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BLM Professors? Anti-Racism Institutes?

What does it say about the current state of race relations and the American education system that colleges and universities have anti-racism institutes and Black Lives Matter professors?


Loyola University Maryland launched a new anti-racism institute this semester and picked a professor supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement to lead it,” according to The College Fix.

Karsonya Whitehead, a professor of communications and African American studies, will serve as the first director of the Karson Institute for Race, Peace & Social Justice.

“Whitehead previously designed a course titled “#BlackLivesMatter : Social Media/Social Justice” for the Jesuit university in Baltimore…

“The new institute led by Whitehead promises to “provide a space for researchers, students, social justice workers, and activists to come together,” in order “to research, discuss, debate, and explore answers to America’s most urgent questions on inequality, injustice, and racial inequity,” according to a news release from the university.”

For more, go to The College Fix.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. What does it say about the current state of race relations and the American education system that colleges and universities have anti-racism institutes and Black Lives Matter professors?



  1. Terrie Wyatt says:

    That’s racist, making everyone take classes to learn not to be racist. If you feel the need to say your race before commenting then you are a racist. They omly think whites are racist but it’s been very noticeable that blacks are more racist, because they hate anything that’s white. They have clubs and other organizations that are black only, but if whites have their own group they’re called racist.

  2. Rand says:

    What is racism???? ANYONE who sites their “color” before giving their name is a racist. I am Black and my name is la de dum. Do not black people know that EVERYONE can see what color they are?? 1960 tp early 1970″s , the “black” group wanted us to see the “content of their character”, in short , be color blind, now that is offensive. Now THEY want us to see how “black” they are . Well dearie, THAT IS OFFENSIVE to me. I can tell what “color” you are , when you open your mouth and I have my eyes closed . It is quite apparent , that your monosyllabic banter is so apparent . You speak, yet you say nothing .

  3. Sic&Tired says:

    Black Lives Matter professors??? ….WHAT A CROCK.!! Any Educational Institute that have these types of people teaching in their University or whatever level of School…… Should just be fired and gotten rid of – We don’t need Dumb A** Instructors trying to teach our younger generation kids – How to Hate America, just because they are Black or whatever Race. Until Higher Educational Administrators take back the Control that they Need To.!!! In eliminating any Radical Professors or Instructors….They will only be Festering the Problems that we have Today. So Tired of the Black Card being Used to Get Attention or Get Something for Nothing or Feel that Something is Owed to Them, due to the color of their skin……The World in Full of inequalities, injustices, and racial discontent….regardless of your Race. So, Grow Up – Get a Backbone – Work Through Life’s Struggles and Problems….Most Normal People Do, ….But, We Always Will Have Those Cry Babies Out There, Who ARE – What They Are.!!! Worthless to Society Individuals.!! Not Going to Change and Never Will…….. ALL Races are Included in this and None are Helping Their CAUSE – with stupid protests and violent actions. Our Country doesn’t need these Kinds of People….Go Find another Country to Play Your Games In…… SO – Sick and Tired of it ALL.!!

  4. camille says:

    I don’t understand what all the hoop-la is with the racist card now being used everywhere! It is disgusting how childish this has become. The whites and blacks, and Native Americans have finally meshed together. We have mixed marriages, the blacks, all foreigners are working side by side. Some are in the acting business, music, restaurants, everything America has to offer.
    As for our ancestors, we should be thankful for them they paved a way for us to
    follow and improve for every new generation following. Every one of our ancestors has been slaves back to biblical times. And some now are slaves to drugs,alcohol,crimes of all sorts and more. That is what should be formost on
    the activists minds. So Stop the whining and help improve America!!!

  5. What the hell is a BLM professor. First, the word professor carries a bad vibe. Second, BLM is a non-starter for me. Isn’t this a criminal, terrorist, outlaw group.
    And I should listen to the garbage spewed from this person?????

  6. John says:

    We all know BLM is a Marxist Run organization and it does not surprise me that they are infiltrating our Universities. They will ruin what values we in the USA currently have and will prepare our youth to be Godless followers of the State. “God Help Us”

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