BIG: DEI Office Closed!

( – In great news for conservative and patriotic Americans, as well as basic human decency, the University of Wyoming has declared the termination of its Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

This decision aligns the university with other institutions that have recently reduced their emphasis on what is often characterized as a left-leaning ideology.

UW’s President Ed Seidel announced the closure, highlighting that the university’s administration had been directed by the state’s officials to revise their approach to DEI issues.

“We received a strong message from the state’s elected officials to change our approach to DEI issues,” Seidel stated, as cited by National Review.

In March, Wyoming’s legislative body and Republican Governor Mark Gordon passed a budget that excluded $1.73 million in funding previously allocated to the university.

This budget included a stipulation that prohibited the allocation of state funds to the DEI office starting July 1.

Furthermore, the university will cease the requirement for job applicants to submit statements on DEI, and it will no longer evaluate an employee’s dedication to DEI during annual performance reviews. These modifications stem from recommendations by a DEI-focused workgroup.

“While very few of our programs and activities can be construed as advocating or promoting preferential treatment, the working group did find some areas warranting further consideration,” Seidel remarked.

The university administration is considering additional recommendations to remove DEI initiatives from campus.

Despite these changes, Seidel emphasized that some services previously associated with DEI are crucial for the community’s success.

“We have heard from our community that many of the services that might have incorrectly been categorized under DEI are important for the success of our students, faculty and staff,” he explained.

Seidel described the initial reductions in DEI initiatives as “a good-faith effort on the part of the university to respond to legislative action while maintaining essential services.”

He assured that these rollbacks will not impact programs related to athletic and academic accreditation, nondiscrimination training, or program access for certain groups including military veterans and students with disabilities.

A university spokesperson informed National Review that although the office’s two full-time roles will be terminated, those affected will not face layoffs as alternative positions within the university are available.

This decision precedes similar actions by other universities. For instance, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently redirected funds from its DEI initiatives to enhance public safety and policing.

The University of Florida also discontinued its diversity department in response to state regulations banning the funding of such initiatives.

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