Biden’s Son SHOCKED By Republican’s Confession

Hunter Biden

( – Chris Christie, who is running for President as a Republican in 2024, shocked Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, and the entire Biden family when he shared his thoughts about the investigation into Hunter Biden and the deal reached in his case.

He argued that either dishonesty or incompetence was at play in the investigation and the U.S. Attorney in charge.

On a “Fox News Sunday” interview with Shannon Bream, Christie urged U.S. Attorney David Weiss to justify his actions publicly. According to Christie, the Delaware investigation into Hunter Biden is dishonest or poorly managed.

As a former New Jersey Governor, Christie pointed out that an investigation that took five years like Hunter Biden’s shouldn’t end with a minor two-count misdemeanor tax plea and the dismissal of gun charges.

Having worked as a federal prosecutor, Christie also questioned why Democrats are pushing for stricter gun control but aren’t enforcing existing gun laws. He suggested that the President’s son should face charges under these laws.

Christie further expressed his views by accusing David Weiss of either being dishonest or incompetent.

He also targeted Attorney General Merrick Garland, stating that Garland was also dishonest and that much more should be done in the case.

After pleading guilty, Biden’s son confessed to submitting false tax returns in 2017 and 2018. He also agreed to join a pretrial program for illegal gun users or drug addicts.

Some Republicans criticized the deal between Hunter Biden and federal prosecutors, comparing it to the current federal prosecution of former President Donald Trump and suggesting it was unjust.