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Billionaire Crybaby Attacks Hardworking Americans

If you’ve ever wondered what the ultra-wealthy think about hardworking Americans, you don’t need to wonder any longer.

If you have (even if you haven’t) been following the stock market turmoil caused by average “retail” investors banding together and taking on several hedge funds, you’ll want to watch the video below where infamous billionaire investor Leon Cooperman let’s fly with what he thinks about people fighting to get a “fair share” of the vast economic wealth in the United States.

And wait until you see and hear him say where he thinks ordinary working people are getting the money to fight back against the hedge funds.

We value the free speech and commentary of our readers. Please share your opinion of Cooperman’s attack on working people in the comment section.



  1. Thomas Sanders says:

    Sadly the only people who have made money in the last year are the billionaires. They made more last year than everyone else. These government handouts are a slap in the face for most of us. Proportionately, many of us are faced with losing our homes because we can’t even pay property tax or income taxes. I don’t see the Fed or states offering any tax holiday while we remain under lockdown imposed by civil rights violating dictators who exempt themselves from their own orders.

  2. Stephane says:

    How did you make your money?
    How many “despicables” did you step on?
    Who did you take the food from?

  3. Corri says:

    All of you commenting here about how despicable Leon Cooperman is for his crybaby comment – are you aware that you are speaking out against a Republican crony of Trump? Thank goodness you realize now that the Republican elite don’t want to help people like you with less money than they have. All they want is to use you and take your money from you. That’s what the democratic party is now trying to stop. The dems are working to have all people have an equal chance to make a good honest living and invest without being beaten down by the billionaire crony republicans. Glad to hear you are starting to see the truth, too.

    • OnepissedoffConfederate says:

      Corri do everybody a favor Stick your Head back your Azz and keep it there , we don’t need to hear your Stupid Shid !!!

    • A true American says:

      See how they react when you speak a little truth. It’s sad how brainwashed so many are. They never know what to think until sites like this tell them. Bet the majority commenting don’t even know what fair share is about

    • Smiley Virus says:

      You are most delusional

  4. D. Storer says:

    Take all his money away and he’ll want the stimulus check too. Absolutely pathetic and self absorbed greed.

  5. Don Butler says:

    The Oligarchy or rulers of this country believe it is their right to own every thing. The poor banding together will not be allowed. They are going to put a stop to it real soon. Like always the workers or slaves which ever designation you prefer will get the short end of the stick. If you want to learn more about this read the book Jekyll Island it is a real eye opener.

    • Nauvoo says:

      Don Butler: I congratulate you sir. You are exactly on point with the Jekyll Island reference. I venture to say that a miniscule no. know what that despicable group established and set in motion for our banking system to dominate, control and continue to haunt America to this day. It may be that a final reckoning is rushing toward us much faster than we can fathom. Is the Wolf fast approaching the doorstep?

  6. Cathern Aversano says:

    The cry baby is going to cry when he sees the money go to the poor. The RICH are going to become poor and the POOR are going to become RICH by the hand of God. Ponder this!

  7. Cg says:

    People need to take those fake masks off refuse b.s. shot get your ass back to work. You keep hiding because of their scare tactics and listening to a fake god telling you to stay home.
    You people are a bunch of pussies.

  8. Cecelia Henderson says:

    I really don’t understand “high finance”, but it’s sad when a filthy rich individual starts whining about having to share the wealth. To these people are are of little value and they never seem to have enough. They don’t want a “share of the pie”, they want all of it. I can’t even imagine having a billion dollars. I’m thrilled when I can go into a restaurant and order what I want before I look at the prices. These ultra-rich show no appreciation for God’s blessing on their success. Most of these idiots were just in the right place at the right time, or their family gave it to them. There is just no reason for anyone to expect more than any other else in America.

  9. Ram3500 says:

    And where would CRYBABY be if it weren’t for the hard workers of this country? The dirtiest his hands probably ever got was when he wiped his butt bare handed cause he was to cheap to buy TP

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