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Blue Alert: Cops Gunned Down – Manhunt Underway

( – Happening Now: In less than 12 hours this weekend, two police officers were ambushed and killed – leaving family, friends, and their communities heartbroken. One of the slain officers was working his very first shift for the department he had just joined. While one of the alleged killers has been apprehended after he shot multiple victims, there is a nationwide manhunt underway for the killer who took the life of the rookie officer.

In the first shooting death of an officer, Louisiana State Trooper Adam Gaubert, a 19-year veteran of his department, was ambushed, shot, and killed as he sat in his patrol vehicle on Saturday morning. He was one of the multiple shooting victims, including a female civilian who was also slain, allegedly attacked by Matthew Mire. Police apprehended Mire after he reportedly went on a shooting rampage that began on Friday that left numerous individuals shot over a spread-out geographic area. Currently, no motive is known for the violent actions Mire is alleged to have committed.

In the second killing of an officer on Saturday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation reports that 26-year-old Officer Dylan Harrison, a rookie with the Alamo Police Department, was shot and killed during his first shift as he stood outside the police station in Alamo, Georgia. A Blue Alert has been issued as part of the manhunt for Damian Ferguson (AKA Luke Ferguson), a 43-year-old Black male suspected of killing Officer Harrison.

This is a breaking news report from Reclaiming America. This report will be updated as more information is obtained. 

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