom. In practice, that means forcing people out of their homes to benefit corporate projects that rely on billions of dollars of subsidies,” writes the report.

Author Eric Boehm reveals how the residents of an entire neighborhood of Clay, New York, are getting forced off their land and out of their homes to accommodate the construction of a “megafab” by US producer Micron Technologies, Inc.

The project has been touted by Micron and US President Joe Biden as a $100 billion investment over the next 20 years in Clayton, a town of 60,000 and the biggest suburb of Syracuse, New York.

However, the project’s realization will obliterate the homes of the residents of Burnet Road, a Clay neighborhood close to the White Pine Commerce Park. This industrial zone will host the factory.

The report points out that the local authorities from Onondaga County have been hoping to gulp up the Burnet Road residents’ homes since 2020 to enlarge the commerce park property and “make it more attractive to a potential developer.”

The locals have been approached for the buyout of their homes over the past couple of years. Now they face being forced out because the new project goes directly to the White House.

Before the Micron investment came along, Onondaga County tried but failed to get a $12 billion investment by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which chose to build its microchip factory in Arizona.

The report quotes local resident Michelle Nuzzo-Kelly who “was shocked to learn that the county had in effect been shopping her home around to prospective developers for more than a year before she knew anything about it.”

“This was all done secretly behind all of our backs. It was just completely shady right from the start,” she complained.

The author makes it clear the residents are practically powerless to defend their homes due to the project’s scale and Washington, DC’s direct involvement:

“It’s a project that draws together President Joe Biden’s campaign-ready blather about luring high-tech manufacturing jobs to America with the promise of government handouts, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s determination to bring some of those heavily-subsidized jobs to his home state, and the calculated ambition of star-struck local officials who seem to wish they were holding office somewhere else.”

“On my watch, ‘Made in America’… isn’t just a slogan. It’s a reality. Today’s announcement is the latest example of my economic plan at work,” Biden boasted during a speech in Syracuse celebrating the Micron project.

The Clay neighborhood residents will be forced out under the county’s power of eminent domain.

“These are our homes. How can somebody come in and threaten to take something that is ours when we don’t want to go?” Nuzzo-Kelly said.

“I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t think this is a good law that forces people to move out. Taking somebody’s private land and giving it to another private company. Is that the government’s place? I don’t think so,” reacted Britta Serog, another local resident.