Big Pharma Fights Judge’s Abortion Pill Decision

Judge Kacsmaryk

( – Hundreds of executives from pharmaceutical and biotech corporations have signed an open letter insisting on reversing a federal judge’s order nullifying the FDA’s 23-year-old approval of the abortion pill mifepristone.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the drug, which became the most popular abortion method in the United States in 2000.

Nonetheless, to the delight of pro-life advocates, Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas issued a ruling suspending mifepristone’s FDA approval last week.

His order effectively prohibited sales of the abortion-inducing pill for the duration of the case that was brought before him by anti-abortion groups.

However, according to more than 300 Big Pharma executives – such as Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, Judge Kacsmaryk’s order should be reversed.

Bourla and the other open letter signatories accused the Texas-based judge of undermining the authority of the FDA while disregarding “decades” of legal precedent and scientific evidence in favor of the abortion pill.

“We call for the reversal of this decision to disregard science, and the appropriate restitution of the mandate for the safety and efficacy of medicines for all with the FDA, the agency entrusted to do so in the first place,” their letter reads, as cited by Reuters and Newsmax.

Pfizer’s CEO became the first leader of a major pharmaceutical company to sign the protest document.

ReCode Therapeutics CEO Shehnaaz Suliman, Blackfynn co-founder Amanda Banks, and Ovid Therapeutics CEO Jeremy Levin initiated the letter. Levin is a former chairman of the biotech industry lobbying group BIO.

According to the pharmaceutical business executives, Judge Kacsmaryk, a President Donald Trump appointee, has put their entire industry at risk since he has established a precedent of subverting the FDA’s authority to approve medications.

They argued that such “regulatory uncertainty” would discourage investment in new treatments.

“If courts can overturn drug approvals without regard for science or evidence, or for the complexity required to fully vet the safety and efficacy of new drugs, any medicine is at risk for the same outcome as mifepristone,” the letter said.

Levin separately told Reuters that the ruling could pave the way for banning vaccines and contraception for women.

“You have the real potential of having medicines not being developed because it’s far too expensive, or medicines that are currently approved being withdrawn because they are political,” the former top lobbyist leader said.

“This is a nightmare scenario for the industry. It’s the single worst threat to the industry in over 50 years,” he argued.

The report indicates that the FDA has determined several times that mifepristone is safe since approving it in 2000. The pill is part of a two-drug regimen to induce abortion and accounts for over half of aborted babies in the US.

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